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Page-Turners Madras ~ A Thotslingo Initiative – Read As Many Books As You Can


The Rise Of Page-Turners Madras

Hope you had enjoyed the previous blog post on how to motivate kids towards reading books. This page you had landed now is a continuation of the earlier post.

Page-Turners Madras

Image Credit: Pixabay

Month July, Day Eleven, the Year 2018 is the birthdate of Page-Turners Madras. A thotslingo initiative which was under an incubation for a period of fewer than two weeks, yet being driven by a bit elderly but energetic six-member “Tsundoku” friends. A new age book lending library which runs based on a Peer to Peer network.

This blog post is not just to walk you through about the story of Page-Turners Madras but also to help you understand better about how it works and to emphasize on side-hustles.

The Realization Of “Tsundoku” Syndrome

Yes, my mom and her five other friends had realized that they are encountering a “Tsundoku” syndrome.

Page-Turners Madras


Image Credit: Pixabay

Tsundoku – It is a Japanese word that refers to individuals who buy a lot of books to read, store it in the bookshelves but hardly opens it to read the purchased books. We can also call such individuals as Book-Hoarders.

Buying books brings more joy to some people, you know. Sometimes, we buy a book to read based on an impressive title, page cover etc.

In the page-turners madras crew members case, they were all focussing towards Entrepreneurial and Self-Help books as they all had a fire to ignite theirs as well as several other minds by creating things that bring value to people.

Maybe while reading this, you too had realized that you have got a “Tsundoku” syndrome. But, remember that is not the case always with people who love buying books to read. If you buy a book but did not find time or interest to read and complete it, then maybe it is just a readers block. A block that was caused by distractions like other priority tasks that slipped into your bucket.

Coming back to the road – the energetic moms had realized that they stock more and more books at the bookshelves of their homes with no space for a new book. A hurdle that blocked them from buying new books 🙂

The Tea Talk That Paved Way

On a casual talk with my mom, I had suggested this one way. The only way that came to my mind to overcome the hurdle is to get rid of “Tsundoku” syndrome by starting to read books. So they all had started to focus on reading the books. Whenever they found time at home, in a park, during travel etc. they wanted to read books by carrying it with them always. But, that did not help much as they were also running out of space at the bookshelves at home. So, they came up with an idea of lending the books for a very menial rate to individuals who loves to read books but at the same time do not want to spend money on books for a one time read and be a book hoarder stocking books at home. And that idea led to the rise of Page-Turners Madras.

To Motivate Lives Not Just Through Thoughts, But Also Through Books

Page-Turners Madras

Image Credit: Pixabay

There is none who are reading this blog post unaware of the benefits of reading books. I am sure that the names Dr Abdul Kalam, Warren Buffet, Bill Gates are not the names that you never heard of. If my understanding is correct then you would be knowing what does one get by reading books. Be it any genre but a book never move out of your life without leaving its benefits. Maybe we won’t realize now but the nodes in our brain would bring it in front when the time comes.

Why A Traditional Approach When We Are In The Digital World?

Yes, to be more precise we are in the Kindle world especially when we consider reading books. But, P-T Madras crew strongly believe that the reader’s community in the whole world would be soon returning back to the basics. I mean everyone would prefer physical books more than the virtual versions.

The main reason is that no virtual or digital ways of reading books can give the benefits that a traditional way of reading books gives.

For example, I do use gadgets to check news and read smaller articles but when it comes to reading books I do not prefer reading a whole book online. It does not give me that great feeling and hold me intact with the content like how a physical book presents.

Don’t we miss the book smell in the ebooks?

Also, the crew want to ensure that they provide a pocket-friendly opportunity to everyone in an affordable way. The rental rate has been derived by seeing every individual book lovers as “Readers” and nothing else that differentiates people.

Not just that, with gadgets, we are just setting ourselves a bad example to our kids. I had explained my thoughts very clear on my previous post, check it out.

A Formal Invite To Health Issues

By using devices and gadgets especially to read books and novels we are just inviting health issues.

– Most of the books are of lesser weight and it does not give much stress and strain to our wrists but that is not the case always with gadgets. Yes, with every new version launch the device weight would be reduced. But, how many of us would be able to buy every latest version of the device that gets launched?

– I don’t need to charge my physical book like how I need to charge the gadget I use for reading. This way, I try to save power. You may think, that by using physical books I am using paper and not saving trees. Yes, we do have that guilty feeling in us and that is one main reason, we in Page-Turners Madras utilize used books in most of the cases.

– Yes, the trending gadgets do come with options specific for night time reading to avoid stress to our eyes. But, still, it does not filter all the blue light emissions which are harmful to the eyes. In the case of a physical book, I don’t have to worry about it. If I want to read a book, I turn on the reading LED lights or a tube light which is not that harmful and gives light to the whole room.

– I can carry the physical book anywhere and anytime with me. Even if I lose my book, I can very well buy it back. But, that is not the case with a digital gadget as they are expensive.

Hope the above answer justifies the beliefs.

Is Page-Turners Madras a Side-Hustle?

Yes, that is how my mom and her friends think.

All the crew members of Page-Turners Madras were once active full-time professionals who worked in various professions. For example, my mom was a headmistress in a school.

Yes, it is a bit tough to handle at this age but with the help of youngsters at home, they believe that their efforts will make a difference in people and ignite them towards reaching their entrepreneurial goals.

That leads them to stick to the idea of taking Page-Turners Madras to a next better level with all the user’s support.

Page-Turners Madras

Image Credit: Pixabay

There is something to learn from this according to me. Yes, we all knew that every one of us can be replaced by another especially at the workplace. Either we need to upgrade yourselves more towards changing technologies or believe in ourselves and march towards our entrepreneurial goals. But, never, ever lose hope.

If you think you lack motivation as a beginner, then I would strongly recommend you read books like Rich Dad Poor Dad, An Intelligent Investor or similar.

In case, if you do not have a copy of the book, then check the Page-Turners Madras page after the launch. You can find and rent a lot more similar books at a lesser cost.

How Optimistic Are We in Tasting Success In This Side-Hustle?

As a matter of fact, the Page-Turners Madras crew is already feeling fantastic about the status where they are now on this idea Moreover, they are not solely looking forward to a success in terms of Monetization but on the number of readers who reap benefits out of Page-Turners Madras.

As far as I know, my mom and her friends had put their best efforts in terms of time and money and I believe they are on track. They are damn positive about Page-Turners Madras, a big Thank You to their brain chemical Dopamine for motivating them and keeping all of them together.

What-If Things Turned Differently, I asked?

Below is the response I had got. It really reiterated me on how powerful our ladies at home are.

Even if things take a different route, we will still be feeling great as we had at least tried something for the benefit of our society.

And for sure we won’t stop, instead will look forward to running further.

And I told “Hats-Off” mom to you and to your friends.

We know elderly people get bored sitting at home once they retire but things like this would really make them stay active and positive.

Don’t you agree?

I am sure that I would do everything that I can do from my end to help my mom and her friends in their initiative like how I am doing now via my blog.

If you have people at home with a fire towards achieving something then just support them. That’s the best gift that we can give to our Parents and Spouse if they are homemakers now.

How Do Page-Turners Madras Operate?

Page-Turners Madras

I am working on a separate post for my Mom specifically for Frequently Asked Questions that arise about Page-Turners Madras. Stay tuned for the faqs post in a few hours linked to the launch of Page-Turners Madras.

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