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Books For Kids And Not Gadgets – How To Motivate?


It’s the Books For Kids This Time

Some of you might have received a text message very recently from my end with some questions related to books and its Genres. Before I move on further, let me take this moment to Thank You all for your responses and inputs. This is not the first time I share something inline with books and reading books for kids. Yet, what I am going to convey in this blog post comes with some of the action items not for the kids but for most of the parents‘ community that includes me too.

Books For Kids

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An Expectation / A Major Concern Of The Parents

One of the popular expectation of Parents nowadays is that we want our children to love reading books instead of spending time in front of the Mobile Gadgets and Television sets.

Is it not most of us, parent’s expectation?

Some of us go to every book fair we come across with an intention to buy books for kids, which is absolutely good. But, how many of us know whether our kids’ are interested towards reading books? A meagre percentage maybe.

Books For Kids

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I am not saying that we should not buy books for kids or expect kids to read books. But, demanding them to focus on the books for kids is not an organic approach. Especially when we, the parents do not read books in front of them. Please note that even when a parent gazes at a newspaper on a regular basis, it creates a huge impact on our kids’ mind.

The question is “How many of us still buy a newspaper at home?”. Even if we buy, do we spend the time to read it? I am sure most of us have got news applications on our mobile phones instead. Agreed, that they save us time, money, help us utilize time during travel etc. But, the above-mentioned points cannot compensate what we are losing by ignoring and not reading newspapers/books in front of our kids.

All of us want our kids to become smart. But, are we really helping them?

Kids Brain Development Is Dynamic

A kids brain growth never stops. The knowledge either gets enhanced or it declines. Whatever a child come across during the early years shape him/her into who they become. Starting from how he/she gets along with others, controls feelings, academic excellence, what sort of connections he frames, and even what sort of parent he/she will become.

Children’s mind does not develop naturally with age just like how the human body parts develop. Instead, it originates from the fact and the activity that the mind gets. Everything from what they See, Hear, Touch, Taste and Smell plays a great role in the growth of their brain. The more they encounter the faster would be their brain development.

Parents Are The Moulders

Parents are the examples of Kids. I am sure that this is not the first time you get to hear this sentence. Kids consider us as the models and try to imitate us.

Books For Kids

Image Credit: Pixabay

With no doubt, I would say that every parent in the world would have come across their little princess standing in front of the mirror with a lipstick and sometimes with toys related to cooking in their tender hands. Similarly, the little prince standing with a finger comb on their fingers or a shaving foam over their cheeks. Our kids got to know where to apply lipstick and how to comb the hair by seeing us. They try to imitate us ninety per cent of the times.

Always remember that our kids grow in the way how we mould them in their early ages.

The Vital Periods

Kids growth can be categorized into 4 periods.

Period:1 – Up to 5 years
Areas of Development: Activities, Curiosity and Interests in life

Period:2 – 5 to 10 years
Areas of Development: Intellectual Knowledge

Period:3 – From 10 to 15 years
Areas of Development: Self-confidence & Independent thinking

Period:4 – From 15 years
Areas of Development: None. This is the time to see the outputs/results for all the efforts that the parents had put in bringing up the kids until period 3.

Significance Of Period 2

This is the period when cerebral knowledge is gained. This is the time when we need to ensure that we provide a good volume of information to the children either by buying books for kids or by reading informative books for them. One of the best stage/period to load the child with knowledge.

Books For Kids

That being the case, expecting children to spend time on reading books for kids is not a very easy task at least until they turn 8. So, the only best option available for the Parents is to read books and share a story with their kids in a way they understand or read books for kids.

How To Motivate Kids To Read Books?

Parents at home spend most of the time either in front of the laptop, mobile phones etc. Maybe we sit in front of them to connect to work from home and to respond to the emails or to read the news etc. But, the kids at home will relate the laptop and mobile devices just like a television and think that we get entertained by these gadgets. So, they imitate the same again by spending time in front of the TV and iPad or similar mobile gadgets.

Books For Kids

Image Credit: Pixabay

Tell me now.

How effective do you think Kindle is?

I am not taking up on Amazon Kindle or any other similar gadgets. But, the impact that a physical book in our hands leaves is so much in a positive way that no devices can provide. Not only for the adults but also for the kids which none of us can deny.

We need to note that unless we read books for kids and read books for ourselves specifically in front of the kids at home we cannot make our children get motivated to read more and more books. Doing so, would, in turn, help them on enhancing their Mental Power and ignite their focus and interest towards reading…

Yes, it is difficult to start for us now but by doing so we can still make a difference.

Hope you had enjoyed reading this post. Do not fail to share your thoughts on this post using the comments section so that it will help others as well.

Ever Heard about Page-Turners Madras?

Don’t search on google as it is too early to find any good details about it. But, here is the hint: Page-Turners Madras is a Thotslingo initiative.

Books For Kids

Oh Yes, My Mom and her few friends are working towards something inline with reading books. A mode through which they want to help people to read more books in a cost-effective way. And they are very proud about it and damn excited too 🙂

Please wait for my next post with more details.

Happy Reading.

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