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Toolsidas Junior – A Cute Family Movie


How did I land on Toolsidas Junior?

Image: filminformation

We all have friends. Very few fall in the closest circle, some in the closer, and a countable in the close circle of our life. Friends in the closest knew about you a lot. They can read you when you are uncomfortable, happy, etc.

Often your wavelength and theirs would be very similar. They motivate you when you are down, and will be there to cheer you up at the right moment. We don’t need anything specific to be there to give a call to each other but still will have things to speak about once we are on the call. They knew your pulse, liking for food, movies, etc.

One such friend, Raman, suggested I watch the movie “Toolsidas Junior” a year back. We spoke, forgot, and at last, I finally stumbled on it while browsing Netflix before the end of the year 2023.

This is not a movie review…

Sharing is good especially when you know it can spread happiness around. Isn’t it? That’s the reason why I am penning down about this movie. It made me feel good when I watched it and it made me think about watching it another time. I am yet to gain any expertise in cinematography, screenplay, or similar areas related to movie making. Yet, the movie Toolsidas Junior is a masterpiece in its own way.

I would say that any movie lover would enjoy this movie irrespective of age. A small kid aged eight to an experienced adult aged eighty.

A movie with check marks on most of the required boxes…

Toolsidas Junior movie has content showcasing Determination, Motivation, Healthy Romance, Thrill, and Comedy. With these, it becomes a complete Family movie.

It will give you a glimpse of scenes that can help parents understand their children. Scenes, that can ignite a spark in little tender hearts at home to pursue their area of interest. Sequences, that reiterates us all not to judge a book based on its cover. Parts, that display the thought process of an innocent kid as well as an adolescent kid. The pain of a spouse, the cruel mind of an adult, and a lot more.

The cast

It would not be fair if I ignored the levels of acting that the cast had displayed on the screen.

Are you interested in acting?

Look at the expressions of the actor Rajiv Kapoor, the man who played the role of Toolsidas. He expresses acting with his eyes, hands, fingers, body language, etc. He displayed himself as a father who any kid would love to have. Toolsidas Junior is the last movie of actor Rajiv Kapoor’s lifetime and I am pretty sure he might have felt good about acting in this movie.

Other notable examples are the acting of Varun Buddhadev (Toolsidas Junior), Sanjay Dutt (Coach), Dalip Tahil (Finalist opponent), and Tutu’s. The rest of the cast played their role well but I felt these names had left an impression more to the audiences.

Kudos to the director for cherry-picking the cast that well-suited the story.

Language barrier

The movie’s original language is Hindi. The movie has a good number of takeaways and things that we can learn from watching it even if you don’t know Hindi.

I don’t know too but I enjoyed the movie. Not knowing the language did not stop me from understanding the content and that’s how the movie is.

If you are like me, you may also find this movie helpful to learn a few words in Hindi.

With so much to offer Toolsidas Junior will always be one of my favorite motivational movies.

The movie is available on Netflix. watch it before it is removed.

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