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Toilet Hygiene – Shut The Lid Before You Flush


A Simple But Powerful Good Habit:

May be, the title Toilet Hygiene makes you think about Harpic or Domex or Similar?

I am here to emphasize that there is something even more important than those cleaning agents.

Toilet Hygiene

Isn’t it true that we all ensure to have a toilet cleaner in our “to buy” groceries list every month?

It’s a good thing that we try to get the best cleaning agents for our home to ensure Toilet Hygiene. But, there is a much more important thing than the cleaning agents which most of us fail to practice.

Do you place your toilet seat and lid closed when you press the flush button?

Toilet Hygiene



If you are already doing it, Awesome, Thank you for being kind to others by your action.

Above is the number 1 step which every human needs to follow when it comes to Toilet Hygiene.

For all others who fail to do the above mentioned important step.

Do you know why do we need to close the toilet seat and lid before flushing?

Toilet Hygiene

Not always the previous day’s outside food is the cause of diarrhea we experience.

By not closing the toilet lid while flushing, we leave chances for the bacteria from the excrete to spread into the air. These bacteria’s stays back around the toilet and its nearby spots like soap trays, bath tubs etc.
Imagine what happens if you are placing the toothbrush nearby. These bacteria can lead to diarrhea and unwanted diseases not only to the next user of the toilet but also to ourselves as well.

Above mentioned is also the reason why we need to keep the restroom door’s closed at all the time. Especially, when it comes to people who reside in a single, double, triple and more bedroom flats.

May be, now you understood the reason why the restrooms were built at the last corner or outside the house in olden days.

How many of us consider finding or suggesting a correct spot for our restrooms when we book a flat?

I assume may be 20 – 30 % of the whole population.
When that being the statistics, it’s just a simple act which we all need to practice to ensure that we don’t bring in trouble for others because of our laziness.

Toilet Hygiene @ Home:

To all Men including me:

Think once about the kids and ladies at home. Please ensure that you lift the toilet seat and close the toilet lid once you are done, here after.

If you are a proud father, then be an example to your kids. Remember, you are the hero for them. Teach them Toilet Hygiene.

Toilet Hygiene



For Men, it’s just easy to go for a pee, flush the toilet and come back which is not the case for a woman. Never forget that our aim to the toilet bowl is not always perfect. Hence, please do not hesitate to lift the toilet seat too before peeing. Ensure that you leave the place clean for others who had to use the seat. Recollect those Toilet Hygiene lesson you had read when you were a kid.

Toilet Hygiene


Failed to lift the seat due to an emergency?

Do not worry, it happens some times.

Do spend few seconds to use the water jet pipe available to clean the seat and dry the seat using tissues before you leave. You can also try wiping the seat with a toilet seat sanitizing spray and tissue paper if available.

Is there a use in placing a costly air freshener in the restroom when the room is not in a usable state for the next user?

This is basic manners which we can’t afford to ignore, not anymore if there are people out there who don’t follow so far.
This habit is very important than choosing between the cleaning agents and air fresheners for our home to upkeep Toilet Hygiene.
Let’s be the best examples for our kids by helping them understand the importance of closing and lifting the toilet seat after use.

Toilet Hygiene @ The Workplace:

The below mentioned are applicable to everyone irrespective of the gender.
At home, we ourselves spend time on cleaning the toilets most of the time. But, that is not the case when it comes to the work place.
  • Be considerate and think about the janitor who cleans the toilet. He/She is the person who helps and prevent us from getting sick by keeping the restrooms clean.
  • Do not treat them bad by not flushing the toilets even if you are in an urgency. They are more prone to health issues than us.
  • Say Thank You once in a while at least and smile at them when you come across them.
  • Follow the Toilet Hygiene tip mentioned above.
  • Please throw the used tissues into the dustbin.
  • If you find water scarcity, please consider reporting it to the right channel so that the water supply is back.
  • Do not throw the tissues inside the urinals.
  • The urinals are not the space for spitting chewing gums.

Imagine – What if we need to remove the chewing gum from the urinals ourselves? I am sure that would be the last time we entered into a restroom chewing a gum.

  • Do not create a mess with the soiled tissue papers, face wash creams, and fallen hair near the wash basin. Utilize the dustbin for disposables.
  • Ensure that you also clean the top of the wash basin taps after you use it. Never leave it with soap wash marks on it.
  • Allow water to run for few seconds in the wash basin to ensure that you do not leave any dirt in it after you gargle.

Always remember, “Prevention is better than cure”.

Toilet Hygiene

Image Sources: Pinterest; Dreamstime

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  1. Hi Vinoth!
    These are truly very simple practices yet many do take them for granted. Thank you for sharing this very informative and helpful post! Worth sharing.

  2. I loved how you highlighted some common and simple practices to maintain the level of hygiene in public bathrooms. These practices should be followed by every person in work places to avoid any health issues.

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