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Part-II: Love To Have An Aquarium At Home?


Aquarium Consultant -How Can They Help Save Money?

As I had mentioned in part 1 – Love To Have An Aquarium At Home post, it is not mandatory that one needs to seek help from an aquarium consultant.

But, if you are very new to fish keeping or if you do not have time to research on your own about it before setting up then it is recommended.

Wet Pet Consultant – One Of My Side Hustle:

I am an Aquarium Consultant/Hobbyist since 2000. One of the side hustle which I enjoy a lot and started a few years back. I have so far done the consulting for my close friends and also to some of my friend’s friends. So, whatever I am writing down here are all based on my personal experience.


What do I do?

I provide better recommendations /notions to the people who 

  1. Plan to setup a new aquarium
  2. Has an old setup already but wanted to improvise it.

Are You A Beginner?

Discussing with a person who has got good prior exposure to an aquarium would make you feel more secure before investing in a fish tank.

Opting for a wet pet consultant helps because,

  • It is possible, that you end up receiving non-genuine information from the local pet shop.
  • Not all pet shop vendors would provide you with full details about the below,
  1. Compatibility of the Fish & Plants
  2. Maintenance & Care
  3. Cycling of the tank
  4. Good and reliable choices of accessories
  • Everything sold to you by a local pet fish shop vendor might not be required for your setup. You might end up spending more on unwanted accessories or accessories that can be replaced with better alternatives.
  • Not all wet pet shop vendors are hobbyists and knowledgeable.
  • Not all pet shop keepers would show care for your tank as it is not a part of their business once sold.

What do you get by hiring a consultant before purchasing an aquarium & livestock?


Image Source: all-free-download

By connecting with a consultant,

  • You get to see the healthy & joyful fish. A natural garden in your aquarium which in turn contributes to you and your family member’s good health.
  • It is possible for you to save your money by purchasing only the required accessories.
  • You can save the fish and plants at your aquarium as the consultant would help you choose them.
  • Gain knowledge and also receive genuine information about the fish, plants & accessories.
  • You would be in a better position to weigh the situation of your aquarium once after the setup.
  • You get to know the Do’s & Don’t when there is a crisis at your aquarium.

How much does it cost to hire an aquarium consultant?

It won’t cost you more than what you might be spending by purchasing the least required accessories, incompatible fish, and plants.

For a New Setup: It depends on your need.

For an Existing Setup: It depends on the size of your aquarium, the substrates, and the current status of the tank (calcium & Salt deposits).

Do You Know This?

It is not uncommon for a pet fish to undergo treatment for diseases abroad. To be specific in the countries like Australia, the UK and the United States of America.


  • Bob from the United Kingdom: A 20-year-old goldfish treated for tumor at a cost of £300.
  • Nemo from the United Kingdom: A 5-year-old fish that underwent a 45-minute operation at a cost of £200.
  • George from Australia: A 10-year-old fish that underwent a surgery at cost of $200.
  • Conquer, a 1-year-old fish from Australia whose owner had paid more than $450 to save the fish which had swallowed a pebble.
We all know that we have got veterinarian doctors for the pets like Dogs, cats etc. in India. But, how many of us know that there are hobbyists turned pet fish doctors who treat fish from diseases?
In Chennai for example – Mr. Rajaraman of Raj Aqua Clinic, whose charges range between Rs.650 and Rs.1,500 based on the treatment.

Thinking Some People Are Crazy?

Yes, I admit that point. Especially, when we know that there are people in the world who do not even have money to buy breakfast.

I believe that a pet at home can make a difference in our and our family members physical and mental health. Please refer to the benefits mentioned in part 1 for more details. I think the benefits of having a pet is the main reason why people are ready to spend money on their pets which are housed in an aquarium.

What Do You Get From This Post?

Your Hobby can become your Side Hustle.

If you are knowledgeable about something, you can start that as your side hustle. Who knows, that might become your full-time in a few years.

Hope you found the post informative. Always wear a smile 🙂


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