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How To Find Genuine Part Time Work From Home Jobs?


Part-Time Work From Home Jobs – A Blessing and a Curse:

The hunt for a part-time work from home jobs starts from a college-going teen followed by the homemakers. It does not stop there. The need for a part-time job had also touched the group of people who are already into a full-time job nowadays.

part time work from home jobs

Image Credit: Pixabay

At least one in every twenty individuals who are between the ages group 18 to 40 look for part-time jobs. They hope to earn some extra pocket money for spending and to fill the financial gaps every month, and also consider a backup for an insecure job.

The current trend is to make an extra channel for the inflow of money. People nowadays search and pursue part-time jobs so that they can pump the extra earnings towards their savings, kids higher studies, and also handle all the entertainment expenses that they incur every month.

But, how many job hunters are able to identify a valid passive income channel is still a question for which the probability of the answer is 80-20. This number provides a glimpse of how easy it is to land on a trusted part-time work from home jobs.

It Is Not A Cake Walk:

With the help of 4G and 5G internet connections, now anyone can create a post and advertise over Facebook, Twitter, and similar social networking websites to attract people who are in desperate need of a passive income. Via the internet, we do not get much visibility about the advertiser so it is going to be an unknown figure most of the time. The advertiser could be a fraud trying to loot information about you and your money to bring in much bigger trouble. So, in my experience, there are a few things that I had learned and follow while looking for part-time work from home jobs. That is exactly what I am going to pen down in the below section.

How To Identify The Genuine From The Fake Part Time Work From Home Jobs:

part time work from home jobs

Image Credit: Pixabay

The first and foremost thing to remember is “Nothing comes for Free“. For example, we do not pay any money to use websites like Facebook, Google search, etc. in our daily life.

But are they free?

No, because every information we type in the google search bar and every detail we enter on our Facebook page gets saved somewhere and that is a very valuable data for the corporate giants to learn more about us and push related advertisements to our mobile devices and computers. That, in turn, creates a lead for a product sale.

Genuine Jobs Online:

If you are getting something for Free that does come with a catch. That spot is what most of us fail to understand and end up compromising things. Below are a few pointers that you can expect in a genuine part-time work from home jobs.

They Are Hidden:

They are not very much visible. If they are, then many people might make use of it. To identify an authentic part-time job might be difficult in case if you do not have any background about the portals like Fiverr, Upwork, iWriter, Amazon m-Turk, Merch by Amazon, or similar. That being said, it does not mean that only via mobile apps or websites like the above-mentioned, can one find a genuine part-time work from home jobs. You can find real jobs outside these portals as well but that is going to be something referred by a known person to you and not otherwise most of the time.

It Won’t Be An Easy Task:

A genuine part-time work from home jobs, ninety percent of the time would need your time and effort. The job would not be an easy task always. If the job is easy then the amount you get for the same would be less or the amount of work you need to do would be high.

It Won’t Bring In Cash Immediately:

Most of the part-time work from home jobs would not pay you immediately. But, you would be able to see your earnings in your profile dashboard. There would be a clause on the money withdrawal threshold limit. So, you would need to wait until you reach that limit to encash your earnings.

If you are blogging on your own website, then the wait time is going to be at least a year before you see some earnings. This is again valid only when you are very consistent and your content is well valued.

They Do Come With Deadlines:

Genuine part-time jobs do have deadlines like a full- time job most of us do. You need to ensure that you stick to the timelines to avoid your efforts and time go waste.

They Come With Terms & Conditions:

Always ensure that you read the terms and conditions and understand it before jumping into a job especially when you find a part-time job online. Get it clarified via an email before you take over a task.

It Won’t Be A One Time Task:

Sometimes the work you had completed might not impress the employer. In that case, you would be asked to perform corrections and redo the task again provided you are still within the date of completion.

The Employer Won’t Mind Disclosing Their Details When Asked:

A genuine employer would not hide information about themselves when asked. They would, in fact, be interested in having you as one of their part-timers’ fleet. Mutual trust plays a great role here.

Fake Jobs Online:

Yes, what you had guessed is correct. Quite opposite of what we had read in the above section is what we can expect from fake part-time work from home jobs.

You might come across part-time work from home jobs online that expect you to pay some money and wait to watch it bringing you cash every month. Maybe you would start receiving some of the money that you had invested but please be informed that they are either going to shut down in a short period of time due to legal issues or stop paying you after the first month.

The only area where the formula Invest and Earn would work is in the real estate field. In this field, your investment is going to be a big amount.

Things Not To Do When You Are Searching For A Part Time Work From Home Jobs:

  • Do not provide information about your Personal Details, Bank Details, and your Whereabouts to the unknown who promises to give you a job.
  • Do not share an OTP – One Time Password, CVV number of your debit/credit card details to anyone who asks for it in the name of verification. This is in case if you had already done enough damage.
  • Never subscribe to the website without understanding what they are dealing with.

Passive Income Is A Two-Edged Sword:

part time work from home jobs

Image Credit: Pixabay

To establish a passive income channel can be quite fascinating and motivating. But as proverbs say, a Sword has two sharp sides. So does a part-time job as it comes with both advantages as well as disadvantages.

The Advantages Of Part Time Work From Home Jobs Online:

No Strict Working Hours: It brings you a passive income and also can help you manage time in case if you are a homemaker or a person who is onto another business/task or a student studying at school/college.

This is very true especially if you are working as part-timer helping someone else by writing content for their blogs or doing online promotions as they do not come with work time restrictions.

Better Financial Status: The inflow of money would be from more than one channel in case if you are handling many opportunities. This would lead to a place where your financial status would be marching towards a more stable position.

Helps You Organize Time & People Better: You become better as days go by especially in organizing things, managing time and people, managing money, etc.

Supports You Take Risks & Boosts Your Confidence Level: You can take risks to a certain extent if you would like to get onto a business or similar because of the financial backup, provided all your additional income goes to Savings.

Self-Confidence and Motivation are the ones that make a person successful. An extra income would boost both these key areas in you because of the money back up.

The Disadvantages Of Part Time Work From Home Jobs Online:

Time – You might burn out a lot of time and end up exhausted in the beginning stages. It is expected as you are new to it and due to lack of time to spend on other things.

Health – It is very much possible for you to lose your sleep which in turn disturbs your circadian rhythm and also might have an impact on your eyes and the lower back.

Social Life – You might need to avoid hanging out with friends during the weekend and weekday parties.

Personal Life – You might not be able to spend more time with your family members. If you would like to spend then you should be extra cautious while choosing a task.

Career – If you are already on a full-time job, then you might not be authorized to get involved in another job as it would lead to integrity issues.

Above are a few points that many consider as disadvantages of working as a part-timer. But, if we go further in detail, they all would get interconnected and would hit a lot of many areas.

But in the end, it is all in the way how you look at a Part-Time job. It is also based on every individual’s priorities. If you would like to understand the importance of a passive income, read the book Rich Dad Poor Dad.


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