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Skydiving In India



Even now, I use to get the posts of my friends on Facebook showing them skydiving outside India. I know that this is not the case with me alone. Don’t we use to get goose bumps when we watch our own friends jumping from 10,000 feet and being on air for a while? Wow, that too with a real time video capture.


Image Credit: Pixabay

I am here now to share with all the fellow adventure lovers of India that we no longer need to travel outside India to feel how Skydiving would be. Skydiving is no more an adventurous sport based out of a foreign country and also at the same time it is not something which is only for adventure lovers.

Nowadays, most of the corporate companies have started providing their employees a kind of adventure team outing by providing them passes to skydiving based on the employee’s best interest. There are people who use this mode of skydiving just to create a buzz on social media, an efficient way to advertise.







Source: U.S. – Wall Street Journal

I do not know that skydiving is even possible in India until I came across an advertisement in The Hindu news paper. Skydiving at India is treading very well, though a bit slow but at a very steady pace.

The Hotspots:

It’s not just one hotspot but we have got around 5 destinations in our own Incredible India where anyone can go and experience the sport.

As most of the drop zones seem to be closed currently, it is wise to contact the operators directly to get the accurate information.


Source: The Hindu

1. Skydiving at Mysuru or Mysore, Karnataka

– Can try the sport with the help of the firm named SKYRIDERS – a Unit of KAKINI ENTERPRISES PVT LTD. This firm has an affiliation with United States Parachute Association. They also do offer professionals with whom you can dive without fear and the cost of a dive varies between 35,000 to 5, 20,000 rupees depending on the type of jump. Anybody who would like to try this adventure sport at Mysuru can book their slot online through the website .

2. Skydiving at Deesa, Gujarat

– The first state to get a licensed skydiving drop-zone in India. The average time required to experience a dive is about 4 hours after few days of training. Indian Parachuting Federation is the skydiving operator and more details can be found via the website which is currently throwing an error due to maintenance may be.

3. Skydiving at Aamby Valley, Maharashtra

– A seasonal 3rd spot for skydiving in India. Anybody who wants to try the adventure based on a Tandem jump can make use of it. They don’t provide solo jumps and licensed courses here at present. More information with the related videos can be found in the below link

4. Skydiving at Dhana, Madhya Pradesh

– Chimes Aviation Academy and other operators named Thrillophilia and ThrillsExtreme conducts skydiving camps each year at Dhana. It is really a great show.

5. Skydiving at Pondicherry, Tamil Nadu

– Handled by the unit of KAKINI ENTERPRISES PVT LTD, the same unit which operates at Mysuru.

Things to consider before opting for Skydiving or Daring Hop:


Source: Bplans Blog

1. If you are a newbie, how old are you? You need to be at least 18 years old to try this adventure.

2. Discuss with your family and get the consent. It is an adventure if you are single with no commitments but not if you have got dependents.

3. Consult your family doctor about the plan and then decide on whether to opt or not.

4. Ensure that you are fit without any ailments that could aggravate the issue.

5. Listen to your body at the time of training to identify any abnormal behavior or pain in your body. Discuss the same with the Trainer.

6. Opt for an affiliated or certified or licensed operator for your dive.

7. Looking at the insurance clause really matters.

8. Go through many reviews over the internet and with the help of friends as not all reviews in the website are Genuine.

9. Watch videos of skydive training, you need to be prepared for anything and everything. Discuss it with the trainer if you find something new or informative about the dive. The trainer might not encourage but at the end, it is your life. Take a call yourself.

10. Ask questions, there are no stupid questions in the world. Have better clarity on what to do, when to do and how to do during skydiving. Always be prepared for the worst.

11. Get to know about the gear you would be wearing during the dive.

12. Keep your ears and eyes open at the time of training and dive.

13. Check with the trainer about that vomiting sensation and ear pain which you normally get while traveling by airplane.

14. Listen to your heart – To Quit is not always wrong. If you can’t get rid of fear even after few days of training, think again. There is nothing to feel wrong.

15. Do it only if you like and love to do not because your friends and relatives are doing.

All the above-mentioned points are not to demotivate anyone. Taking risks in life is important but on things which matter a lot.

Located In Chennai?

There is a company named “AEROSPORTS” located at Palavakkam, ECR Chennai helps people experience a joy ride with paramotoring too.



Best time to Skydive:

Best time for skydiving is dependent on the weather conditions. The most appropriate hours would be in the morning and in the evening considering Indian climatic conditions. Better to avoid when it’s really sunny part of a day, windy and during rainy seasons.

Image Source: Stylecracker

Planned to go for a fly coming weekend? Consider the below points.

Source: Blue Frog Travel

1. Stay relaxed, you need a great photo of yourself skydiving right?

2. Empty your mind.

3. Ensure you stay hydrated during the dive. It is wise to carry a bottle of drinking water.

4. Wear comfortable and recommended clothes.

5. Check whether it’s okay to wear contact lenses or spectacles if you can’t handle things without them.

6. Wear sports shoes which are of light weight.

7. Avoid wearing valuables if possible. Ensure that you pin them safely so that it won’t get lost. Remember, the lost MH370 is still not found.

8. Always ensure that the gear provided to you by the operator is well maintained without any issues.

9. Double and triple check the buttons and clips in the gear to confirm that they are working fine. I am placing this point here for a reason.

There are incidents in our own India where the same adventure sport had turned down to a tragedy. To know about the real incident which had happened sometime back, please look at the link below.

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