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Software Jobs – Our Paychecks Stops, The Moment We Stop Working.


How safe are our software jobs?

The term pink slip is not something which we haven’t heard about before when it comes to software jobs. But, what’s new is the number or the count of pink slips being issued by the software based employers to their employees.

Our Paychecks Stops, The Moment We Stop Working.

software jobs

Whom should we blame here?

To blame is very easy.

Some of us might feel that the software companies and the market conditions are the ones to be blamed. But, if we look a bit more, we the employees do have a role to play in this blame game.

None of the providers of the software jobs in India or in the world mention or ever mentioned saying that the job offered is permanent. I do not think that we have got such a clause in the offer letters we receive.

But, what we do have is a clause saying that there is a possibility of termination based on the performance and some of the other criteria’s. When it comes to performance, it is not wholly the employees but also the performance of the employer. This is something which we are witnessing for the past few months around the world.

Automation – An Evolving Term:

Automation had always proved that they can help the information technology sector companies. It ensures to keep the profit statistics of a company to go high on the green in the profit and loss statement.

The term Automation – known for gulping good numbers of head counts and make m disappear in the job market in no time. From my perspective, it is the major competing force which stands against a software developer who physically works when comes to job security.

All these being said, there is one thing we should remember always. The huge number of lines of code written for that automation to work is not something which had fallen from the sky one fine day. We, the software engineers are the brain behind those lines of code which is the crux for the automation to work.

India – Not The Only Destination For Companies Abroad:

There was a time when software developers in India are the most preferred by developed countries. But, that scenario is no longer valid.

I have seen some of the clients focusing on to the professionals in Ukraine when compared to the professionals in the software jobs in India. The main reason towards this change is the billing rate. The perspective of the companies abroad had changed. They believe that it is very easy to get a person scale up in a new technology if the person can communicate and understand the opposite party.

The above is the best reason why people from under developed countries too had started to focus learning the global language English.

The Good & The Bad News:

With respect to the software jobs in India – There is a good drop in the numbers of the issuance of pink slips. But in parallel the hike percentage, an employee receives and received so far is also at the lower level. These things do not mean that our jobs are secure and the market is back to normal or picking up.

As we all know already. Yes, it is a rough patch for the software jobs in India and this rough patch has come to stay for a while.

It is very evident,

– when we compare the total number of the jobs created by companies this year and the previous year.

– when we compare the salary hikes given this year with the previous year.

– Also, from the podcasts of many HR professionals from some of the software firms.

How To Secure Our Jobs?

With Automation on the left and organizational restructuring on the right, we still have got few options.

Issuance of pink slips will not stop but what we as an employee can do is to upskill ourselves. The term up-skill had found a great spot in the dictionaries of a software jobs provider as well as a software developer.

Realizing the need to up-skill and improving our knowledge is the best option we have got if we want to secure our jobs in this era. This is applicable not only for the software jobs in India but for all the software professionals around the world.

The Attitude:

The first and the foremost is to change our perspective or attitude towards our jobs. Instead of thinking how to safeguard our jobs, think on how to regularize our paychecks. Without a paycheck, we are nothing. But, remember paychecks are not dependent on one single employer.

The Tips:

  • Do Not Lose Hope

– The company in which we are now is not the only one. If not this then some other company, remember that.

  • Up-Skill/Re-Skill

– Accommodate yourself to learn new niche skills. The software jobs market sees a good number of new technologies daily. Nowadays, they are like the mushrooms that grow after rains.

– For instance, there are big names like SAP HANA, Big Data, Hadoop, Cloud, Internet Of Things (IoT) and more.

– Online websites like Udemy, Cloudera and more can help us learn new technologies without wasting time on commuting.

  • Learn Coding

– Some people do not feel comfortable with coding. But, if you a re person who likes coding, then sharpen your skill further.

For example, in the field of SAP technology. ABAP developers play a role of a coder where they write codes in the application layer of the system. But with the introduction of SAP HANA, the old coding techniques are not always helpful. The SAP technology has got a term now referring ABAP On HANA with some tweaking’s on the approach.

  • Learn New Language

– Mastering a new language is an incredible gift.

– Try mobile applications like Duolingo to learn new languages. 30 minutes of our time daily with this app can help us learn a new language.

– Software companies in India had already reduced their focus towards the USA market. Learning a foreign language will project you as a great asset to your employer. It won’t be wise for them to cut you down.

  • Advertise Yourself

– Nobody will project your efficiency to your boss if not you. If you cannot showcase yourself, then you are doing a big mistake.

  • Be Consistent

– Being consistent helps you to taste Success.

– It is very easy to achieve a certain level but the difficulty lies in how we keep that level. Consistency is the only one that can help here.

  • Manage Time

– People who manage their time well had never failed in their career and life.

– Reach office on time and leave at the correct time.

– Ensure not to miss a deadline of your tasks.

  • When You Don’t Know, Raise The Flag – Ask

– Asking is one of the traits which employers look for. By asking things you do not know in your work, you not only gain knowledge but also shows your willingness to learn.

  • Listen & Let Your Actions Speak

– Empty vessels make noise. Listening is a very powerful weapon when it comes to career.

  • Motivate Others

– Be a go to person.

– Inspire others by your knowledge and behavior.

– Drive people to go beyond their ability and help them achieve an extra mile whenever possible.

  • Put Yourself In Other’s Shoes

– If we cannot understand what others feel, then we are nothing. This is one of the critical aspects which we need to have at the workplace.

  • Build Your Network & Resume

– Building professional network plays a great role in a successful career.

– It is important that we update our resume once in three months at least. If you do not have anything to update, then stop – you are in a wrong direction.

  • Treat Everyone With Respect

– Everyone is good at something. No one is good at everything.

– Never underestimate others especially at work. You will never know when he/she would become your boss.

  • Think, How To Become An Employer

– Love your job, not the employer. You will never know when you would be asked to leave.

– Read technical as well as non-technical books, try to come up with ideas which will help you become a boss.

Software jobs are very volatile like a Bitcoin digital currency nowadays. It is going to be that way for long.

We cannot prevent any employers of the software jobs to stay away from trimming their work force. Same goes with the automation and organizational restructurings.

But, it is our responsibility to ensure that we stay in the software job market at least until we close our home, study, and auto loans.

Ask This Question By Standing Infront Of A Mirror:

How long can we run a family without a paycheck?

Our Savior credit card will not help us for long.

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