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The Butterfly Gland


The Butterfly Gland – Simple by looks, but Powerful.

When this butterfly gland does not produce required thyroid hormones in our body then the condition is called as Hypothyroidism. Underactive Thyroid is the alternate name.

Doesn’t sound familiar right? I had the same feeling when I heard it for the first time.


Image Source: Adventist HealthCare & You

The Chief Doctors @ Home:

In the year 2014, I came to know that my thyroid gland is not doing the designated job efficiently. My spouse had suggested me to meet a doctor to check my thyroid level as she found an abnormality in my lifestyle.

It would be a bit difficult for the actual person to realize the change in their behavior but not for the chief doctors we have got at home. Yes, I am referring to our Mom and Wife when I say chief doctors at home. Not even faintly, we would remember anything bypassed from the precious eyes of our Mom and Wife at home. They know you in and out.

Everything was fine and I was on top of all my everyday responsibilities at work. But, I was feeling dog-tired after coming home especially those days. I use to sleep for more hours and still feel tired after I wake up.

I was more sluggish, short-tempered than usual and sensitive to even for the coldness from an Air Conditioner. That is when my wife’s instinct had forced her to make me fix an appointment with the doctor. In fact, the doctor did not find anything unusual in me but we still requested him for a prescription to go ahead with the thyroid test.

Congratulations! said the technician from the laboratory handing over the test results to me and confirming that I have got an Underactive Thyroid.

Wait a minute, did the lab technician really say Congratulations?

Oh Yes, because I am not the only one. We have got more than 10 million cases per year in India alone with the same type of Thyroid.

The Master Gland Of Our Body:

Initially, I felt difficult to convince myself with the fact about my health but realized very soon that there are few options to avail at that point. I strongly feel that the stress factor played a vital role inside my body. It degraded the efficiency of the Master Gland or the Pituitary Gland. The gland that regulates the Thyroid gland in our body. If you are not aware, below is how the glands in our body are being controlled.


How does Thyroid Gland work:


When the T3 and the T4 level goes low beyond the accepted level, the master gland or the pituitary gland generates Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH). This TSH plays a role of triggering the thyroid gland to produce more hormones which in turn secretes T3 & T4.

Is it possible to control weight while on Thyroid medication?

Yes, It is. I am the proof.

How did I manage to reduce my weight with Hypothyroidism?

  • Ensured that I don’t miss the tiny pill every day.

Tip: Never miss it. If you really did, ensure that you don’t miss the next day. I normally, use to skip for a week only if I have a plan to test my Thyroid level on the 8th day.

  • Stopped Worrying about my Underactive Thyroid.

Tip: Relax, you are on medication which will take care of the Thyroid.

  • Tweaked my lifestyle a bit.
  • Prepared and Followed a diet plan.

Tip: Create your own plan. You can still refer to the bottom of this article to see the diet plan I had prepared.

  • Went to Gym.

Tip: Create your own gym routine with a combination of both Cardio & Weights, it will give you a great feeling. Take stairs and skip Elevators.

I hit the gym for 5 days a week.

Followed my own routine on the weights as shown below:

Monday – Biceps; Tuesday – Lat; Wednesday – Chest & Shoulders; Thursday – Triceps; Friday – Core & others.

I do irregular sprints and slow jogs over the treadmill on weekdays for 15 minutes. I run with a combination of inclined and regular variations, occasionally on speed 12.

  • Skipped Elevators to burn calories naturally.

I climb stairs at my workplace to reach floor number 14. Initially, it hurts. But, a cake walk after a week that too when you have got a company of your friend or Music.

  • Avoided food items and vegetables which don’t go well with Thyroid.

Whenever you experience the below-shown symptoms (most of them are common to all genders) for an extended period of time in your body, then it’s high time you head to the doctor for consultation.


Source: Health Worry

Got Underactive Thyroid?

Please Do Not Forget the below points.

  • Don’t forget that Hypothyroidism is a very common Endocrine disorder, nothing to worry if you are disciplined about your intake and medications.
  • Don’t forget the prescribed daily dosage of your Thyroxine / Thyronorm Tablet.

– You will not know when the situations would arise where you are expected to give accurate information about your health.

  • Don’t forget to go for a regular checkup of Thyroid levels.

– Better to have your levels tested at least once in 6 months.

  • Listen to your body.

– Sometimes, your T3, T4 and TSH levels might have got changed over a period of time due to disciplined medication, food habits and lifestyle.

– This is again the time when you need to consult your doctor to complain about the heaviness you are experiencing after food intake. The Doctor might reduce the dosage of your tablets based on the latest test results.

  • Improvements in T3, T4 & TSH levels between the former and the latter test results does not mean that you need to stop taking the daily pills.

– Your small butterfly gland is capable of showing you the meaning of a Nightmare if you play with it.

  • Don’t ever think about removing the prescribed tablets from your daily routine.

– Always carry extra tablets with you while traveling.

  • Don’t forget that you are not an Endocrine specialist.
  • Don’t forget to inform about your medication to a new doctor whom you are visiting to consult about other ailments.

Treatment options for Hypothyroidism:

– In India, we have got options to choose between Allopathy, Homeopathy and Ayurvedic medicine to cure and control Hypothyroidism.

– Each approach has got their own positives as well as negatives. It is always wise to take a decision on this point based on reviews from family members and friends.

The Best Thing To Do:

  1. Be Thankful Hypothyroidism is Nothing compared to many known and unknown disorders.
  2. Stay Smiling
  3. Eat Healthy Food
  4. Sleep Well
  5. Hit the Gym
  6. Try Yoga to get rid of Anxiety issues

My Own Diet Plan:

Like it? You are welcome to try it.

Else? Leave it and prepare your own.

Sharing this just to keep my word.


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  1. Great piece of advice! Exercise, diet plan, and proper lifestyle always helps not only in case of thyroid but heart ailments and other diseases too.

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