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A Visit To A Seashore Can Make Kids Smarter


Raising Smarter Kids

Congratulations! There are many longing couples in this world who are waiting to get blessed with kids. Be grateful to the almighty.


Can there be a Mother and Father who does not want their kids to be smart? Maybe a minimal percentage in the whole world. For all the parents who are trying to bring up their kids smart, here are few things in this post that will help.

Some studies show that an IQ of a kid depends on their genetics. This is the reason why some people say that a Man or a Women should be very careful when choosing their partner. It may be true.

But, I think if a person is looking only for a smarter partner, then I am sure that the probability of his or her name with the “Single” status is more and gonna stay for long. Maybe people with this mindset need to also understand that there is nobody in this world who is good at everything.

An imperative thing which all parents must not forget while shaping their kids to become smarter is this.

Average or Genius, every child is special.

This is a famous African quote “It Takes A Village To Raise A Child”. The basic meaning is that to bring up a kid is a communal effort.

Ha Ha Ha… They say it is a communal effort. How many of us witness the meaning of communal in our day to day fast life?

Maybe the above-mentioned proverb well suits for a joint family which was there in the olden days. Looking for a whole good responsible community is the rarest in the current world. So, it is a responsibility of the parents and the teachers of the kids to some extent nowadays.

Smart kids are the result of the great base provided by the parents through Parenting. But, there are parents who wish to spend more time with their kids but unable to do so due to their demanding profession.

Think about the parents who are there in these professions,

  • A Policeman
  • Pilots and Air hostess
  • A Soldier
  • Navy person
  • Train Drivers

This is where a Mother or the Father comes to rescue. But, to create smarter kids being a single mom or dad is not an easy job even though there are exceptions.

For the parents who fall under the above-mentioned category as well as for the others, there are few things here. Remembering and acting on these things can help us fill the gaps to some extent.

Things That Can Help Us Shape Our Kids Smart

  • Take your kids to a Seashore once in a month at least. Allow them to build castles in the sea sand.

– That’s one place you can find how creative a kid is. I was surprised to see my kid using the sea shells to make a design on the castle she had built.

– It gives the kid an option to think creative. All it requires is your presence and the fifty rupees worth sand toys.

  • Though difficult, try to spend time with your kids.


  • Build a home library.

– When I say home library, it need not have books rack like the ones shown in the movies. A simple carton box with a partition can also act like one.

– It is not mandatory that you need to fill it with kids books. Start with your books first. Read them in their presence. Kids learn from us.


  • Buy them books and read books for them daily if possible. Honestly, I am yet to cultivate this habit for my kid.
  • Teach the game of chess.

– If you do not know, then send them for a coaching. It sharpens their brain.


  • Play with your kids. Especially, Roleplay games.

– The role-playing games don’t end in a “win” or a “lose”. It helps the kids to understand the importance of Teamwork and Cooperation without which the game cannot be much fun.

– Puzzles and Sudoku plays a major role in strengthening kids brain.

  • Buy a Piggy bank for them and make them drop at least one rupee coin daily.

– You can use that savings to buy some more books or anything that they prefer and keeps them happy. That way they get a motivation to repeat the same thing again. They will understand the meaning of saving better.


  • Finger-painting: Wonder why kids in daycare centers and preschool are exposed to Finger-Painting? The new patterns and different textures they see helps the kids to open up their mind to new possibilities and various ways of solving problems.


  • Painting: Do not worry about your monthly expenses on coloring pens and crayons. Painting brings in new and unfamiliar textures and colors that stimulate the kid’s brain.
  • Train them to play a musical instrument.

– Preferably a musical instrument or a type of music which they like. Music and Musical Instruments are known to improve hand-eye coordination, Mathematical skills, memory and their focus.

– This option might not be possible for smaller kids as some of the instruments need to be carried and also might hurt their fingers.


  • Make them take part in extracurricular activities.

– Fancy Dress and Speech Competitions are not only fun but they provide the kids with great insights.

  • Take them to new places. Ensure that they meet a lot of people when you are around.

– The best way is not to miss family get-togethers not only within your relatives but also with your neighbors.

– If you are in an apartment, try to organize one so that you get to know people and your kids gets a chance to build their friends network.

– Their creativity gets enhanced when they play with many other kids.

Always remember this quote.

Behind Every Young Child, Who Believes In Himself / Herself Is A Parent Who Believed

I will ensure that I update this article with more options if I come across any. But, if you have got something already do spend some time to let me know that via the comments section. I can update that also in the article which will help many other parents who gets a chance to read this post.

Image Credit: Pixabay & wallpapername

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