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Stay Informed: A Top End Car Do Not Protect Its Occupants Always – Cars Of 2018


The Best Cars Of 2018

We will step into the next year in three days. Some of you will have plans to buy a new car or upgrade your current car. I am sure that many of you would have searched for the term “Cars Of 2018” already. And, I am quite confident that some of you would have shortlisted some of the most anticipated and the best cars of 2018.

cars of 2018

Image Credit: Pixabay

At this moment, I wanted to share some information which I had come across recently via a WhatsApp video. Thanks to my sister-in-law who had shared it. The video is not hundred percent in line with the topic cars of 2018. But, the content of the video is relevant for everyone who uses a car. After listening to the content in that video, I find myself standing in a spot with a clear understanding. I had understood that the car which we have got now or one or few among the cars of 2018 which we want to buy do not matter if not used properly.

What Is In The Video?

The video has a narration by a well-known radio jockey Sooraj of the state Kerala. In the short video, he had shared a powerful message by referring to an incident/accident which his friend had come across. I have placed the link to the same video below. But, I will break it down a bit in a simple way for those friends who do not understand Malayalam.

The Story:

The story is about the 50 Lacs worth Lexus car which had failed to protect its owner.

cars of 2018

One of his good friend, who loves exotic car used his hard earned money to buy a car. After a thorough research, he had brought home his favorite and that was Toyota “Lexus”. The gigantic car was fully loaded with all safety features and with every accessory that a car lover would look for. No regrets on the big buy.

During the commute, one day, his friend who was driving the Lexus had met with an accident. As the hit was directly on to the median, the car had enough damages on the outside as well as the inside. Yes, you got it right. The situation was very bad that the friend had opened his eyes after spending several weeks in an Intensive Care Unit.

He was a bit far from danger but could not resist himself from calling the car maker as he could not believe what had happened. The main reason for him to go for such an expensive vehicle was its safety features. But, the expensive automobile could not safeguard him at the time of crisis instead let him down. Though devastated, he managed to be polite to the car maker and explained them the incident assuming that car maker can do something about the incident.

The Start Of Conversation:

The Friend: With tears getting ready to roll down his cheeks, he narrated the whole scenario.

The Car Maker: Sir, we understand how you feel and we are sorry that you had experienced and experiencing a harrowing time.

Question: Could you please help us understand whether you were wearing a seatbelt at the time of the accident?

The Friend: The friend responded honestly. No, I was not wearing a seatbelt at the time of driving that day.

The Car Maker: Okay. On page XX of the manual, it was clearly mentioned that the airbag safety feature inside the car will not get enabled unless the person wears the seat belt. That being the case, it is not possible to go ahead with your claim. We are Sorry and we wish you a speedy recovery.

The End Of Conversation…

So, it is not the Lexus which had failed to save the owner but the ignorance.

What Do You & Me Drive?

Not everyone can afford to buy a top end vehicle. Some own or drive a basic variant and some own a mid variant car. But there is one basic but powerful feature that is available in all the cars irrespective of their variants. Yeah, I am referring to the seat belts. The grey/black colored belts that are lying on the sides of our car seats due to very minimal usage.

So, it is a must we get to know certain things before we hit the road in our car. The cars which are currently in the market and the cars of 2018 might be with great features in it. But, remember, no safety feature in the car can be compared to the safety that a cautious driving and driving with road sense provides.

Hope I made it clear already that this post is not fully about the cars of 2018 but it is about the safety features in the cars of recently gone years and the forthcoming years.

Safety Features That We Ignore & Fail To Understand:

Seat Belts:

The car we are driving now or the one among the cars of 2018 we are planning to own might be top end exotic vehicle with all safety features in it. But, without wearing a seatbelt at the time of driving it is of no use. Please do wear it. It is better to be safe than sorry.

cars of 2018

Air Bags:

Air bags are designed to work efficiently in combination with seat belts. Your car might have dual or six airbags in it. Normally, the airbags deploy based on the severity of the crash, the angle at which the car is hit etc.
Some of the common situations when the airbag does not deploy are as follows.
  1. Severity of the crash
  2. Defective Sensors
  3. Air Bags that are not working
  4. Defective wiring and electrical components
  5. No Seat Belts

If no seat belts are worn, the airbags are most likely to stay undeployed. So, for the airbags to work, seat belts should be worn.

cars of 2018


Seatbelt pre-tensioners:

The pre-tensioners are the ones that pull the bodies of the driver and passenger in the front-seat firmly into their seats at the time of the crash. This is something which can be found in our current cars and in the cars of 2018 right beneath the static seat buckle.

It is a must to check and replace the seat belt pre-tensioners after every accident. A deployed pre-tensioner will not be of any use for the next time.

cars of 2018

Nitrogen Air Inflated Vs Regular Air Inflated Tire:

It is a must to ensure that we do not mix nitrogen air in the regular air inflated car tires. Planning to go for nitrogen air? Please do not forget to deflate the regular air from the car tires. This is the same case if you are switching from nitrogen air to regular air.

cars of 2018


The 3-Second Rule:

Some of the above-mentioned safety feature for example airbags does not come in all the variants of a motor car. But, the 3-second rule “The Father Of All Safety Measures” can override any feature that already exists or expected to come in the cars of 2018. It is nothing but maintaining a distance that would take us at least 3 seconds to reach the spot that the car in front is crossing.

The number of seconds varies based on the type of vehicles.

cars of 2018

Please do read the user’s manual which comes with the car.

Cars Of 2018:

I can close the topic without mentioning about the expected cars of 2018 at least some of them applicable to India. Below is the list of cars which we can welcome next year and their expected prices. I had covered only the cars of 2018 considering middle class families in India. So, if you are looking for an exotic or luxury machine, then please do check sites like Car Dekho, Team-BHP etc.

cars of 2018

Below are the videos related to Lexus and 3-second rule for better understanding.

Videos Of RJ Sooraj and 3-Second Rule:

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