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What could make Reliance Jio Fiber unique?


Reliance Jio Fiber Broadband:

Internet connectivity in India is treading towards providing higher bandwidth for the users. The newbie in this category Reliance Jio Fiber is undoubtedly going to be disruptive.

In a way, the launch of Jio Fiber would hurt the pockets of arch rivals like Airtel, Act Broadband etc.

The users of the Jio pilot program are already experiencing speed between 70-100 MBPS with 100 GB download/upload limits. It would be the sweetest moment for the subscribers the coming Diwali as they get to experience greater speed that too on an affordable price tag.

But, Jio fiber will be just like any other ISP in India except on the rental part if they do not tweak themselves to handle things differently.

What could really make Jio Fiber to stay on top and unique amongst other ISP’s?

According to me, if reliance Jio Fiber can

1. Provide many WiFi hotspots just like how internet service providers Comcast and Optimum provides in the western countries.


Let us assume that my friend and I are the customers of Jio fiber. When I visit my friend’s house I should be able to connect to his WiFi network but the data consumption would be deducted from my own account and not from my friend’s account.

2. Provide better quality modem/router for the subscribers with free installation. When the users are happy then I don’t think they would have issues to pay rental for the modem.

3. Extend their support to their customers in helping them connect their electronic items like Printers, Scanners, Satellite TV’s, AV receivers and Home Theater setup which supports WiFi connectivities.

4. Provide a channel telecasting premier movies and series to the Jio fiber users who also use Jio TV. This is something which Jio might have already planned with Jio Movies.

5. By recruiting an excellent technical support team and customer support network.


No user will want to spend a lot of time over the phone call they make to a customer support. I get irritated when I hear a message ” Your call is important to us, please stay on the queue”. Also, sometimes when I hear the automated voice informing about a new feature. The best thing they can play for the users in the queue would be some pleasing classical music.

– Also, if they give an option to the users who call the customer service number to just say what they want and if that can be taken care by an automated voice then it would be an awesome initiative in addition to the traditional way of choosing menu options.

6. Provide great benefits and discounts to customers who use Jio products for their home starting from SIM cards to DTH.

7. Provide options to the customer to fix up an appointment online with the technical support engineer.

– Providing support on weekends would be a game changer.

– Be punctual.

– It is okay to charge the customer if they are not available at the specified time at home without any prior notification on the change of time. This is also applicable for the tech support engineer’s no show.

8. Provide customers a good basic antivirus and other important software at an affordable rate.

– Supporting on Pc trouble shooting and software installation’s will be appreciated by the users.

9. Let the customer track the support engineer’s whereabouts when the user had fixed an appointment.

– Simply, like how we are able to track a Uber driver, swiggy representative etc.

10. Notify the customers in advance when an outage is expected in their area.

– Not deducting the charges for that particular day from the monthly bill of the affected customers would be a great gesture.

To summarize:

Jio Fiber would be on top and stand out of the other ISP’s in India if they work towards,
  • Good customer service
  • Lesser resolution time
  • Empathy
  • Reasonable rates
  • Provide support to the things that other ISP’s had ignored.
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