My 14 Takeaways On How To Be A Good Manager?

The Skilled vs Unskilled

In our lives, we will be in the good books of a few people and also in the bad books of some and there are no exceptions to that. Yet, when it comes to the role of a Manager, we witness two kinds of them. One kind who plays it cool with great charisma and cheer irrespective of the situation. Another who struggles to get simple things moving. The latter not only burn themselves but also the people around them. No surprise that anyone reading this post now can spell out at least a few qualities if someone seeks advice from you on how to be a good manager.

I am not here to jot down any generic tips. Instead, will share with you all my recorded tips on How To Be A Good Manager. The valuables that I heard from one of the Managers to whom I was reporting.

How To Be A Good Manager

Every tip below is organic content. Hence, I trust them to help people whose mindset revolves around questions like the ones below.

  • How to be a good manager or become one?
  • Step up from your current role to the next in your career with ease.
  • How to restart yourself as a good manager? Especially when you had already burnt the bridge that makes others feel you are trustworthy.

The Farewell

It was Praveen’s farewell as he was getting ready to take a new role with more responsibilities. I reported to him for a period of 36 months and had seen him taking ownership of things in the project since the start.

Taking ownership, does it ring a bell?

I am sure most of you believe that taking ownership would also be a part of the below tips list on How To Be A Good Manager. If so, you guessed it right.

As usual everyone from the team wished Praveen. There were a few who mentioned certain traits of his that they envy too. At last, when it was time for Praveen to speak, a member asked him to share his routine which helped him run the project with ease.

Little I knew that time the tips I made a note of are going to change my perspective on how to be a better manager in other words a skilled manager. The points uttered by Praveen can be a success mantra for anyone who cares about career growth.

My 14 Takeaways On How To Become A Good Manager – As Heard From Praveen

How to be a good manager

1. Stand For The Team

One of the traits that makes a good manager and the one that most of us want our leads to own. Isn’t it?

Always back your team and keep your ears open so that you can listen to them. Unless you listen to your team, there won’t be any growth for both parties involved. By standing up for the team, you seed confidence in the team members and at the same time pave the way to build trust.

2. Learn The Client’s Business

It is never too late to learn about something. Some say “Fake It Until You Make It“. But, acting upon the quote can only provide a cushion for a certain timeframe and it is a must for you to learn things, and not to fake long.

A Manager should learn about the nature of the business of the client, their geographical presence, and their flagship product or service to date. Without that knowledge, you can neither help the client nor the team members achieve the best results.

3. Act Like A Layman

Not always a manager comes from a technical background. Even if you are, the possibility of having expertise on all the applications that are in use is very thin. So, it is always best to understand any issues experienced by the team like a layman be it technical or non-technical. This will help you better explain it to your boss / other managers when it is time.

A lead can’t hesitate to discuss things with the team members. You should always ensure to Ask Why and How? These are two powerful words that can take you and your team a long long way.

4. Check, Read & Re-read The Email

One of the simplest and very powerful traits that 80 percent of individuals ignore. Always check and read all the emails that are project-specific. Reading an email more than once can give more clarity on the ask or on the information received. By doing this you can be on top of the things that happen in the team in turn better equip yourself as well as the team.

Never write an email in a hurry which may lead to unwanted issues. Take reasonable time to respond especially with the clients and management.

5. Keep Things Simple

It is possible that you can multitask, and tick all the checkboxes in your basket. If you try to mirror Elon Musk – there is a good percentage of chance that you burn out soon. Try to delegate responsibilities to your subordinates for better efficiency and output. It will be a Win-Win for you as well as the member as you provide an opportunity for them to learn things.

Make room for yourself in your schedule so that you can focus on critical things, like the ones that you cannot delegate to anyone.

6. Always Keep Data Points

"I will get back to you on this shortly" is a very familiar statement that most of us give and hear during meetings. Use this statement at the least possible in other words use it wisely. The best way to avoid this statement is by preparing yourself for any upcoming meetings.

A simple way is to connect with the team and have your data points ready. That way you can give correct information to your boss and the client if asked about the project milestones or similar.

Do not forget that getting into a client call without proper data points is like standing on the war ground without a spear and shield. Never ever give an impression to the client that you are not up to date on the happenings in the project.

7. Do A Dual Role – Do Not Overdo

Looking at something with the eyes of the customer will help more than anything else. It will help deliver greater results based on the factors like time, scope, etc. Yet, remember not to overdo it as it is like a two-sided sword.

The best way to do this is to play a dual role. Put yourself in the customer’s shoes as well as in the team’s shoes to weigh the situation better and act fair.

8. Don’t Wait So Long

Need clarity on something? Act on it. Need inputs on something? Act on it. Need the status on something? Act on it.

Never let things slip from your to-do list or carry forward a specific item for several days. Yes, it is understandable that you cannot run behind everyone asking for an update. But, set an expectation in the minds of your team members so that they know what is to be done and when.

A proper delegation strategy will help a lot here too and save time. That being said, do not wait for long when there is no update. Instead, seek an update to have things under control so that you mark that task off your list. Precisely, when you want something Act on it instead of wasting time waiting. This applies to everything that happens in our lives.

9. Value The Time Of Others Too

Time is precious and that is for everyone living.

You might receive 100-plus emails a day. But, irrespective of that ensure to respond to the emails directed to you before the end of the business. Use the Rules feature in outlook or a similar application to segregate critical emails and respond on time.

Never let your client or the person to whom you report send a follow-up email to you. Always be on top of it and there is no shortcut. Value others’ time like how you want your time to be valued. When your team or a team member put time and effort onto something for the project, Appreciate it.

10. Follow up & Always Close The Email Loop Clean

Follow-up is a powerful technique that helps us to stay on top of something. This applies not just to our work but everywhere.

Do not assume things as it may lead to a costly mistake sometimes. Always follow up and do so until the email loop is closed clean. Never let an email hang on without proper closure to avoid any ambiguity. Use features like appointments in outlook to handle things better and smoothly.

11. Connect & Seek Help

During a crisis, you must connect with other project managers in the firm to bring some more expertise on board. This is to help the existing team tackle the issue much faster. The main goal should be to seal the leak when it is small and then learn from it and cut its occurrence.

Your Center of Excellence team can be of great support in such scenarios. Seek help and also lend help to others when needed. This will help you grow your network in the organization for better growth.

12. Stay at the Pace

This is the trait that most Managers push to the back seat. Never place yourself in a spot where you don’t understand what the technical team is discussing. You are not expected to be an expert on the topic but should be aware of the basics to relate things better. Rely on yourself first to fill the gaps rather than waiting for someone to throw some light.

Even minimal exposure to the technical areas would do wonders and help you get more opportunities. This trait will make your client trust you more which in turn may give you better leverage when the time comes. For example when submitting RFP, project bidding, etc.

13. Sleep & Wake Up Early

Of all the traits, this one is the most difficult to practice being a Manager. No doubt that 99 percent of the time you had to stretch and plan to cover your client’s time zone. But, doing this beyond a limit will drain more energy than required and disturb your sleep schedule. This is where the Delegation strategy would be handy to manage things efficiently.

A healthy routine would help you to focus on things that matter and better support the team for extraordinary results.

14. Stay at Peace

Imagine how the ship would sail when the captain is not in his correct mindset. This applies to all kinds of work and to everyone. It is important for the individuals who lead a team to stay relaxed and rejuvenated. Take a break at least once in two months to pull yourself back together a bit and to move stronger when the time comes.

Besides breaks, indulge in activities like hiking, running, swimming, and weight training. Doing these will help you free up your headspace and stay calm. No one ever saw these skills letting the followers down anytime.

The Manager Mindset

As I mentioned at the start, the above-mentioned are tips from one of the several managers I worked with. These tips do not cover all the answers available to an individual’s question on how to become a good manager. Yet, can act as a stepping stone to change your perspective towards career growth as it does to me.

I strongly believe that some of these tips are not only for managers but for individuals in most other roles too in various work environments. I would love to read your point of view too in the comments section if you can spare a minute of your valuable time. Cheers.

How To Reuse Perfume Bottles Glass And Save Money?

Perfume Bottles Glass Lasts Long, Very Long… (cond. apply)

One Million Years. Yes, you had heard it right. One Million Years is what it takes for glass to decompose in the ecosystem. Glasses do not contribute much to the current world’s pollution like how plastics do. But, this fact does not mean that we can use glasswares in various forms without a limit. The more we use and throw things that can be reused and recycled, the closer we would be to the point of regret. What is the problem with reusing? Reusing saves time, money, and energy. Here is an article where we are going to learn more about the ways we can reuse empty perfume bottles glass.

perfume bottles glass

Reuse Perfume Bottles

perfume bottles glass

Image Credit: pixabay

Nowadays, fragrances are stored in bottles or containers made of glass that comes in various forms. Some of them cut artistically by a machine and few that are hand-carved and sculpted. We either buy them for ourselves or to gift someone close to us.

Beyond that how many of us know about the basics of perfume? Until a few weeks back, I was one among that crowd who do not know the basic details about the origin of perfume. But, not anymore.

There are few articles and blogs over the internet if you are looking for ideas on how to reuse the older perfume bottles. But, I am sure that you would find at least a few unique ideas that are not covered anywhere outside Thotslingo. Here are a few snippets that are good to know.

The Origin Of Perfume

perfume bottles glass

Image Credit: AJV (Thotslingo)

– It is not France / Italy where the perfume got originated. It was from the old Mesopotamia and Egypt. Some say it might be from old china too. The further refinement of the Perfumes was done by the Arabs and the Romans.

– The word Perfume came from Latin per fumus, meaning “to smoke through“.

– A woman named Tapputi from Mesopotamia who lived in the BC’s is the first perfume maker.

– The oldest perfume in the world is Eau de BC found in Cyprus.

– The first Perfume bottles were used by the Egyptians.

Grasse – a territory in France is the perfume capital of the world.

Kannauj in Uttar Pradesh is the perfume capital of India.

36 Ways To Reuse Your Empty Perfume Bottles

It is high time that we learn to reuse things that can be reused and also cultivate the habit of reusing things in the minds of our kids. Hoping to inspire, I am moving further down. Here are some wonderful tips for reusing the used scent Bottles.

1. Refill

perfume bottles glass

Image Credit: Ganapathy (Thotslingo)

If you are not aware already and if you are a user of a luxury brand perfumes, be informed that one can very well refill/top-up the empty scent bottles with Perfume. This applies to most of the luxury brand perfumes. Are you located in the United Kingdom, then you can refer to this website for more details.

In India, we do not have any such stores or brands that help users with refills.

If you are a mid-segment perfume brand user, then try to refill the old perfume bottle with a similar fragrance extracted from the flowers and trees. All you need to do is to find a nearby Ittar or Attar shop for this. If the atomizer or the nozzle of your scent bottle is screwable type then you would be able to use the same bottle without any issues.

At an Attar shop, you can find the replica of fragrances like Ferrari, Versace, etc. If you are a fragrance lover, you would not regret your visit to the local Ittar shop. Try it and share your comments.

2. Glass Painting / Detergent Water Container / Sprayer

perfume bottles glass

Image Credit: pixabay

Do you paint?

If you do, you can convert your old perfume bottle into a stunning glass piece. Not just that, you can also add a sprayer/atomizer to the bottle and convert it to a water sprayer for plants or use detergent water to clean stains on the mirrors, clothes, etc. If you are looking for an atomizer, you can browse Amazon, Flipkart, or any similar eCommerce sites.

3. Terrarium

perfume bottles glass

Image Credit: mossymusings

How would it be to stay near live plants that are kept inside artistic bottles? That too when the plant does not need a lot of water.

Imagine yourself seeing flourishing greenery on your desk at work? It would be awesomely refreshing, isn’t it?

Your old perfume bottles glass can be turned into a Terrarium.

If you find yourself making great miniature terrariums, why not make them and sell it online? That would turn not just your empty scent bottle into a Terrarium but would also transform you into an Entrepreneur.

4. Creative Photographs

perfume bottles glass

Image Credit: pixabay

If you are into photography, you can use artistically sculpted empty fragrance bottles while capturing a person or a thing. It would tease your creativity further and can also help you make money out of the photographs you had captured.

5. Imaginative And Cool Bouquets

perfume bottles glass

Image Credit: Shutterstock

Planning to gift a bouquet to someone?

If you are an arts and crafts person you can use your old perfume bottles glass to make your home-made bouquet look more stunning. Something like the one shown in the representational picture above.

If you are good at something, do not do it for free. Instead, Sell it.

6. DIY Projects – Mould

perfume bottles glass

Image Credit: pinterest-itacakes

Most of the fragrance bottles that we come across would be beautiful in one or the other way. These bottles can be used as a mould to make something out of Silicone or similar. For example, a soap tray, a bird feeder, pin holder, or similar.

7. Paper Weights

perfume bottles glass

Image Credit: pixabay

Though the usage of paper in our day to day life had significantly reduced because of our mobile phones and computers, there are still some professions or activities that demand the usage of paper. If you are onto a similar profession and/or performing a similar activity, the old bottle can be utilized as a paperweight. It not only adds beauty to your desk but also helps you save a few bucks.

8. Décor – Centerpiece


Image Credit: pixabay

Who does not like to have an artistically set living room?

People who can afford shows great interest in buying a centerpiece for their living room. Most of the time, an item made by renowned brands/designers. But, when we cannot afford to buy a decor of high value, we can still make the most out of simple things that have grandeur looks. For example, an artistically designed perfume bottle. It would not just be a treat to our eyes but also the eyes of the visitors.

9. Create An Antique Collections Showcase


Image Credit: pixabay

If you are a person who buys and try perfumes of various brand, you can make use of those old empty bottles to set up a showcase. A showcase that holds your vintage and designer scent bottles collection placed in one corner inside your house.

This initiative would invite a few things.

First, it would motivate anyone who comes across to take it up as a hobby or kindles their minds to find a hobby.

Second, it can be a great ice breaker (conversation starter) especially when you want to converse with a new visitor to your house.

Third, after several years, these bottles that are from the current trend gets a designation of Vintage collections. You might come across fellow hobbyists who find its worth and would be interested to buy.

10. Fragrant Diffuser


Image Credit: pixabay

Why buy a separate reed diffuser holder when you can use your old scent bottle with slight modifications? To transform the perfume bottles glass to a diffuser, you may get the bottle cut and smoothened according to your need by taking to a glass cutting person.

11. Glittery Gifts


Image Credit: pinterest-designs-by-ginny

Turning your old empty scent bottles to a glittery gift is quite easy. All you need is some decorative colored powders or similar stuff to make it look great. You can paste the whole bottle with glitter and make a custom birthday gift to your friends. Not just that, as you can turn them to a decorative item by filling them with colored water or powder something similar to the one shown below. A group of empty bottles that are of the same shapes filled with various vibrant colors can be an eye-catcher.


In case, if you would like to buy a glittery gift made of styrofoam for someone, you can check the website.

12. Chandeliers Made Of Perfume Bottles Glass


Image Credit: pixabay

Some fragrances come with a bottle that is artistically moulded and cut. If you have got a reasonable number of similar bottle collections like the ones shown above, then why wait? Tie up your shoes and work towards making a magnificent looking chandelier for your main room at home. You might need to take professional help if you cannot spend much time to do it on your own. Imagine similar bottles like the ones shown above have been used on the chandeliers that too provisioned for a light bulb, WOW!

13. Make A Doll Stand

Image Credit: pixabay

Your old scent bottles can act as a stand for your hand-made toys. They not only bring happiness to your kids when placed in their rooms but also boost their confidence when they exhibit their toys to their friends who had come home. I would be very much happy to speak with my friends about something unique that I own. Don’t you?

14. Aquascaping

Image Credit: pixabay

The old scent bottles that are well cleaned and free from chemicals can be cut to a creative design to be kept inside an Aquarium. Not just as a backdrop for your aquarium but also to make partitions within the bigger aquarium to protect the little fish from the bigger ones. It can also be used to plant aquarium plants which can save a lot of money on the substrate cost that is applicable for a planted aquarium.

Replace the stone structure with bottles in your design. The above picture has been kept to give you an idea.

15. Arts & Crafts

Image Credit: pinterest – Bobbie Byrd | Clumsy Craft

Are you a person who conducts arts and crafts classes for a group of individuals in a classroom or similar?

For example, if you are teaching a glass painting session, you can make use of old scent bottles for painting purposes. This would save you some money on your spending to procure the glass for the trainees.

Here are some more ways which are very common when it comes to reusing old scent bottles.

16. Table Lamp

Image Credit: pinterest – Roses and Teacups

17. Flower Vase

Image Credit: pinterest – Carolina Storm

18. Fashion Accessories

Image Credit: pinterest – beautyhives

19. Pearl Holders/Jewellery Stand

Image Credit: pixabay

20. Wall Hanging; 21. Mini Planters For Desk / Water Diffuser for Table Plants; 22. Pill Case During Travel; 23. Perfume Holder During Travel; 24. Sell it on eBay, OLX, Amazon 25. Donate; 26. Oil Dispenser; 27. Key Chains; 28. Bird Feeder; 29. Oil Burners; 30. Pin Cushion; 31. Handy Pepper Spray Bottles; 32. Mosquito Repellent Spray Container; 33. Hand Wash Container; 34. X-Mas Tree Decoration; 35. Wreath made of mini bottles; 36. Car Freshener / Closet Freshener

The above-mentioned ideas are not the only ones. As we all know “Sky is the limit when it comes to creativity”.
Hope you liked reading this post.

Note: Rinsed / detergent wash the empty perfume bottles glass before use. Especially, when you use it as a pill case or similar.

Edited On 09/14/2020

The Reselling Drawback

After discussing all the above-mentioned on how to reuse the perfume bottles glass, I also want to give a hint on the drawback when we sell the empty fragrance bottles.

It is possible that the perfume bottles we sell are used for refilling the perfume that is counterfeit or of inferior quality. But, again that is something which I feel cannot be avoided as we cannot go on collecting the empty perfume bottles unless one is looking at opening an Antique or vintage perfume bottle boutique. I don’t know-how will be the fragrance of the perfumes shown in this link and in here but the bottles are for sure with an antique after few years.



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How To Start Print On Demand Business? Monetize Your Art Skill.

It Is Easy Than You Think

I hope you will find a connection between this topic and the previous blog posts on How To Start T-Shirt Design Business From Home? & Got A T-Shirt Designer In You? Try Merch by Amazon. Yes, I am not yet done sharing my knowledge on the t-shirt design business niche. Let me help you understand what is POD and How To Start Print On Demand Business?

How To Start Print On Demand Business
Image Credit: pixabay

What Is A Print On Demand Business?

As the name implies, it is a process where companies do not start work until they get an order. For example, in t-shirt designing, a seller will share a photo of a t-shirt with a design on their website but will not have it immediately for shipping. They print the t-shirt only after receiving an order for that particular design. This is the same process that goes with book printing, Coffee Mugs printing, etc.

The Steps Involved In POD Business

How To Start Print On Demand Business? Dan asked Manu who is already showcasing his artwork to the world and making money.

When Manu responded back with the steps involved, Dan realized how much time he had wasted thinking there is a major process involved and will require more time to start. When in doubt, ask help.

Here is the response from Manu:

  1. Choose a specific area (Niche) that you are interested in. If you are thinking of some new niche, then select the area and products for which the craze had never gone down among people. For example, t-shirt, Mugs, Decals, etc.
  2. Get your designs ready and it is also good to have a website ready to run your store.
  3. As the designs are already ready, the next step is to identify who is going to be your print service provider.
  4. Add all your designs and products to your web store.
  5. You are almost done with respect to logistics and basic requirements. However, the answer to Dan’s question How To Start Print On Demand Business is not 100 percent answered.
  6. Promotions – Steve Jobs said that “People don’t know what they want until you show it to them“. So, you need to show people what you have got first. Increase your online presence meaning promote your store and product on social media sites.
  7. Learn and Learn. It is a continuous process. Experiment by running various attractive offers in parallel ensure not to burn your wallet too. Understand the customer’s sentiments and improvise your products based on the feedback.

Dan realized how valuable the information shared by Manu was and felt grateful.

The POD Business Platforms

Like Merch by Amazon and Teespring, we have got similar other platforms online to monetize your artistic skill. Let us enhance your knowledge about the remaining available platforms where you can start your design business without spending a penny.

If you are reading this post on “How to start print on demand business?” for the first time, I urge you to also read the post where other platforms covered earlier. You need not have your own website to sell your artworks in some of the platforms mentioned below.

If your wish is to only be a designer, then you can ignore setting up a website and a store for your own. You can choose how active you want to be in the design business by opting for the one that you think is right for you.

8. Shopify

Let me put it this way. Isabel runs a t-shirt business offline. But, due to the current COVID situation and due to multiple lockdowns, the t-shirt sales are marching to the rock bottom. However, the quality of t-shirts sold by Isabel is way ahead than its competitors but not very well known to the outside world as a valuable Brand.

You may be in different lines of business but if you think you are in a similar situation as Isabel then you should consider Shopify to give your brand the required traction online. This comes with a free trial and if you like to continue further then pricing is involved.

How To Start Print On Demand Business
Image Credit: shopify website captured on date 9/9/2020

9. CafePress

Here is CafePress which is also a print on demand platform that appreciates creativity in people by printing them on t-shirts, masks, wall arts, custom decals, and posters. They believe in creating human connections through designs. Best experiences shared here and here for your reference.

Image Credit: cafepress website captured on date 9/9/2020

10. threadless

With the Artist Shop page in threadless, which is an online community for the artists, one can exhibit their design and arts to take it to the next level of monetizing it. Create your design and spread the word, that is what is required from a user. Learn more from your seniors here and also here.

how to start print on demand business
Image Credit: threadless website captured on date 9/9/2020

The process of selling your artwork on more than 90 products via your own store through threadless is pretty straightforward.

Image Credit: threadless website captured on date 9/9/2020

11. shirtee

Shirtee is one other platform for artistic people to sell designs at no charges and free of risk.

Image Credit: Shirtee website captured on date 9/9/2020

Starting from t-shirts printed with stickers depicting Mom & Dad, you will witness a wide range of commendable artworks for most of the niches.

Image Credit: Shirtee website captured on date 9/9/2020

12. designbyhumans

I feel that this name has got some real Human touch in it. The name explains what is in there for the viewers and artists, isn’t it?

How To Start Print On Demand Business
Image Credit: designbyhumans website captured on date 9/9/2020

Apply as a store owner once you have a minimum of 10 printable designs for selling via designbyhumans. Post-approval, your store will be activated and you are all set to start your Business. You can some good details here. Hope you read the sentence “Double your Royalties” in the above screenshot.

13. spreadshirt

Be it you want to start your own virtual store or just want to sell your designs on the existing marketplace, Spreadshirt may be one option that you cannot ignore. Free Free and it is Always Free but that does not mean that you should blindly get into it without learning about it. Check here to learn some more details.

Image Credit: spreadshirt website captured on date 9/9/2020

How about linking this with your Spotify account too? Why not give it a shot?

What Can You Do Now?

  • Register yourself on these print on demand business platforms as well as the ones that I had covered in the previous blog post.
  • Start reading their terms and conditions before jumping into it though you know that these platforms do not charge you a penny to sell your designs through them.
  • Once you are comfortable with the policies and got a clear understanding of the royalties that you are entitled to, do upload your artwork for them to approve.
  • In parallel, do learn more about how to be successful in these print on demand business portals.
  • Post-approval, ensure to stay active online especially on social media to learn more about the latest trends and tweak your design thinking in line with it.
  • Your active status in social networking sites would really help you share your design and attract the crowd and make them your customer.
  • Understand the Pros & Cons and share that knowledge with beginners so that they learn from your experiences.
  • Share your thoughts and comments using the comments section below.

Here Is How Women Of A Victorian Era Lost Weight

Making Your Body Home For Tapeworms: Diet For Weight Loss Plan

If you are eyeing a diet for a weight loss plan, don’t try this fad diet.

Doesn’t the title sound nauseating?

As soon as we notice ourselves outgrowing, the first step we take for weight loss is to google with search terms like diet for weight loss plan, diet plan for weight loss quickly, etc isn’t it? But, I had tried searching a little different as I want to know the “stay away approach” where I came to know about this freaking diet.

diet for weight loss plan

Tapeworm Diet For Weight Loss Plan

Image Credit:

We live in the world of deworming where every other stuff is against these wiggly worms. The diet regimens like Paleo, Vegan, Gluten-free, Keto, etc. are some of the common ones that most of us are aware of. But, have you heard about delegating the task of eating extra calories that you intake to a Tapeworm?

The Legacy Of Tapeworm Diet

It all started in the Victorian era by the people who cannot keep themselves away from junk foods. Yet, also wanted to achieve the beauty quotients defined by society. Beauty in the sense lean body frame, sunken cheeks & eyes, and pale skin which made them look like an unhealthy person.

How Does Tapeworm Diet Works?

Let me break the process.

It involves swallowing pills that contain tapeworm eggs in it. Eventually, when the ingested eggs hatch, the tapeworm starts to attach and grow inside the gut of the person absorbing all the nutrients and energy from the person like parasites living on the host thereby leading to the weight loss. This is the theory and it works only in the theory. You will find some more details here about the Tapeworm diet.

Outweighing Cons

Rather than causing a healthy weight loss which is desired by the person, the ingested tapeworms cause turmoil in the person’s body and become a major hitch to the person in question. It causes many abdominal issues like Nausea, Diarrhea, Bloating, Abdominal pain, Loss of appetite, Epilepsy, Eye-related issues, Headaches, and Dementia.

In the worst cases, the formation of cyst in the tissues and organs, Appendix (or) bile duct, Hernia, and Obstruction of the bowel system leading to surgical emergencies and life-threatening scenes.

Due to these hazardous effects, these pills are banned in many countries worldwide.

Worms Are Our Mutual Friends On The Other Hand

Intestinal worms have been the natural part of our digestive system.

Unlike the tapeworms which are parasites, these intestinal worms are our mutual partners, which means taking benefits from us and giving them back to us.

They help in treating allergies, multiple sclerosis, inflammation due to irritable bowel syndrome(IBR), boosting the immune system.

Hygiene Hypothesis

Anything in excess is not good, even hygiene.

Due to lifestyle changes of the people, exposure to infections has gradually declined to lead to allergies and autoimmune diseases. This is known as the hygiene hypothesis.

In simple words, our immune system is somewhat associated with the exposure to infections ie., bacterias, viruses. This may sound creepy after all our body too needs biodiversity, living in harmony with nature.

Worm Therapy – To Rely Or Not To Rely?

It is the process of ingesting worms to treat immune-related diseases such as allergies and auto-immune responses.

Though the therapy is not approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) due to its adverse reactions, and problems like the patients have to ingest worms every two weeks.

Yet, some researchers say it’s a reliable one and the only way to get it sanctioned from FDA is to convert the worm molecules that have anti-inflammatory effects into medication.

Do Not Fall For Quick Slim Methods

Image Credit:pixabay

Diets available for weight loss is far from just One or Two nowadays. Only when I researched writing this blog post I understood that it is a whole new major area that too with lucrative business ideas hidden. Here is where I read about the various Diet For Weight Loss Plan explained in an elaborate manner. Give it a read if you have another 10 minutes.

Not everything on the internet is genuine and written by Dietitians as you know. But, it is also a fact that still there are educated people who start and follow a diet for weight loss plan explained by someone unknown. If you know of someone looking for slimming tips educate them on the negative impacts of following a random diet plan.

Not All Diet Plans Work

The reason behind having several diet plans be it, Keto, Paleo, Vegan, etc. for example is that they do not work for everyone.

Every human body’s nature is unique and has its own limitations. The diet plan that worked for someone in your home might fail to work when you try the same. Hence, it is always advisable to speak to a doctor before kick-starting your weight loss journey majorly with the help of food intake. This not only saves you time and negative impacts on health but also help you keep up your confidence level throughout your weight loss journey.

But, if you are not a new bee to dieting and if you know your body, then yes, you can follow your diet regime but cautiously. Ensure that you listen to your body signals.

10 Natural Ways That Support A Healthy Weight Loss Plan

1. Good Sleep

Sleep Deprivation impacts your circadian rhythm and reduces the efficiency of your body metabolism.

2. Food Intake

Loading you with unhealthy fries, sugary stuff doesn’t help. Also, remember not to skip a meal.

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Have fiber-rich foods, fruits, veggies rich in vitamins. However, portion control is important. Chew your food well. Enjoy what you eat. Eat food that adds fewer calories and avoid calorie-dense foods.

The above image capture was from my friend Praneeth who is into dieting. It is a stunning capture, I should say. When you are into dieting look how you can make it more interesting by choosing foods appropriately.

3. Stress-Free Life

Fitness doesn’t mean physically alone but also mentally and emotionally. Surround yourself with positive people. Spend time with family and friends as work-life balance is essential. Take a break and love what you do.

4. Physical Activity

Calories In Equals Calories Out. Try to achieve this.

Take the stairs.

It doesn’t mean you should do intense workouts but light activities like walking, swimming, or moving around doing household chores also helps. Adding weight training to your routine will speed up the weight loss.

5. Intermittent Fasting

Tweak your eating pattern. Intermittent fasting will help to reach your weight loss goal.

6. Drink Water & Water..

When you are hungry at an unusual time then drink water. Fill your stomach before you eat food by drinking water. Some people prefer drinking Soups too. I sometimes drink water mixed with apple cider vinegar before food as it makes me feel full to some extent helping me control my food intake.

7. Discipline

Tune your body to do good things like hitting gym, stretching, running, etc. Stick to the routine with discipline. No one else can help you with your weight loss if you are not disciplined and divert from the plan.

8. Cut The Sugar

Slowly but steadily cut down on the sugar intake. It is not easy hence replace it with alternatives with a lesser impact until you get used.

9. Keep Your Hormones Balanced

Most of the time, our hormones play a critical role in the weight loss journey. To achieve better results, keep them balanced through natural ways like yoga, etc.

10. Weigh Yourself Once In 2 Weeks & Stay Positive

Weighing yourself is one best way to track your progress so that you can tweak things accordingly. Do not lose Hope.

Let me know your thoughts through comments love section below. See to that you work towards your weight loss journey instead of relying on things like a magic pill or similar crash diets. Losing weight due to undernourishment is a slow poison as we will not know when what symptoms will crop up.







How To Start T-Shirt Design Business From Home?

Total Investment Required To Start This Side Hustle via merch by amazon?

I can bet this is the question you will get right now as you read this article. What if I surprise you by saying Zero in terms of monetary investments? Yes, I am not bluffing. If you have a smartphone with either 4G or 5G network, the only investments required to start your t-shirt designing side hustle through merch by amazon are Time, Effort, and Patience. If you do not know about merch by amazon, read more about it here.

T-Shirt Design Business From Home via Merch By Amazon?

What Is The Eligibility Criteria To Be A Part Of merch by amazon?

Amazon does not expect you to be a scholar, do not worry. All you need is designing skill. If you are an artist, why not expand your income channel by showcasing your designs in available platforms free of cost?

Is Amazon’s merch The Only Platform Available?

The answer is No. There are many more platforms available in the world. Do you have a twin brother or a sister?
Are you both gifted with creative minds and can design things?
Then, you can register to Merch and suggest your brother or sister to some other available t-shirt designing platforms online.

Let me help you save your time with the links below.

1. Merch by Amazon

I mentioned above that you can start a t-shirt designing business through merch. Click here to learn more about it.

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Homepage here for your convenience.

2. Zazzle

If you are a photographer, artist, a graphic designer. Just like No 1 mentioned-above, Zazzle is one other place you can check. Let your imagination flow on your design and let Zazzle exhibit your piece of work be it on a t-shirt, Mug, Cards, etc to 30 million shoppers worldwide.

Dive here for the Homepage.

Image Credit: Zazzle website captured on date 8/29/2020

3. Teespring

Here is one more to help you out. Teespring, such a cute name, isn’t it?

Image Credit: Teespring website captured on date 8/29/2020

4. gearbubble

Heard about Shopify? Just like Shopify, gearbubble can help you take your brand to the online world. In addition, if you wish to design through them, yes that is possible too. Want to get your feet wet? Here you go.

Image Credit: gearbubble website captured on date 8/29/2020


The co-founder of Vimeo is one of the founders of Teepublic. Can you read the text highlighted using an arrow mark in the below image? Hope that clarifies.

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Not just the t-shirts will have your design but many more too like stickers, face masks, etc. in TeeFURY.

Who thought face masks will become this famous? phew. The credit goes to COVID-19.

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7. Teelaunch

Similar to the other mentioned-above, you can make money out of your designs using Teelaunch. The design could be on Mugs, Pillows, Mobile accessories, etc.

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Did This Post Surprise You?

It is possible that this blog post had surprised you with details on the several options available to kick start t-shirt designing business from your home.

merch by amazon
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Wait, this is not all and I can give you more details in the next articles too.

If you are determined and believe that you can design t-shirts and stickers better than ones shown here and there, then yes, it is time.

Wear Your Cap (Control your negative thoughts), Pull up the anchor ( the procrastination that’s stopping)

Hold the Helm and Steer against the tides.