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Page-Turners Madras: Frequently Asked Questions


The FAQs Of Page-Turners Madras ~ A Thotslingo Initiative

Here are some of the frequently arisen questions for which we had come up with answers to the best of our knowledge. Please read through and use the comments section or WhatsApp or our facebook page to let us know your comments and feedback.

Page-Turners Madras

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I block/reserve a book?

You can do so by connecting with us via WhatsApp (637-937-6731), Facebook Page ( PageTurners.Madras ) and also via email address ( ).

Note: We use WhatsApp number only for Chat. If you would like to speak to us in person, drop us an email or ping us separately.

2. How can I choose the book I want?

The list of available books is posted on the Facebook page and you shall browse through it.

3. Can I request for a book that is not available in the list?

Yes, you can. However, we will require a lead time of at least a week to make the book available for you.

4. Is there a registration fee or a package fee involved for users?

We do register the details of the users but we do not charge them for registration.

We do not offer any packages for 3,6,12 months period as our motto is to make more and more people read books and to create awareness without any hassle.

5. How much is a rent for a book?

We charge 10 % of the book MRP.

6. Is there a Caution Deposit?

Yes, there is a caution deposit of Rupees 500 which needs to be paid upfront before taking a book.

7. What if the value of the book I rent is lesser than the deposit amount? Do I still need to pay the Caution Deposit?

Yes, you need to pay a caution deposit. However, as a new user, if you feel edgy, you shall rent additional books based on availability to match the caution deposit value. Needless to mention, all the books rented need to be returned back on or before the due date.

8. How can I get a refund of my Caution Deposit?

You shall request for a refund of deposit via WhatsApp and email. The refund will be made either through Paytm/TEZ or cash based on convenience.

9. Is there any time frame for getting the refund?

There is No time frame as such for a refund of your deposit. You are free to claim a refund anytime you want (of course, once the books in your possession are returned back).

But, if you intend to be a subscriber of Page-Turners Madras, you shall leave the caution deposit with us and request for more books as and when you need. This would save the time and effort involved in the back and forth transactions.

10. What is the guarantee I would get the deposit back?

If we are in your situation, we also would have got this question in our minds.

We will refund the deposit as soon the request for the same is placed. Besides, we would need the book in your possession back, the rest assured.

11. Do we have any damage cost?

Unless any damages that render the book not readable, No damage cost would be levied.

The books from us are very well wrapped to avoid any damages by default. Please ensure that the book is returned back in good condition.

12. Do I get any receipt when I pay the caution deposit/rent?

Yes, you will receive a soft copy of the receipt in your registered email address once the payment is done.

13. Where can I Collect/Return a book?

Pick up and drop points will be near or on your way to the workplace.

As of now, we are very active in OMR – Sozhinganalur ELCOT. We would be available in the other IT HUBS like SIPCOT, TIDEL, SP Infocity etc. as well in a very short time. So, look forward to us soon.

However, we will make ourselves available in these IT hubs any business day based on the number of book reservations.

14. How long can I hold a rented book?

The book holding period is 15 days.

15. What if I want to hold the book for longer than 15 days?

We expect your kind cooperation in this regard so that we can provide an opportunity to everyone who would like to read a book.

However, if you think you cannot complete a book in two weeks, then we suggest you pay the rent for the next week as well and block the book upfront.

All the extension requests will be addressed based on the demand.

16. What if my book return date falls on a weekend or a public holiday?

Maximum 2 days of extension is allowed for genuine reasons. Beyond which it will attract additional rental charges.

17. I do own a lot of books at home. Is there any way I can monetize my books via Page-Turners Madras?

Yes, you can. Write to us with your cell number and we can discuss.

18. What is a P2P book collection and return?

A colleague at your own office may be a part of this Page-Turners Madras Peer group. You can collect/return the book through him/her. A Page-Turners Madras Peer member will receive incentives for his effort.

Write to us if you want to become a part of Page-Turners Madras Peer group. You can refer your friends too so that you as well as your friends get some extra pocket money.

19. Why did I receive a used book?

At Page-Turners Madras, we try to circulate used books that are in good condition only. You may also get a brand new copy of a book too.

Looking forward to your Support. Happy Reading.

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