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16 Best Things To Do Every Day In The Morning


How to jump start your everyday morning?

Below are the top 16 best things on how to jump start your everyday morning.

At Home:


  • Rise up early from the bed. Place your bed spread and pillow back in place.


  • Go to bed early so that you get enough sleep.

Set 2 – 3 alarms in your phone with an interval of 10 – 15 minutes, so that you are waking up at least on the 3rd alarm.

  • Listen to Good Music.


  1. Hear spiritual songs or your favorite melody tracks.
  2. Give ear to the Classics / Baroque  / Jazz music.
  • Jog / Walk / Hit the Gym / Do Yoga.

Tip: Think that you are investing now for a great payoff in the long run.

  • Drink at least 500 milliliters to 1 liter of water on an empty stomach.

Tip: Warm water can do wonders in our body.

  • Take care of some of the regular errands from your partner at home to reduce the load so that she also gets some time for her.


  1. You can help your school going kid to get ready.
  2. Pick up the newspaper and milk packets from the main door. It is just a small tiny task but with a possibility to overlook.
  3. Help to cut the vegetables.
  4. Take your pet animal for a walk.
  • Do not jump into Whatsapp / Facebook or similar, if you cannot resist do not stay on it for long.

Tip: Try to forget the social networking sites. They just eat our time.

  • Do not skip breakfast. Do not forget to take your pills if applicable.


  1. A bowl of oats/cereals with milk.
  2. An apple & boiled egg.
  3. Munch on Almonds & Walnuts just to ensure that you do not leave your stomach empty.

After Breakfast:

  • Plan your day based on how you want the day to go. Refer to weather forecast app.


  1. Prepare a To Do list on your phone.
  2. I use apps like Any Do & One Note to maintain a  to do list and record the completion. They are awesome.
  • Pray to God / Meditate.

Tip: Can’t we spend 5 – 10 minutes to Thank Almighty for giving us another day? There are people who never woke up the next morning.

At the Workplace:


  • Start early so that you reach office on time.


  1. Leave home at the time when you can avoid traffic.
  2. Refer google maps and choose the route so that you can save some time.
  • Be courteous on the road while driving. Wear seat belt/helmet while driving/riding.


  1. Do not Honk unless required.
  2. Stick to traffic rules. Over-speeding would lead to a mess.
  • Greet your colleagues with a “Hello” / “Hi” / “Good Morning”. Do not forget to wear a smile.


  1. Treat others just like how you want to be treated.
  2. Never forget that every individual has got talents.
  • Prepare a table to categorize the work related tasks.

Tip: Split the tasks into four categories as mentioned below and work on it.

1 . Important / Urgent
2. Important / Not urgent
3. Not Important / Urgent
4. Not Important / Not Urgent

  • Try to concentrate on the toughest task once you hit your work place.

Tip: Completing the toughest or vague tasks early would help you close your day relaxed and successful.

  • Keep a water bottle at your desk so that you consume enough fluids. It will ensure that you get an opportunity to walk at least once in an hour or two.

Tip: Choose water bottles with a fruit diffuser for a refreshing drink.

What to do next?

Guide your friends as well on How to jump start your everyday morning. Help them also experience the best possible impacts on their life by following these 16 things just by sharing the information.

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