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Top 5 Hidden Restaurants At OMR Chennai


Top 5 Hidden Restaurants At OMR Chennai

restaurants at omr

Image Credit: Pixabay

Yummy, this time the post is about the restaurants at omr (Rajiv Gandhi Salai). Especially, the restaurants that are not so much familiar among the commuters of this corporate hub of Chennai. Before I move on, please note that I am not writing this post under an influence of anyone close to the restaurants’ management. The content below is clearly an outcome of my own views and experience.

Tease Your Tastebuds

restaurants at omr

Image Credit: Pixabay

Are you a food lover?

If your answer is Yes, then stay with me throughout the end of this post to unpack the details about the top five Restaurants At OMR. These restaurants are not the ones that strictly stick to a vegetarian food. So, if you are pure vegetarian and do not prefer to go to restaurants at omr that serves both vegetarian and non-vegetarian then you might not have an opportunity to tease your taste buds at these places. But, for sure your friend who does not have a veg/non-veg restrictions would say a big thank you to you for notifying him or her about these restaurants at omr.

The Stretch They Reside On

The restaurants at omr covered here are located between the Sholinganallur to Perungudi stretch. These are not run by any big players and they all do not possess a posh ambiance and interiors. They are neat and a decent place to enjoy your meal. The main things one would notice on these restaurants at omr are simple medium-sized setup with reasonable items on the menu. They are for sure an affordable spot for many as they do not burn our pockets. They serve good food with a great taste when compared to many other big players who run chain restaurants at omr.

Be cautious as these five restaurants at omr serve good tasty food that can get a person’s taste buds addicted to their great taste.

The sequence mentioned here on the restaurants at omr do not follow any order. So, please do not consider the sequence below for rankings or spots.

A Non-Home Food

Before I take you all forward, let me tell you. There is nothing that can beat the taste of a homemade healthy food. The food that your mom or spouse or you had prepared at home from the scratch. But, when your taste buds trigger you to experiment a different great taste then below are the restaurants at omr that will not just fill your belly but your heart too with a good feel.

“To Feed Someone Is A Blessing”

restaurants at omr

Image Credit: Pixabay

I came across this quote “To Feed Someone Is A Blessing” from the movie Chef – 2017. I am not sure how many would agree with the above saying but according to me, it is true.

Many of you might find this saying suit more to someone who feeds the needy. But, I think there are people out there who earn good but still not so lucky to eat a homemade food for so many reasons. For those who fit themselves in such a scenario, these restaurants at omr really help a lot.

For The Love Of Good And Tasty Food

  • MAQS barbecue n biryani – Thoraipakkam

restaurants at omr

Image Credit: Mohd. Sarfaraz

I don’t think one can get such an Authentic Hyderabadi Biriyani in any of the restaurants at omr. If you are a dum biriyani lover – specifically the Hyderabadi style then this mid-sized restaurant at omr is a place that one must visit.

A visitor can expect a warm greeting from Mr. Shaik Imtiyaz – who is a part of this family-owned restaurant. Followed by a good service from rest of the staffs until you move out. Located on the left-hand side while traveling towards Perungudi, this restaurants at omr would for sure make you lick your finger before you head for a hand wash.

restaurants at omr

Image Credit: Mohd. Sarfaraz

If you find yourself at this place anytime shortly then ensure that you do not miss the Dum Biriyani with medium to double masala and a lemon chicken. It is an A la carte menu at this branch and I hope we can expect the Buffet menu soon in their new branch that is expected to come near Navalur.

So, people who work around Navalur, stay geared to enjoy the taste of Dum Biriyani and a Hot Gulab Jamun soon.

If you ask me Paradise vs Rasavid vs MAQS barbecue n biryani?

My vote would be for MAQS barbecue n biryani followed by Paradise for an Authentic Hyderabadi Dum Biriyani. Try it, you will fall in love.

  • Sri Balaji Andhra Mess – Kandanchavady

restaurants at omr

Image Credit: Thotslingo

Located at Kandanchavady – the left-hand side while traveling towards Thoraipakkam, this place serves both veg as well as non-veg food. This Andhra mess can be spotted inside a narrow passage right beneath the foot overbridge opposite to Saravana Bhavan.

Though smaller in size this restaurants at omr is normally flooded with its regular customers from the nearby corporate companies during the weekdays. This mess is not only the “go to” place for many software professionals but also for people with a diversified work nature.

Run by Mr. Pacha Venkateswarlu Naidu, this place gives a homely feel for many students and professionals who are away from their hometown. Rice served hot in a banana leaf, the taste of Gongura chutney and the fragrance blended with the tasty sambhar would ensure that you go for another serving. If you are non-veg, then don’t forget to taste chicken curry at Sri Balaji Mess.

Is your stomach full? Wanted to close the banana leaf?

Wait. There comes the grandma and Mr. Pacha Venkateswarlu Naidu asking you to go for another serving with curd. The place is not so big but the courtesy and the good service you are going to experience here will not fade from your memory. If you are concerned about the taste and healthy meal and not the ambiance and interiors then you will return to this place for many more times too.

  • Kottaram – Perungudi

restaurants at omr

Image Credit: Thotslingo

Located at Tharamani Perungudi Link Road, this is the place where you need to go for an Authentic Kerala dishes. Managed by Mr.Pradeep, this restaurant at omr is a home for many Kerala Parotta & Beef, Kappa & Meen Curry, and Appam & Stew lovers.

Oh yes, they do have several other items on their menu but my favorites are the ones I had mentioned above. Looking forward to enjoying the Onam Sadhiya this year, then make a note of this place in the app of your cell phone now.

  • Hot Pot China – Perungudi

restaurants at omr

Image Credit: Thotslingo

Located beside Apollo Hospital, this restaurant at omr serves great food that resembles the taste of Chinese. Though placed near a busy junction, one can hardly hear the sounds of honking vehicles from outside once you are in.

With pipes & bulbs design, photos of Chinese people and posters of old Chinese movies on the side wall, this restaurants at omr greets its customers with old mandarin melodies.

restaurants at omr

Image Credit: Thotslingo

Looking forward to experiencing the food taste at HPC soon?

Make your taste buds cry for more by ordering Dimsums, Garlic Burnt Chicken Fried Rice and Drums Of Chicken. Not to forget is the Black Pepper Sauce that accompanies the fried rice.

Ah, there is one more thing to make a note here. At HPC, it is a candlelight dinner on every Fridays. If you have someone special or like to give your family a candlelight experience, then block your calendar for a great Friday dinner at HPC.

  • Kalpana Andhra Mess – Sholinganallur

restaurants at omr

Image Credit: Pixabay

A very common place for an Andhra meal among the software professionals who work near Sholinganallur. With podi and other regular food items that come with an Andhra meal, one can find professionals waiting in a queue for a table and chair to sit on Fridays.

Planning for a Friday lunch?

Start by 12 PM else you might end up staying in queue for a good meal.


It is all my experiences about these restaurants at omr. Finding it fishy as I had mentioned the names of people who run some of the above-mentioned restaurants at omr. Not really. I wanted to mention their names in the post hence asked them in person and there is nothing beyond that.

If I had missed any other hidden restaurants at omr, then that means I haven’t visited that place. Do drop by the comments section to let me know and others about a place if you feel worth trying.

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