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Summer Activities For Kids


What have you planned for your kid this Summer?

It is normal for the parents to browse the internet with key words like Summer Activities For Kids. In fact, it is is good that parents all over the world had realized the importance of engaging their kids in some of the activities.

When it comes to the Summer Activities For Kids, below are some of the things that stay on top of the chart.
  1. Summer Camps
  2. Sports Coaching
  3. Coaching on activities like Music, Dance, Drawing…
  4. Self Defense Training
  5. Language or Foreign Language Courses
  6. To programs where they can learn Mathematics via institutes like Kumon or similar.

Summer Activities For Kids

It is healthy to engage kids in the activities like the ones mentioned above but as a parent, we also need to think about how to make our kids learn Life Lessons.

Life Lesson’s are very important for their survival as a good human being in the current world. 
While choosing Summer Activities For Kids we also need to understand one thing that we ignore most of the time (i.e)
Getting them involved in the extra curricular activities will give them,
  • A good career (if used wisely).
  • An edge over the other person in the society.
But, by thinking a little bit deep we can come to a conclusion for the question below,

Is career the only thing?

We all know that career is one of the thing but not everything.

Our kids need, not only the activities which can help them to excel in life but also the things which can teach and make them understand “What is being human?”.

Teaching Life Lesson To Kids:

I had no idea to write about this until I came across a young growing papaya tree at my apartment. The tree resides near the place where I park my vehicle daily at home. It is not yet a big tree to start giving the fruit but of a reasonable height.
Summer Activities For Kids

The same day, over a cup of tea, I came to know that the papaya tree had got germinated from the seeds which my mother in law sowed a few months ago. The sole reason for the act of sowing the seeds was to keep my kid engaged and teach her how to plant a sapling. But, it took time for me to realize that the act was worth much more. It is a life lesson for my daughter and an inspiration for me to write this article.

Old Is Always Gold:

Yes, our parents are bit slow to catch up on latest trends but they know exactly what their grand children need to learn. In fact even better than the parents most of the times.
By involving our kids in these kinds of activities we not only keep them engaged but also teach them good things. Including these kinds of activities in our prepared Summer Activities For Kids chart helps us to teach our kids on how to stay good-hearted and kind.
It is true that people who care for small living things around do not get involved in activities that hurt others.

How To Keep Your Kids Engaged?

Summer Activities For Kids mentioned below are applicable not only for Summer but for all seasons.

  • Spend time with them at least during the weekends.

– Taking them to a mall or a movie are not the only options.

Summer Activities For Kids

  • Take your kids to a nursery and ask them to choose that plant which they like.

Summer Activities For Kids

  • Gift them a sapling of a coconut tree or any other which they can plant and take care of it.

– As your kid grows, the tree would also grow.

– Instead of buying a sapling, you can also try those fresh papaya and mango seeds which are ready to get into our home’s dustbin to reach the pile of a garbage truck.

– Find a moist spot in your own apartment building or in the front /back lawn and plant a sapling or bury the seed so that they germinate

– Go with your kid daily so that they can feed the plant with water without fail. By this, you can transfer the ownership to them in a short period.

Summer Activities For Kids

  • Take them to an orphanage.

Summer Activities For Kids

– Allow them to play with the kids over there and make friends.

– Make them understand how gifted they are once after reaching home.

– Cultivate the meaning of Helping in their mind and heart. Make them understand all are equal.

We give everything they ask for which is not always good for the kids.

  • Take them to a library at least during the weekends.

Summer Activities For Kids

– Let them experience how a library looks.

– Allow them to read on topics which fascinate them.

– Get them registered in the library and gift them a membership card.

This little act from parents can play a vital role in the kid’s brain development.

  • Get them introduced to television channel programs that will improve their knowledge.

– Let them watch channels like Animal Planet, Discovery Kids, National Geo or similar at least an hour a day instead of cartoon channels.

Summer Activities For Kids

– For older kids, allow them to spend time on watching programs on Quiz, spell bee programs or similar.
You can very well understand the above 2 points if you had watched the movie named Gifted Hands.
  • Bring home a new pet for your kid if you can accommodate them at home.

– May be a Dog / Cat / Birds / Fish. Help the kid to become more responsible as he/she has to take care of the pet animal.

– A pet animal especially a dog can play a great role in children’s health and lot more…

– If you are residing in an apartment where you cannot accommodate a pet animal, you can try getting them an aquarium or birds.


Does The Summer Activities For Kids Mentioned Above Makes Sense?

  1. Research about the aggressiveness and compatibility of the pet animal/fish/birds you had chosen before you buy.
  2. Speaking to an aquarium consultant or a hobbyist can help you if you are planning for an aquarium.
  3. Turtle’s at home as a pet is not a good idea for smaller kids, as they are known to spread diseases to the children.
  4. If your kids are very small, it’s better to choose the birds wisely after a research.
  5. By adopting a puppy or a kitten, you really can make an impact on your kid’s heart. Pets don’t show love based on their breeds. They are better than us (human) always.
  6. Please take ownership of the new pets or plants for the initial few weeks and then give the control to your kids.

Always remember the words of William Wordsworth – The Child is the father of Man.

If you are living in an apartment or gated community, you can also coordinate with others residents and organize the Summer Activities For Kids who reside in the same apartment.

Not to forget, it is the parent’s responsibility to choose the Summer Activities For Kids irrespective of their busy schedule

What we teach now to our kids plays a great role in their characters and behaviors once they are big.

Image Sources: 123rf; canstockphoto;colegio estudio;lecomptoirdetitam.files

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  1. As far as keeping active in summer, kids might want to try Pickleball. It is becoming more and more popular among younger players. The USAPA even recently created a Junior Association to promote the sport for kids and more and more parks are converting idle tennis courts (as tennis declines) into new pickleball courts…so really with just a simple paddle and ball it’s a great (and inexpensive) way for kids to keep active and a fun family activity
    Pickleball Portal recently posted…Used Pickleball Paddles: Find Pickleball Equipment On Sale Near MeMy Profile

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