Essential Medicinal Herbs You Need To Have At Home

The Greeny Short Medicinal Herbs That Are Forgotten

Run…Run… We run to the doctor’s place whenever we see our kids suffering from Cold and Fever. A higher percentage of us parents do not allow the cold and fever to go naturally. Instead, try to get rid of it from our kids at a much faster rate with medicines. Some medicines come with a lower impact and some of them with higher impacts for example Antibiotics. In the above line, if you notice, I had mentioned lower and higher impact and that is because I do not believe that modern medicine comes without any side effects if taken for a longer duration. We knew about the leaves of the medicinal herbs that can help cure the minor illness but we still prefer the labeled bottle with sugary syrups.

Why are we not allowing the fever to drop down naturally in Kids?

Below are the points that struck my mind. Maybe some parents who are reading this blog might relate to it and another group might not be able to agree. Whatever may be being a parent I think I fall under the first category.

1. The first is universal – we do not want to see our kids suffer.

Other two main factors that contribute to our speedy recovery mindset are,

2. Work – sometimes we would not be in a position to avail leave especially when there is a need. Even if we avail, not more than 2 days. This is very much applicable when both the parents are working. The work from home option is not always fruitful as they sound mainly because they do come with a lot of limitations and conditions in most of the workplaces.

3. Family Background – there was a time when the term joint family sounded very common. The term that is almost nearing the Nostalgic section in our lives nowadays. So, to be precise we do not have anyone at home to look after the kid. The schools and the daycare centers are not going to welcome the regular kid when he/she is sick.

As We Sow, So Shall We Reap

We had already done enough sowing to mother nature and we had started reaping the outcomes as well.

Starting from Air, Water, Sand, Trees what not?

Nowadays, even when we look for an apartment or a flat to buy/rent we see that there is a small balcony or a sit-out only to relax oops… sorry only to have a view of the damages we made to the earth.

Gone is Gone, we cannot heal nature overnight from the damages we made these many years to our environment. But, we can try to close the gaps slowly. We might not be able to utilize the outcome of it in full considering our age factor but our kids and their kids can.

In this blog, we are going to see some of the medicinal herbs, especially, the ones that can be grown in the flower pots or similar in our homes. These plants are a kind of hardy that we can grow in our terrace, balcony, walkways, and in a corner of our parking space too as they do not require much space. Some of these medicinal herbs are small and some are wide horizontally hence can be easily maintained. Also, note that some of these medicinal herbs are highly underrated and ignored irrespective of them being a powerhouse with a lot of benefits.

When you do not have space to grow a tree, start with a little plant. Dream Big, Start Small.

The Medicinal Herbs Underrated

These plants are not new to Indian culture as these are the medicinal herbs that were used by our grandmothers as a remedy to the general cold and flu.

1. Tulsi

medicinal herbs

Image Credit: justherbs

Called as a Holy Basil, this medicinal plant is Divine. Mostly seen in the temples and some of our homes as well as on the sides of the road/street with no one to care.

It is a powerful adaptogenic herb meaning it can reduce stress and increase energy. There has been a lot of researches conducted on this medicinal plant as the medicinal values are so high. It controls asthma, congestion, sinus, common cold, and cough.

It is also said that the regular consumption of 4 to 6 leaves of Tulsi is a preventive measure for many bronchial diseases, allergies and it is an expectorant (a medicine which promotes the secretion of sputum by the air passages, used to treat coughs).

Leaves of this medicinal plant contain Vitamin A Eugenol, Citronellol, and limonene which are very useful for anti-inflammatory purposes.

For Kids

Kids aged below 10 years can be made to drink a tea prepared out of tulsi, pepper, honey, and other herbs to reduce the cold.

For Adults

Tulsi tea is an alternative caffeine-free tea that is safe to consume more than 5 times a day.

2. Indian Borage / Ajwain

Image Credit: Youtube

Called as Indian Borage, this medicinal plant has got many other regionalized names too in India. For example, called as Karpooravalli or Omavalli in Tamil. A highly aromatic shrub and a kind of medicinal plant which grows very quickly. The Omega-6 content in these leaves is said to treat arthritis.

For Kids

For kids who could not bare its raw taste while chewing, we can grind this plant’s leaves with tulsi and betel leaves to make a fresh homemade syrup whenever needed. This provides instant relief in babies suffering from Fever and simulates urine thus keeps the kidney healthy.

For Adults

Easily chewable, it can be used for treating cold, cough, and throat infections.

3. Aloe vera

medicinal plants

Image Credit: commons.wikimedia

A medicinal plant which is getting a lot of attention nowadays not majorly for its health benefits but for their usage in the cosmetic products. In India, you can find this plant hanging at the entrance of the houses as they are believed to attract good luck. This plant holds 99 percent of water inside in the form of a gel which we can also see people consuming them directly.

There is also another type of Aloe vera that appears red. This type is known to have cancer-curing capabilities and used in some of the cancer-curing hospitals in India that follow natural methods. On the other side, some studies had shown that the chemical Aloe has got anthraquinone which is linked to Carcinomas (a type of cancer that starts in cells). It is best to stay away from non-purified whole leaf Aloe vera extract.

For Kids

Aloe gel can also be used to heal wounds and reduce irritation caused by skin allergies. The best moisturizer for baby skin during winters instead of harsh chemicals.

For Adults

Helps a lot to treat skin-related issues like sunburns, dandruff, and reducing inflammation. If you are consuming it orally, then it is best to ensure that it is clean. Do not overdose.

4. Coriander

medicinal plants

Image Credit: 123RF

A very common leaves used in Indian Cuisines. A favorite in most of the kitchens in India as not even a day passes without it. The fresh leafy part of a coriander plant is called Cilantro, also referred to as Chinese Parsley. Remember, the taste of coriander and cilantro differs. Syrups made out of this aromatic leaves with pepper and ginger powder is best for treating cold and flu.

For The Kids & Adults

The antiseptic property helps get rid of mouth ulcers. One teaspoon fresh coriander juice, mixed with 1 or 2 seeds of banana, given once daily regularly, for a week is a very effective measure against smallpox.

5. Bhumi Amla ( aka ) Kizhanelli in Tamil

medicinal plants

Image Credit: Livercureworld

I still remember all the fuss I made when my mom and the neighbor aunt made me drink a glass of juice from this medicinal plant. This is when I was suffering from Jaundice.

The more it bitters, the better it is for the health, my aunt used to say this.

Very small and simple plant but comes with great benefits. Not just Jaundice, it also helps in treating Aenimic, and Dropsy. It also helps in breaking the kidney stones, hence called a stone breaker.

For The Kids & Adults

It is not advisable to drink the extract daily as they are too cold for the human body. Consider it in a very smaller quantity when you are normal and consider drinking daily when you are suffering from Jaundice.

I am still typing this sentence so I am alive even after drinking it daily until my Jaundice got cured. This happened when I was in my 8th grade at school.

Okay, let me stop here. I know how hard it would be to scroll down a lengthy article. I will connect with you all again in the part 2 section covering the remaining plants.

Stay Tuned…

Save & Plant Trees – Not for us but for our Kids.





It May Cost You More If You Fail To Have These Medicinal Plants?

Medicinal Plants Are Everywhere

Hope you had liked the previous article where we had covered some of the medicinal plants that we had forgotten. Below you can find the remaining plants from the list I had. Hope you would find this article informative too.

6. Mint

medicinal plants

Image Credit: migardener

Mint falls under the shrub variety and can be grown in a small space. It is an excellent medicine for indigestion in kids and stomach related problems. These are highly aromatic hence by smelling it we can tackle vomiting sensation. A great mouth freshener that is used almost in every chewing gums and freshener candies.

For The Kids & Adults

It is best to include Mint leaves in a regular diet or to lemonade to gain a lot of energy. Chewing mint leaves instead of an expensive sugary gum from the grocery store would surely help not just the throat but also our wallets.

7. Ginger

medicinal plants

Image Credit: 123RF

The Spicy herb that takes more time to grow when compared to the other medicinal plants mentioned in this article. It grows beneath the soil slowly but its uses are limitless. A quick remedy for nausea and indigestion issues. Some people drink ginger water on an empty stomach to overcome stomach related problems.

For The Kids & Adults

You can prepare ginger candy at home and send it with your kid’s lunch box compartment. Adults can consider taking ginger coffee or tea as it is much healthier.

8. Methi

medicinal plants

Image Credit: Chezshuchi

Also known as Fenugreek, a staple diet in any Indian household. It can be grown even in small cups and these seeds are readily available in any kitchen. Takes only about two weeks to grow as the plant is very tiny. It treats inflammation and ulcers on the stomach and intestines.

For The Kids & Adults

Promotes weight gain in lean children. Drinking methi seeds immersed in water overnight is good for adults who are suffering from hair loss, struggling with weight loss, and want to control Diabetes. Fenugreek is a good source of antioxidants and fiber that helps in flushing out the toxins from the body.

9. Sabja / Sweet Basil Seeds (aka) Thiruneetru Pachilai in Tamil

medicinal plants

Image Credit: Webdunia Tamil

This medicinal plant is power-packed with a lot of nutrients that can be easily grown in our homes. Immersed overnight in water will make the seeds somewhat similar to a jelly. Drinking fluids with these jelly seeds in an empty stomach would play a great role in keeping the body cool and to reduce acidity.

For Kids

Kids would love to have these seeds when served to them through cold desserts and rose milk or similar drinks.

For Adults

These jelly seeds help to control the sugar levels in our body besides taking care of the heartburn and stomach related issues like constipation, bloating, and piles.

10. Black Night Shade / Sun Berry (aka) Manathakkali Keerai in Tamil

medicinal plants

Image Credit: MG NATURALS

This is another medicinal plant that can be easily maintained in a flower pot or similar. The greens of this medicinal plant are highly utilized in India for curing stomach and mouth ulcers naturally. It can be consumed by the people who are suffering from Tuberculosis.

For Kids

Kids would love to eat these berries as they taste sweet. For kids with stomach ulcers and boils or blisters in the mouth, we can give some of these tiny homegrown berries for them to eat.

For Adults

Good for the women who are dealing with infertility issues and good for men to increase the sperm count.

11. Lemongrass

Image Credit: The Home Depot

Like Aloe vera, Lemongrass plants are also trending nowadays due to its medicinal value. A plant the can grow wide and make you think about finding a spot for relocating it. This aromatic leaves have got great fragrance and can be used to control Nausea. These medicinal plants are also being used in the preparation of air fresheners and insect repellent nowadays. It also treats stomach pain, high fever, sore throat, and also good for nerves.

For The Kids & Adults

Tea made of lemongrass is known to help reduce anxiety issues, cholesterol, boosting oral health, and also in increasing the red blood cell count.

What If You Have Space To Accommodate A Medicinal Plants?

We have seen above some of the precious but ignored medicinal plants that are ignored and forgotten by us in recent times. These are not the only ones as there are a lot more that can be easily grown in the flower pots available at home.

In case if you are living in an individual house or an apartment with enough space for planting larger plants then you can consider the below plant as well. Kindly note that these medicinal plants are from Indian origin but can grow outside India as well.

12. Hibiscus

Image Credit: Thotslingo

Hibiscus, one among the medicinal plants that grow much bigger, taller, and wider when compared to all the ones we had discussed above. This is a flowering plant that is very appealing in its looks. You can start this plant in a flower pot in the early stages but soon would have to relocate these medicinal plants to a different spot as they grow.

For The Kids & Adults

The leaves and flowers are very healthy for hair and skin in children. Instead of using shampoo and soaps, it is better to grind these leaves or make a powder out of it and use it. Apply pulp from the leaves to the skin to heal wounds. Hibiscus tea can also heal stomach problems and reduce obesity in young children. One can consume this tea also to treat constipation, cancer, liver disease, and the symptoms related to cold.

There are few more plants like Lavender, Calendula, Rosemary, Ashwagandha, etc which are not suitable for all the regions as they depend on the weather conditions as well. These plants have not been covered in this article as well as in the previous article. Maybe, I would try to cover them soon.

Edit 9/3/2020: Besides, you might like this post here and the one here where I had shared knowledge about First Aid that the parents need to be aware of.

Save And Plant Trees – For A Better Future.






Part-II: Love To Have An Aquarium At Home?

Aquarium Consultant -How Can They Help Save Money?

As I had mentioned in part 1 – Love To Have An Aquarium At Home post, it is not mandatory that one needs to seek help from an aquarium consultant.

But, if you are very new to fish keeping or if you do not have time to research on your own about it before setting up then it is recommended.

Wet Pet Consultant – One Of My Side Hustle:

I am an Aquarium Consultant/Hobbyist since 2000. One of the side hustle which I enjoy a lot and started a few years back. I have so far done the consulting for my close friends and also to some of my friend’s friends. So, whatever I am writing down here are all based on my personal experience.


What do I do?

I provide better recommendations /notions to the people who 

  1. Plan to setup a new aquarium
  2. Has an old setup already but wanted to improvise it.

Are You A Beginner?

Discussing with a person who has got good prior exposure to an aquarium would make you feel more secure before investing in a fish tank.

Opting for a wet pet consultant helps because,

  • It is possible, that you end up receiving non-genuine information from the local pet shop.
  • Not all pet shop vendors would provide you with full details about the below,
  1. Compatibility of the Fish & Plants
  2. Maintenance & Care
  3. Cycling of the tank
  4. Good and reliable choices of accessories
  • Everything sold to you by a local pet fish shop vendor might not be required for your setup. You might end up spending more on unwanted accessories or accessories that can be replaced with better alternatives.
  • Not all wet pet shop vendors are hobbyists and knowledgeable.
  • Not all pet shop keepers would show care for your tank as it is not a part of their business once sold.

What do you get by hiring a consultant before purchasing an aquarium & livestock?


Image Source: all-free-download

By connecting with a consultant,

  • You get to see the healthy & joyful fish. A natural garden in your aquarium which in turn contributes to you and your family member’s good health.
  • It is possible for you to save your money by purchasing only the required accessories.
  • You can save the fish and plants at your aquarium as the consultant would help you choose them.
  • Gain knowledge and also receive genuine information about the fish, plants & accessories.
  • You would be in a better position to weigh the situation of your aquarium once after the setup.
  • You get to know the Do’s & Don’t when there is a crisis at your aquarium.

How much does it cost to hire an aquarium consultant?

It won’t cost you more than what you might be spending by purchasing the least required accessories, incompatible fish, and plants.

For a New Setup: It depends on your need.

For an Existing Setup: It depends on the size of your aquarium, the substrates, and the current status of the tank (calcium & Salt deposits).

Do You Know This?

It is not uncommon for a pet fish to undergo treatment for diseases abroad. To be specific in the countries like Australia, the UK and the United States of America.


  • Bob from the United Kingdom: A 20-year-old goldfish treated for tumor at a cost of £300.
  • Nemo from the United Kingdom: A 5-year-old fish that underwent a 45-minute operation at a cost of £200.
  • George from Australia: A 10-year-old fish that underwent a surgery at cost of $200.
  • Conquer, a 1-year-old fish from Australia whose owner had paid more than $450 to save the fish which had swallowed a pebble.
We all know that we have got veterinarian doctors for the pets like Dogs, cats etc. in India. But, how many of us know that there are hobbyists turned pet fish doctors who treat fish from diseases?
In Chennai for example – Mr. Rajaraman of Raj Aqua Clinic, whose charges range between Rs.650 and Rs.1,500 based on the treatment.

Thinking Some People Are Crazy?

Yes, I admit that point. Especially, when we know that there are people in the world who do not even have money to buy breakfast.

I believe that a pet at home can make a difference in our and our family members physical and mental health. Please refer to the benefits mentioned in part 1 for more details. I think the benefits of having a pet is the main reason why people are ready to spend money on their pets which are housed in an aquarium.

What Do You Get From This Post?

Your Hobby can become your Side Hustle.

If you are knowledgeable about something, you can start that as your side hustle. Who knows, that might become your full-time in a few years.

Hope you found the post informative. Always wear a smile 🙂




Love To Have An Aquarium At Home?

Love To Have An Aquarium @ Home/Work place?

Let me write this before I dive further. It is good to know that – A Fish is termed as “Fish” in both singular as well as plural forms if we refer to one species of fish. We use the term “Fishes” only when we see many species of Fish in an Aquarium or similar like ponds and lakes.

A fish tank with fishes at home or at a work place is believed to attract negative energies.


Image Credit: Pixabay

75 percent of the world population loves to have an aquarium at their home, but only 25 percent of them achieve it. Even after achieving they tend to lose interest towards it even though they love it. The one main reason behind the loss of their interest towards an aquarium is always due to its Maintenance, the difficult part.

Being an aquarium hobbyist since 2000, I am here to convey something. Trust me, it is not difficult as it sounds. The only thing we need to consider is doing some of the regular routine tasks twice in a week which won’t even cost us more than 30 minutes.

Why Is It Good To Have An Aquarium At Home?

An Aquarium at home can help us to,

  • – Control the health issues related to the Blood Pressure & Heart Rates.
  • – Reduce the muscle tension and pulse rates in elderly people.
  • – Helps children with hyperactivity disorders like (ADHD) Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorders.
  • – Watching a wet pet is very good for the eyes.
  • – Increases food intake and reduces aggressive behavior in people especially Patients. This is the reason why an aquarium is found in most of the hospitals where Alzheimer disease patients are being treated.
  • – Improves overall emotional & physical health of a family by stimulating the brain chemicals which are responsible for a happy feeling.
  • – Provides calming effect and creates a feeling of peacefulness.
  • – In Fengshui (“wind-water”), moving water is considered beneficial in balancing chi, and a well-maintained aquarium in the right location increases wealth and luck, with goldfish in particular believed to help boost finances.

Types Of Aquarium Setups:

An aquarium can be briefly categorized into three types.

  1. Fresh Water Aquariums
  2. Salt Water/ Marine Aquariums
  3. Planted Aquariums

Fresh Water Aquariums:


Image Credit: Pixabay

– These are the to go aquariums for beginners and the most sought.

– Gold Fish and several other regularly seen fish fall under Fresh Water category.

– Basic understanding of fish keeping is good to have but not mandatory always.

Salt Water/ Marine Aquariums:

Remember the movies “Finding Nemo” and “Finding Dory”?

In case, if you are not aware. The name of the fish we saw in Finding Nemo is Clownfish and the one in Finding Dory is Blue Tang. These fish are not suitable for freshwater aquariums.


Image Credit: Pixabay

– It is recommended to have a good understanding of the basics of fish keeping if you want to set up a Marine Aquarium.

– It is better to seek aquarium consultants help while setting up a Marine aquarium.

– Many people do not prefer Salt Water aquarium due to its high-cost maintenance and difficulty level.

Planted Aquariums:


Image Credit: Theme

– An aquarium where we grow plants by using substrates at the bottom of the tank.

– A planted aquarium can house both live plants as well as fish but not all variants of fish.

– Planted aquarium setup is also not recommended for beginners unless they take professionals to help.

What To Do If You Are Planning To Buy An Aquarium?

  • Please spend some time to research before spending money.
  • Do not buy a fish tank, fish, and its accessories blindly from a shop without having an idea on the same day.
  • Learn about the fish compatibility. Not every good looking fish you see at an aquarium shop are compatible with each other. They cannot be housed together in a single glass tank.
  • Go for a bigger sized tank if you can accommodate at your home. A 2 – 3 feet tank is highly recommended even for a beginner. For kids, it’s okay to have a size lesser than that but by following certain rules.
  • Learn how much to feed the fish.
  • Get to know about the type of water that you are planning to use for the fish tank.
  • Choose and invest in good accessories specifically the filters.

What Not To Do Once You Bought An Aquarium?

  • Do not populate the fish inside a fish tank on day one itself.

– Your fish tank needs to be cycled with water at least for a week before you introduce fishes.

– It is best to buy fish tank a week or two before you bring home your wet pets.

  • Overfeeding the fish leads to fish death and dirty water. It is best if one person takes care of the feeding.
  • Do not house a goldfish and hybrid piranha inside a single tank. Learn about fish compatibility.
  • A goldfish should not be kept in a glass bowl. Any fish needs more space to swim.
  • Do not believe whatever the shopkeeper says. Not always we have people at the shop with good knowledge of fish. Most of the time, their motive is only to sell from my experience.
  • Remember, you can save more money by choosing the appropriate and recommended accessories. Do consult in many places.

The Worst Spots To Place An Aquarium:

  • A place where more sunlight falls. For example, near windows.
  • Bedrooms and Kitchen.

The Best Spots To Place An Aquarium:

At Home: Living room/Drawing room

Work Place: Reception Area/Waiting Room

The Good Luck Fish:


According to Vastu Shastra, Arowana and Flowerhorn fishes are considered to be fish that brings good luck.

What I believe is that a well-maintained fish in a clean aquarium can bring great benefits to everyone in the family as well as at the workplace.

Aquarium Consultants – How Can They Help Save Money?

Stay tuned…

35 Must Have But Ignored Items In Our Houses

Are You A Proud Owner Of An Individual House / Apartment?

Congratulations. Not everyone is gifted to own a house. It takes a lot to buy a house not only in terms of money but also in terms of time and efforts. No doubt that constructing a house and hunting for a new apartment teach us a lot of things especially patience. Being a house owner myself I had found that the below mentioned are the 35 Must Have But Ignored Items In Our Houses.

Home Sweet Home:

A house becomes a home only when a loving and happy family resides in it. Similarly, a building with four walls and several partitions becomes a proper house only when it is well maintained. Maintaining a house is not a very difficult task but it needs your time and effort. The amount of time and money we spend on the maintenance can be reduced greatly with the help of the correct and proper tools. There are few things which every house owner has to buy for their house irrespective of whether it is an individual house or an apartment.

Most of the times, it is not very uncommon to have larger appliances like a big led television, double door refrigerator, washing machine, dish washer, AV setup in the to buy list when an individual move to an own house. Yes, these items are required but at the same time, there are few low cost but very important and useful items which 80% of the home owners ignore.

These low cost must have items not only saves time and money but also they last long with no maintenance. They also act as the best helper for a house owner at the time of in-house issues they experience.

The 35 Must Have But Ignored Items In Our Houses:

These items are not only relevant for the people who own a house but also for the people who stay in a rental.

The Hardware Tools:

1. A Cordless Drilling Machine
2. Step up Ladder & Regular Ladder
3. A Hammer / Spanner set / plyer
4. Screwdriver set

5. Allen Key or Hex Key
6. Measuring Tape
7. Insulation Tape
8. Magnetic Level
9. Rope
10. Flash Light
11. Nails & Nail Caps

The Plumbing Tools:

12. Faucet Wrench
13. Water Hose
14. Twine
15. Absorption Sponge
16. Rubber Suction Drain Cleaner
17. Drain Cleaner Powder
18. Cleaning Gloves
19. Pipe Sealant
20. Instant Adhesive

The Electrical Tools:


21. An Extension Cord
22. Disposable Batteries
23. Cleaning Brush
24. Electrician’s Tester

The First Doctors:

25. A First Aid kit which consists of the below items.
– Medical Cotton
– Antiseptic Liquid
– Pain Relief Spray
– Burns Cream
– Pills like Dolo 650, Cetirizine etc.
– Digital Thermometer

The Other Supporters:

26. Hot Water Bag
27. Vacuum flask
28. Plain Vinegar
29. Mosquito Bat

30. A Candle
31. Guest Towel
32. Caladryl Lotion
33. Adhesive Bandages
34. Safety Pins
35. Tuft & Needle

Based on the geographical location, the must have items vary slightly. For example, if you are located in the USA or other countries with the same weather then few more items like shovels for removing the ice formation during winter etc. needs to be there on top of these 35 Must Have But Ignored Items In Our Houses.

Pics Source:; Amazon; Lowyat Forum; Engineers Garage