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Feeling Bored @ Office?



It’s normal for any individual to come across Feeling Bored scenario at the work place. There could be times when an individual wanted to be productive but lost and stuck due to lack of interest.

Similar occurrences might be due to some of the below mentioned but not always.

The Happy Chemicals:

Our brain plays an important role in the release of some of the happy chemicals. The happy chemicals act as a neurotransmitter in our brain. They are responsible for keeping an individual productive and happy.
Feeling Bored

Dopamine – Motivates, pushes an individual to reach a goal.

Feeling Bored


  • Keep us Happy.
  • Helps us to stay focused.
  • Increases Productivity and more.


The best way to increase:

  • Listening to music
  • Recognition
  • Rewards

Serotonin – Mood Stabilizer 


  • Keep us Happy.
  • Helps by reducing Depression.
  • Regulate anxiety, sleep related issues and more.

The best way to increase: Get exposed to sunlight ( preferably morning) for 10-20 minutes daily…

Oxytocin – Love Hormone, handles intimacy, trust, and builds healthy relationships.


  • Keep us happy.
  • Helps create strong bonds and improved social interactions and more.

The best way to increase: Be kind & show love…

Endorphins – Helps to get rid of Depression & Anxiety Issues.


  • Keep you happy.
  • Helps you forget the pain.
  • Relieves you from stress and more.
  • Helps to forget the pain.
  • Relieves stress and more.


The best way to increase: Have Fun, Laughter, Exercise…

Kindly note that the above-mentioned points are just a few.

There are a lot more benefits we get from these happy chemicals and there are many ways to increase each of these chemicals naturally.

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