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Top 5 Benefits Of Bottle Cap Challenge – The Viral Kick – Thotslingo


The Kick That Has Gone Viral – Bottle Cap Challenge

Bottle Cap challenge seems to be a real test that is being taken up by Celebrities and many people around the world irrespective of their gender. I learned about this very recently and I am super excited to jot down some of the greater benefits that one would reap by trying this challenge.

Bottle Cap Challenge

Image Credit: Pixabay

Before we dive in further down, let me help the readers who are reading this article understand better about what is Bottle Cap Challenge all about and why is it viral.

What Is Bottle Cap Challenge?

Bottle Cap Challenge is a ‘Roundhouse’ kick trick performed by a Taekwondo (Martial Art) specialist and coach named Farabi Davletchin who lives in Kazakhstan.

The challenge is to take off the lid (only) of a closed bottle placed in front of you without displacing the bottle. The kick trick that has been used by the coach is “roundhouse” kick. It is a stuff that cannot be performed by many people like me without the skills but at the same time, it is not something impossible.

Here is a video of the challenge performed by a friend named Matthew for you to understand better. He is an  Entrepreneur and also a Martial art practitioner. I take this moment to thank him for allowing me to post his video on my blog. You can also connect with him via his Instagram page Matt.syden

Practice makes a person perfect on anything he/she does, right?

Famous People, Who Had Performed This Bottle Cap Challenge

  • The first is obviously Farabi Davletchin followed by
  • Jason Statham – Actor
  • Matthew – Entrepreneur, and also a Martial Art practitioner
  • Ryan Reynolds – Canadian Actor
  • Ellie Goulding – Singer-Songwriter
  • Zlatan Ibrahimovic – Swedish professional footballer
  • Diplo – American DJ
  • John Clayton Mayer – American singer-songwriter
  • Arjun Sarja – Indian Actor
  • Akshay Kumar – Indian Actor
  • Tiger Shroff – Indian Actor
  • Sushmita Sen – Indian Actor
  • Rohman Shawl – Model
  • Parineeti Chopra – Indian Actor… and many more unknown individuals…

Maybe everyone mentioned-above and those whom I had not mentioned here had given the challenge a try to check their Martial skill level, to bust stress, for advertisement or similar.

These high profile personalities are highly influential as they had got great followers in the lake of social media like Twitter, Amazon, Youtube and Instagram for their comments, videos etc.

Do we still need a reason why the Bottle Cap Challenge videos had become Viral?

Alright then, let us move on to discuss the top 5 benefits of a Bottle Cap Challenge.

The Benefits

Apart from the major benefits being body stretching, learn a roundhouse kick technique and advertisement, below-mentioned are the top 5 other benefits I could visualize that a person who performs the Bottle Cap Challenge gets. Performing this challenge makes real sense when you are already practising Martial Arts and on to Film industry. But for those who are not in that line of business, it is just

1. Zero

2. Null

3. Nought

4. Void

5. Cypher

All the 5 benefits quoted above carries the same meaning. Hope you are getting the glimpse of where am I taking you to.

I am Not Here To Preach

Bottle Cap Challenge

Image Credit: Pixabay

I am not writing this blog post to condemn anyone who had already tried the challenge or to demotivate anyone who is planning to give this challenge a shot. But, honestly, I believe we are better than this and capable of making the world a beautiful place to reside.

Please note that my itch is not solely the “Bottle Cap Challenge” but also because of another meme named “Pray for Nesamani” that went viral and made people all over the world react to it in the past months over internet. These instances tell that anything can go viral and trending in quick time. Be it good/bad.

I am not saying that we should not have fun but in parallel why not we the people who use Social Media utilize the power of sharing videos, content on the internet towards more meaningful things?

Real Problems That We Are Aware Of But Ignore

Bottle Cap Challenge

Image Credit: Pixabay

How many of us who are reading this post knew the top 10 world’s uppermost serious problems?

If you do not know about it yet, let me take this moment to refresh your memory. Here you go..

1. Climate Change/Destruction of nature

2. Large scale conflict/Wars

3. Inequality

4. Poverty

5. Religious Conflicts

6. Corruption

7. Food and Water Scarcity and Security

8. Lack of Education

9. Safety & Security of people in the world especially Kids and Women

10. Lack of Financial Opportunity and Employment

When we have got so much on our plate to clean up or improve why not we utilize the power of the internet towards some of these at least?

The Baby Steps Towards Meaningful Challenges

If we think the above-mentioned are way beyond our level, then why not give it a shot to some of the challenges below which anybody can do without any issues?

Bottle Cap Challenge

Image Credit: Pixabay

1. Plant Trees

2. Save Water

3. Save Electricity

4. Try to Reduce Pollution

5. Clean and save the water reservoirs

6. Support Farmers

7. Obey Traffic Rules (especially in India)

8. Do not support Bribes

9. Create more awareness of diseases like Cancer

10. Do something towards Child Labour, Child Abuse and Abuse towards Women and Men.

You might get a thought on whether I do any of the above-mentioned before pointing my fingers towards my fellow-citizens. If you think so, please note that I do act towards at least some of the points mentioned above.

My Plea To The Celebrities

Dear people, please note that my intention is not to hurt and degrade anyone. It is your right to do things based on your interest. I respect you all as an individual, for your skills, efforts that you take and it is a treat for my eyes to watch you on screen.

But, when you can perform acts that can be viral videos, why not do some of the things towards the points we had discussed above as well?

You are so influential and you know that. When you can be an inspiration to your followers around the world towards the benefit of the world too, why not give it a shot?

According to me, if your act can ignite a fire in the hearts and transform even a single person towards more meaningful action, then, that would be one among the best things that you had done in your life.

Maybe you are already doing some of the kind acts without any publicity but the world has changed. If you want to bring in difference for something good, then shout about it.

Here is a popular quote by Steuart H Britt on advertising but I strongly believe that this quote is relevant for all the good deeds we do especially when it can bring a change in the people around the world.

Bottle Cap Challenge

My Plea To Every Social Media User

Please… Please think before you make a comment or share anything on social media. Have Fun but at the same time help good and meaningful things reach more people by sharing it on the web rather than making things that are of least priority and not beneficial to the society go viral.

I am not a 100 % perfect person to say all these but I would work towards reaching that percentage. Hope you are able to get why I insist.

Let us all stand to make the world a better place to live. Let us work towards going green, save the earth and the valuable naturals resources which are already in stake.


Everything shared above is based on my own understanding and opinions. This blog is not written to degrade or make fun of anyone directly or indirectly. If any of my words had caused you an inconvenience in any form, please do not hesitate to connect with me and we can discuss.


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