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Here Is How Women Of A Victorian Era Lost Weight


Making Your Body Home For Tapeworms: Diet For Weight Loss Plan

If you are eyeing a diet for a weight loss plan, don’t try this fad diet.

Doesn’t the title sound nauseating?

As soon as we notice ourselves outgrowing, the first step we take for weight loss is to google with search terms like diet for weight loss plan, diet plan for weight loss quickly, etc isn’t it? But, I had tried searching a little different as I want to know the “stay away approach” where I came to know about this freaking diet.

diet for weight loss plan

Tapeworm Diet For Weight Loss Plan

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We live in the world of deworming where every other stuff is against these wiggly worms. The diet regimens like Paleo, Vegan, Gluten-free, Keto, etc. are some of the common ones that most of us are aware of. But, have you heard about delegating the task of eating extra calories that you intake to a Tapeworm?

The Legacy Of Tapeworm Diet

It all started in the Victorian era by the people who cannot keep themselves away from junk foods. Yet, also wanted to achieve the beauty quotients defined by society. Beauty in the sense lean body frame, sunken cheeks & eyes, and pale skin which made them look like an unhealthy person.

How Does Tapeworm Diet Works?

Let me break the process.

It involves swallowing pills that contain tapeworm eggs in it. Eventually, when the ingested eggs hatch, the tapeworm starts to attach and grow inside the gut of the person absorbing all the nutrients and energy from the person like parasites living on the host thereby leading to the weight loss. This is the theory and it works only in the theory. You will find some more details here about the Tapeworm diet.

Outweighing Cons

Rather than causing a healthy weight loss which is desired by the person, the ingested tapeworms cause turmoil in the person’s body and become a major hitch to the person in question. It causes many abdominal issues like Nausea, Diarrhea, Bloating, Abdominal pain, Loss of appetite, Epilepsy, Eye-related issues, Headaches, and Dementia.

In the worst cases, the formation of cyst in the tissues and organs, Appendix (or) bile duct, Hernia, and Obstruction of the bowel system leading to surgical emergencies and life-threatening scenes.

Due to these hazardous effects, these pills are banned in many countries worldwide.

Worms Are Our Mutual Friends On The Other Hand

Intestinal worms have been the natural part of our digestive system.

Unlike the tapeworms which are parasites, these intestinal worms are our mutual partners, which means taking benefits from us and giving them back to us.

They help in treating allergies, multiple sclerosis, inflammation due to irritable bowel syndrome(IBR), boosting the immune system.

Hygiene Hypothesis

Anything in excess is not good, even hygiene.

Due to lifestyle changes of the people, exposure to infections has gradually declined to lead to allergies and autoimmune diseases. This is known as the hygiene hypothesis.

In simple words, our immune system is somewhat associated with the exposure to infections ie., bacterias, viruses. This may sound creepy after all our body too needs biodiversity, living in harmony with nature.

Worm Therapy – To Rely Or Not To Rely?

It is the process of ingesting worms to treat immune-related diseases such as allergies and auto-immune responses.

Though the therapy is not approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) due to its adverse reactions, and problems like the patients have to ingest worms every two weeks.

Yet, some researchers say it’s a reliable one and the only way to get it sanctioned from FDA is to convert the worm molecules that have anti-inflammatory effects into medication.

Do Not Fall For Quick Slim Methods

Image Credit:pixabay

Diets available for weight loss is far from just One or Two nowadays. Only when I researched writing this blog post I understood that it is a whole new major area that too with lucrative business ideas hidden. Here is where I read about the various Diet For Weight Loss Plan explained in an elaborate manner. Give it a read if you have another 10 minutes.

Not everything on the internet is genuine and written by Dietitians as you know. But, it is also a fact that still there are educated people who start and follow a diet for weight loss plan explained by someone unknown. If you know of someone looking for slimming tips educate them on the negative impacts of following a random diet plan.

Not All Diet Plans Work

The reason behind having several diet plans be it, Keto, Paleo, Vegan, etc. for example is that they do not work for everyone.

Every human body’s nature is unique and has its own limitations. The diet plan that worked for someone in your home might fail to work when you try the same. Hence, it is always advisable to speak to a doctor before kick-starting your weight loss journey majorly with the help of food intake. This not only saves you time and negative impacts on health but also help you keep up your confidence level throughout your weight loss journey.

But, if you are not a new bee to dieting and if you know your body, then yes, you can follow your diet regime but cautiously. Ensure that you listen to your body signals.

10 Natural Ways That Support A Healthy Weight Loss Plan

1. Good Sleep

Sleep Deprivation impacts your circadian rhythm and reduces the efficiency of your body metabolism.

2. Food Intake

Loading you with unhealthy fries, sugary stuff doesn’t help. Also, remember not to skip a meal.

Praneeth Nimma
Image Credit: Praneeth Reddy Nimma

Have fiber-rich foods, fruits, veggies rich in vitamins. However, portion control is important. Chew your food well. Enjoy what you eat. Eat food that adds fewer calories and avoid calorie-dense foods.

The above image capture was from my friend Praneeth who is into dieting. It is a stunning capture, I should say. When you are into dieting look how you can make it more interesting by choosing foods appropriately.

3. Stress-Free Life

Fitness doesn’t mean physically alone but also mentally and emotionally. Surround yourself with positive people. Spend time with family and friends as work-life balance is essential. Take a break and love what you do.

4. Physical Activity

Calories In Equals Calories Out. Try to achieve this.

Take the stairs.

It doesn’t mean you should do intense workouts but light activities like walking, swimming, or moving around doing household chores also helps. Adding weight training to your routine will speed up the weight loss.

5. Intermittent Fasting

Tweak your eating pattern. Intermittent fasting will help to reach your weight loss goal.

6. Drink Water & Water..

When you are hungry at an unusual time then drink water. Fill your stomach before you eat food by drinking water. Some people prefer drinking Soups too. I sometimes drink water mixed with apple cider vinegar before food as it makes me feel full to some extent helping me control my food intake.

7. Discipline

Tune your body to do good things like hitting gym, stretching, running, etc. Stick to the routine with discipline. No one else can help you with your weight loss if you are not disciplined and divert from the plan.

8. Cut The Sugar

Slowly but steadily cut down on the sugar intake. It is not easy hence replace it with alternatives with a lesser impact until you get used.

9. Keep Your Hormones Balanced

Most of the time, our hormones play a critical role in the weight loss journey. To achieve better results, keep them balanced through natural ways like yoga, etc.

10. Weigh Yourself Once In 2 Weeks & Stay Positive

Weighing yourself is one best way to track your progress so that you can tweak things accordingly. Do not lose Hope.

Let me know your thoughts through comments love section below. See to that you work towards your weight loss journey instead of relying on things like a magic pill or similar crash diets. Losing weight due to undernourishment is a slow poison as we will not know when what symptoms will crop up.


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