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35 Must Have But Ignored Items In Our Houses


Are You A Proud Owner Of An Individual House / Apartment?

Congratulations. Not everyone is gifted to own a house. It takes a lot to buy a house not only in terms of money but also in terms of time and efforts. No doubt that constructing a house and hunting for a new apartment teach us a lot of things especially patience. Being a house owner myself I had found that the below mentioned are the 35 Must Have But Ignored Items In Our Houses.

Home Sweet Home:

A house becomes a home only when a loving and happy family resides in it. Similarly, a building with four walls and several partitions becomes a proper house only when it is well maintained. Maintaining a house is not a very difficult task but it needs your time and effort. The amount of time and money we spend on the maintenance can be reduced greatly with the help of the correct and proper tools. There are few things which every house owner has to buy for their house irrespective of whether it is an individual house or an apartment.

Most of the times, it is not very uncommon to have larger appliances like a big led television, double door refrigerator, washing machine, dish washer, AV setup in the to buy list when an individual move to an own house. Yes, these items are required but at the same time, there are few low cost but very important and useful items which 80% of the home owners ignore.

These low cost must have items not only saves time and money but also they last long with no maintenance. They also act as the best helper for a house owner at the time of in-house issues they experience.

The 35 Must Have But Ignored Items In Our Houses:

These items are not only relevant for the people who own a house but also for the people who stay in a rental.

The Hardware Tools:

1. A Cordless Drilling Machine
2. Step up Ladder & Regular Ladder
3. A Hammer / Spanner set / plyer
4. Screwdriver set

5. Allen Key or Hex Key
6. Measuring Tape
7. Insulation Tape
8. Magnetic Level
9. Rope
10. Flash Light
11. Nails & Nail Caps

The Plumbing Tools:

12. Faucet Wrench
13. Water Hose
14. Twine
15. Absorption Sponge
16. Rubber Suction Drain Cleaner
17. Drain Cleaner Powder
18. Cleaning Gloves
19. Pipe Sealant
20. Instant Adhesive

The Electrical Tools:


21. An Extension Cord
22. Disposable Batteries
23. Cleaning Brush
24. Electrician’s Tester

The First Doctors:

25. A First Aid kit which consists of the below items.
– Medical Cotton
– Antiseptic Liquid
– Pain Relief Spray
– Burns Cream
– Pills like Dolo 650, Cetirizine etc.
– Digital Thermometer

The Other Supporters:

26. Hot Water Bag
27. Vacuum flask
28. Plain Vinegar
29. Mosquito Bat

30. A Candle
31. Guest Towel
32. Caladryl Lotion
33. Adhesive Bandages
34. Safety Pins
35. Tuft & Needle

Based on the geographical location, the must have items vary slightly. For example, if you are located in the USA or other countries with the same weather then few more items like shovels for removing the ice formation during winter etc. needs to be there on top of these 35 Must Have But Ignored Items In Our Houses.

Pics Source:; Amazon; Lowyat Forum; Engineers Garage

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