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Here Is How You Save Money On Car Tires By Choosing The Right Air


Nitrogen Filled Tires – Everything Started With The WHEEL!

Before we discuss nitrogen filled tires benefits and its opposite, let me start with some nostalgic information. Numerous developments had made our life exceptionally simple. Many creations like the current, semi-conductors, mechanical motors, and a lot more. The greater part of some of the creations might be obsolete yet numerous innovations are Historical. One such innovation is the Wheel. 

Can we imagine how it would have been if Wheel was never invented?

As the way of life improved, the up-degree of the wheels too had changed. From a solid piece of wood to the usage of rims, spokes, and alloys the wheel had progressed well. Not just the wheel but its step-sibling, the nitrogen-filled tires as well that make our commute smooth.

nitrogen filled tires

Blood Pressure Increase When Tire Pressure Decrease

Isn’t it true that our blood pressure spikes when we find flat tires on our cars?

Be it tube/tubeless, nitrogen-filled tires /regular air-filled tires, it is surely a terrible thing when we notice at the start of our journey. Let us discuss some more about the nitrogen gas below.

Below are the top few compelling things that drive us towards the nitrogen-filled tires.

The Compelling Reasons Behind Introducing Nitrogen Air To Tires

nitrogen filled tires

Retention Of The Tire Pressure:

This is the main reason for most of us to opt for nitrogen-filled tires in our bikes and cars.

Nitrogen filled tires are expected to stay longer than regular air-filled tires means lesser visits to the air filling section at the fuel station.

Fuel Efficiency:

The second reason for choosing nitrogen over normal air even though when available for free in most of the fuel stations. I am not convinced with this point though based on my experience.

Tire Heat-Up Issues:

As we drive more, the tire heats up leading to a fluctuation in the tire pressure which is very negligible in the case of nitrogen gas-filled tires.

Prevent Wheel/Rim Corrosion:

The water inside the tires in the form of vapor or fluid not just leads to a pressure change but also to the corrosion of steel in the wheel or rim.

Remember, Nitrogen gas is moisture-free.

The Green Color Air Valve Cap vs Others:

Image Credit: Thotslingo

Have you noticed in some cars that the valve of the car tires are closed with a green color cap?

The green color indicates that the tires are nitrogen gas-filled tires.

The color does not represent the color of the nitrogen gas instead it is just to differentiate the air inside.

Why Green Colour?

I am sorry, I don’t know but we can use various colored tire valves based on our liking. Try Amazon for designer tire valve caps.

The tire valve cap can still be in regular black color. However, the green color would help us and the air station person to avoid topping up regular air into an already nitrogen gas-filled tires which are not recommended.

The best approach for ourselves here is to be cautious and inform the air station person on what to fill.

Nitrogen gas is a colourless, odourless inert gas.

Nitrogen Fill Is A Nifty Idea And Comes With A Cost & Time

The nitrogen filled tires indeed come with few advantages over the tires that are filled with the regular air. But, the cost proves that it is not something that would help us save money in 80 percent of the cases. Considering this factor, I would say using regular air-filled tires would help us save money and time as they are available even in small shops that fix the bikes.

The Thumb Rule

Check your tire pressure once in a month without fail irrespective of what air is inside.

My suggestion to those who opt back or stick to the usage of regular air in the tires is, check the air once in two or three weeks especially if,

– the car is being used daily and also in bad road conditions

– parked in an open parking area

– you live in a country that has high temperatures

Check out here to learn about why you need to choose the right tire pressure in your cars.

Should You Fill Your Car Tires With Nitrogen Gas?

nitrogen filled tires

Image Credit: Pixabay

Using nitrogen filled tires in your car is your personal choice. However, I would still ask the below questions.

1. Are you an F1 racer or Moto GP racer who would be driving on race tracks?

2. Are you a pilot of an Aeroplane?

3. Is it normal for your car to stay unmoved from the garage or parking for more than four weeks?

4. Do you commute daily on bad roads?

If your answer is No, then my answer is No too.

Unless you ride a race car on F1 tracks or fly an airplane you do not need nitrogen-filled tires.

Nitrogen filled tires are used in race cars and airplane tires because these machines travel at a very high speed on the tracks and while take-off and landing in case of an airplane which makes the tires super hot paving way to fluctuations in the tire pressure due to temperature which is not safe.

The duration mentioned in the 3rd and 4th questions may vary based on the condition of your car tires. If they are good, you may not worry else going for nitrogen-filled tires is wise for the reason that nitrogen air will stay longer than normal air.

Nitrogen Filled Tires – It’s Not Worth It

All the advantages mentioned in the previous section are valid but they are not proved to be far superior to the regular air fillings.

Remember, the below points.

1. We still need to refill the gas in the tires and fix the air leaks if any caused due to sharp objects.

2. Nitrogen gas is not free and the cost is high.

3. Nitrogen air is good but only gives a marginal difference in the performance and maintenance of the tires, fuel efficiency, etc. when compared to the regular air.

4. Not every fuel station has a nitrogen gas filling station hence we might end up with lesser options and would need to spend more time waiting to get nitrogen gas-filled tires.

No big deal if it’s available for free. I would still try to refuse it considering the time that would get wasted in search of a nitrogen gas filling station.

Points To Remember:

nitrogen filled tires

Image Credit: Thotslingo

– Be it normal or N2 air, fill all the four tires of your car in addition to the spare wheel.

– Fill air in the spare wheel with some extra psi compared to the recommended as they will stay in the trunk unscrewed for more period.

– Do not top-up regular air with Nitrogen and vice-versa.

– Do not forget to release all the existing air from the tires before filling it with Nitrogen when switching from regular air. The same applies to the reverse scenario as well.

– Set a recurring alarm or a reminder on your cellphone to fill the air in the tires so that you don’t miss the schedule.

Wear Seat Belts While Driving.

Life Sucks. Wear Quality Helmets While Riding Your Motorbikes & Bikes.

EDIT – 9/7/2020

I hope this content really makes sense as vehicles in some of our houses are expected to remain unmoved.


You will find good information here too.




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