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How To Reduce Belly Fat & Body Weight – Part 2


How To Reduce Belly Fat & Body Weight – Part 2

Let me be frank. To Reduce Belly Fat is not that easy but at the same time, it is not something which is impossible too.

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Stand in front of the mirror daily and tell to yourself the below sentences,

  • I can do it. I am the best.
  • Nothing comes easy.
  • Everything is possible if handled correctly.
  • Nothing is difficult if we practice.

There are certainly smaller inexpensive items that are worth buying when you want to reduce belly fat and excess weight. You can find more details on my previous article “Things that can help you Reduce Belly Fat & Body Weight – Part 1” via the link mentioned at the bottom of this article.

How To Get Rid Of Belly Fat & Body Weight?

  • Set your Goal. Ensure that you remember your goal not only by mind but also by the heart.
  • Sleep well during the night.
  • Track your body weight every week.
  • Do not cut on your favorite food abruptly. Instead, tweak your intake a bit slowly. Be cautious on what you consume.

Tip: If you are a lover of Meals / Biriyani, instead of consuming them daily, shorten it by eating them once or twice a week. Eating ice creams once in a while won’t make a big difference on your weight unless it’s combined with cheeseburgers, popcorns, and pizzas.

  • Consume more healthy liquids so that your stomach is not empty.

Tip: 1-2 Tender coconuts or 1-2 glasses of Buttermilk between your breakfast and lunch would help in a great way to stay away from a heavy meal during lunch.

  • Detox your body so that your digestive system is normal.

Tip: Consuming a ‘Mother’ Apple Cider Vinegar mixed with water regularly can do a great job.

  • Fix a comfortable time and stick to it so that you can hit the gym or walk/jog or dance. Practice regularly without fail.

Tip: Train at least for five days in a week. Give your body rest during weekends. Listen to your favorite music tracks while workout at the gym.

  • Do not jump into spending a lot of money on buying a lot of expensive fitness equipment.

Tip: Look for used Dumbells, Plates & Bar. Buy a good pair walking/running shoes and hit the road instead of investing on a Treadmill.

  • Consider taking stairs instead of an elevator whenever possible and if you do not have any knee issues.

Tip: Walk Straight and in a zig-zag manner while climbing stairs if possible so you won’t feel bored. Close your mouth and breathe through your nose only.

  • Motivate yourself instead of waiting for others to motivate you.

Tip: Have a copy of those motivational movie clippings or songs on your cell phone which you can hear while or before the workout.

  • Make a list of food items you love and the frequency in which you consume them. See if you can replace any food item which has high-calorie content with another food item which has got lower calories.

Tip: Prepare 3-4 food items planner and stick to those. You can even shuffle the items between them.

  • Practice abdomen exercises like Plank and Crunches.

Tip: Refer youtube videos to learn how to do plank and crunches. Focus on the basic rather than advanced.

  • Do not eat heavy lunch while at the office. If you could not resist for some reason ensure that you drink plenty of hot water after the meal.

Tip: Stand and work instead of sitting and yawning. Drink plenty of hot water after the meal.

  • Stick to a healthy snack instead of Bajji & Vada in the evening.

Tip: Try a Veg Grilled Sandwich or Boiled chana dal or similar. Munch on dark chocolates instead of regular ones.

  • Skip carbonated drinks and reduce Coffee/Tea intake.

Tip: Instead of a carbonated drink, try lime soda with sweet/salt. That way you can get rid of artificial sweeteners and chemicals. The best would be to drink hot water.

  • Follow early dinner technique. Stick to lighter meal for Dinner.

Tip: Try to close your light dinner before 9.30 PM if you go to bed normally around 11 PM.

Loaves of bread, Fruit Juices, and fresh vegetables.

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