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I Kneaded My Eyes Hard


Good To Know –

Healthy Human Eyes can distinguish 17000 different colors.


Image Credit: Pixabay

I was riding my scooterette with a Helmet half closed so that I get some air. It was already 10 PM last Friday when I was on the road returning back from my workplace. Something came up and got stuck in my left eye leading to an irritation. I had started to rub my eye with my left hand without listening to my mind. I know very well that I need to turn on the indicator and stop the vehicle, make myself comfortable and then start again. But, I failed to do it instead rubbed my eye a bit hard and it made enough damage to the extent where I am writing about it now.

What Is The Impact?

The impact of me rubbing my eye hard is a swollen conjunctiva.

Conjunctiva – It is the layer that covers the white section (sclera) of our eye.


Image Credit:s0www.utdlab

I had reached home and by that time, my left eye had already turned to red color due to the pressure I had applied. In fact, I had never realized that I had rubbed my eye so hard until I faced the consequences. I rushed to the restroom, washed my face with cold water and turned on the face light. The one located on top of the mirror to get a glimpse of my left eye.

Wow, a red ball with a white extra layer very well visible. I had initially thought it is just the discharge or the mucus which we get normally and I had tried to pull it out. Man, it never came out. Good that I had realized that it is not regular conjunctivitis but a swollen Conjunctiva.

It scared me a bit hence I ran to the room to find that Refresh Tears solution and applied a drop on both my eyes. Besides, I had also googled with the search term “a white layer on my eye after rubbing” and one of the search results had helped me stay calm.

Lessons I Had Learnt:

  • The swollen conjunctiva on my left eye is due to harsh rubbing. The jelly white layer gets swollen and becomes visible when the eye gets irritated. Especially, when an extreme pressure is applied on the eyes.
  • Never rub your eyes hard as it may lead to more issues.
  • An allergen eye drop prescribed by a doctor would help to cure the same. This is applicable only if there are no issues in your vision due to the swollen conjunctiva.

Last year, I had experienced an issue in my right eye where I had found a yellowish boil or bubble again on the sclera portion of my eye. You can find more information about it here. Since the doctor had prescribed an allergen drop at that time, I had bought the same this time and used it.

It worked and I did not find the swollen layer much in the morning but I still have slight irritation as though something is stuck in my eye. I am ensuring that I do not let my eyes dry by using the eye drops “Opticool” which is again prescribed by the doctor. Hope, I will soon feel comfortable.

I strongly feel that I could have avoided the impact a bit if my eyes were not dry and also if I had listened to my mind.

What Next?

The above mentioned is what I had experienced and it does not mean that everyone is gonna experience it. But, it is better that we all consider taking care of our own eyes. Remember, until we lose something we will not realize its value.

This article is not only for the people who are working with computers. It is for everyone irrespective of their job nature as an absence of a computer is compensated well by the presence of tablets and 5.5-inch display cell phones in our lives.

Here Are The Few Things To Do:

  • Take medical help based on the severity.
  • Stop staring at your cell phone when the room light is OFF.
  • A cell phone emits blue light which is harmful to our eyes. If you are using it then try to buy a tempered glass which arrests the blue light if not try app like Twilight.
  • Do not let your eyes dry. Keep the eye drops handy that help to moisturize the eyes. Especially, if you are using a laptop or desktop computers throughout the day at work.
  • Always try to wear a helmet with the front glass fully closed even if you are going to a nearby shop by your two-wheeler. I am still trying to make that as a habit.
  • Ensure that you wink your eyes while staring at your personal computers. The eyeballs will get some moisture that way.
  • Keep your body cool so that your eyes are also cool. Excess heat in the body leads to eye problems.
  • Drink more water.
  • An oil head bath twice or thrice a week should help.
  • Do not ignore the prescribed glasses just because your friends tease. It just invites more power issues and nothing else.
  • Use your contact lenses wisely. If you are using use and throw contacts then use it only for the recommended time. 10 to 12 hours per day is the maximum time recommended.
  • Buy genuine lens solution and keep them safe so that they do not get contaminated.
  • Use branded coolers and avoid non-genuine spectacles. Not all the glasses sold at the clothing store are good for our and our kid’s eyes.
  • A sunglass really helps to protect your eyes from unwanted harmful rays from the sunlight.
  • Eat vegetables like carrot which are known to benefit our eyes.
  • Fix an appointment with an ophthalmologist at least once in six to eight months. It is good to know that ophthalmologists and optometrists are different.

– An ophthalmologist is a medical doctor (MD) who specializes in eye and vision care.

– An optometrist is not a medical doctor. They are professionals who provide primary vision care ranging from sight testing and correction to the diagnosis, treatment, and management of vision changes.

Consider This:

Our eyes are the doorway to our heart. Take good care of your eyes. It can bring light in someone else life if we donate our eyes once we are done in this world.




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