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How To Reuse Perfume Bottles Glass And Save Money?


Perfume Bottles Glass Lasts Long, Very Long… (cond. apply)

One Million Years. Yes, you had heard it right. One Million Years is what it takes for glass to decompose in the ecosystem. Glasses do not contribute much to the current world’s pollution like how plastics do. But, this fact does not mean that we can use glasswares in various forms without a limit. The more we use and throw things that can be reused and recycled, the closer we would be to the point of regret. What is the problem with reusing? Reusing saves time, money, and energy. Here is an article where we are going to learn more about the ways we can reuse empty perfume bottles glass.

perfume bottles glass

Reuse Perfume Bottles

perfume bottles glass

Image Credit: pixabay

Nowadays, fragrances are stored in bottles or containers made of glass that comes in various forms. Some of them cut artistically by a machine and few that are hand-carved and sculpted. We either buy them for ourselves or to gift someone close to us.

Beyond that how many of us know about the basics of perfume? Until a few weeks back, I was one among that crowd who do not know the basic details about the origin of perfume. But, not anymore.

There are few articles and blogs over the internet if you are looking for ideas on how to reuse the older perfume bottles. But, I am sure that you would find at least a few unique ideas that are not covered anywhere outside Thotslingo. Here are a few snippets that are good to know.

The Origin Of Perfume

perfume bottles glass

Image Credit: AJV (Thotslingo)

– It is not France / Italy where the perfume got originated. It was from the old Mesopotamia and Egypt. Some say it might be from old china too. The further refinement of the Perfumes was done by the Arabs and the Romans.

– The word Perfume came from Latin per fumus, meaning “to smoke through“.

– A woman named Tapputi from Mesopotamia who lived in the BC’s is the first perfume maker.

– The oldest perfume in the world is Eau de BC found in Cyprus.

– The first Perfume bottles were used by the Egyptians.

Grasse – a territory in France is the perfume capital of the world.

Kannauj in Uttar Pradesh is the perfume capital of India.

36 Ways To Reuse Your Empty Perfume Bottles

It is high time that we learn to reuse things that can be reused and also cultivate the habit of reusing things in the minds of our kids. Hoping to inspire, I am moving further down. Here are some wonderful tips for reusing the used scent Bottles.

1. Refill

perfume bottles glass

Image Credit: Ganapathy (Thotslingo)

If you are not aware already and if you are a user of a luxury brand perfumes, be informed that one can very well refill/top-up the empty scent bottles with Perfume. This applies to most of the luxury brand perfumes. Are you located in the United Kingdom, then you can refer to this website for more details.

In India, we do not have any such stores or brands that help users with refills.

If you are a mid-segment perfume brand user, then try to refill the old perfume bottle with a similar fragrance extracted from the flowers and trees. All you need to do is to find a nearby Ittar or Attar shop for this. If the atomizer or the nozzle of your scent bottle is screwable type then you would be able to use the same bottle without any issues.

At an Attar shop, you can find the replica of fragrances like Ferrari, Versace, etc. If you are a fragrance lover, you would not regret your visit to the local Ittar shop. Try it and share your comments.

2. Glass Painting / Detergent Water Container / Sprayer

perfume bottles glass

Image Credit: pixabay

Do you paint?

If you do, you can convert your old perfume bottle into a stunning glass piece. Not just that, you can also add a sprayer/atomizer to the bottle and convert it to a water sprayer for plants or use detergent water to clean stains on the mirrors, clothes, etc. If you are looking for an atomizer, you can browse Amazon, Flipkart, or any similar eCommerce sites.

3. Terrarium

perfume bottles glass

Image Credit: mossymusings

How would it be to stay near live plants that are kept inside artistic bottles? That too when the plant does not need a lot of water.

Imagine yourself seeing flourishing greenery on your desk at work? It would be awesomely refreshing, isn’t it?

Your old perfume bottles glass can be turned into a Terrarium.

If you find yourself making great miniature terrariums, why not make them and sell it online? That would turn not just your empty scent bottle into a Terrarium but would also transform you into an Entrepreneur.

4. Creative Photographs

perfume bottles glass

Image Credit: pixabay

If you are into photography, you can use artistically sculpted empty fragrance bottles while capturing a person or a thing. It would tease your creativity further and can also help you make money out of the photographs you had captured.

5. Imaginative And Cool Bouquets

perfume bottles glass

Image Credit: Shutterstock

Planning to gift a bouquet to someone?

If you are an arts and crafts person you can use your old perfume bottles glass to make your home-made bouquet look more stunning. Something like the one shown in the representational picture above.

If you are good at something, do not do it for free. Instead, Sell it.

6. DIY Projects – Mould

perfume bottles glass

Image Credit: pinterest-itacakes

Most of the fragrance bottles that we come across would be beautiful in one or the other way. These bottles can be used as a mould to make something out of Silicone or similar. For example, a soap tray, a bird feeder, pin holder, or similar.

7. Paper Weights

perfume bottles glass

Image Credit: pixabay

Though the usage of paper in our day to day life had significantly reduced because of our mobile phones and computers, there are still some professions or activities that demand the usage of paper. If you are onto a similar profession and/or performing a similar activity, the old bottle can be utilized as a paperweight. It not only adds beauty to your desk but also helps you save a few bucks.

8. Décor – Centerpiece


Image Credit: pixabay

Who does not like to have an artistically set living room?

People who can afford shows great interest in buying a centerpiece for their living room. Most of the time, an item made by renowned brands/designers. But, when we cannot afford to buy a decor of high value, we can still make the most out of simple things that have grandeur looks. For example, an artistically designed perfume bottle. It would not just be a treat to our eyes but also the eyes of the visitors.

9. Create An Antique Collections Showcase


Image Credit: pixabay

If you are a person who buys and try perfumes of various brand, you can make use of those old empty bottles to set up a showcase. A showcase that holds your vintage and designer scent bottles collection placed in one corner inside your house.

This initiative would invite a few things.

First, it would motivate anyone who comes across to take it up as a hobby or kindles their minds to find a hobby.

Second, it can be a great ice breaker (conversation starter) especially when you want to converse with a new visitor to your house.

Third, after several years, these bottles that are from the current trend gets a designation of Vintage collections. You might come across fellow hobbyists who find its worth and would be interested to buy.

10. Fragrant Diffuser


Image Credit: pixabay

Why buy a separate reed diffuser holder when you can use your old scent bottle with slight modifications? To transform the perfume bottles glass to a diffuser, you may get the bottle cut and smoothened according to your need by taking to a glass cutting person.

11. Glittery Gifts


Image Credit: pinterest-designs-by-ginny

Turning your old empty scent bottles to a glittery gift is quite easy. All you need is some decorative colored powders or similar stuff to make it look great. You can paste the whole bottle with glitter and make a custom birthday gift to your friends. Not just that, as you can turn them to a decorative item by filling them with colored water or powder something similar to the one shown below. A group of empty bottles that are of the same shapes filled with various vibrant colors can be an eye-catcher.


In case, if you would like to buy a glittery gift made of styrofoam for someone, you can check the website.

12. Chandeliers Made Of Perfume Bottles Glass


Image Credit: pixabay

Some fragrances come with a bottle that is artistically moulded and cut. If you have got a reasonable number of similar bottle collections like the ones shown above, then why wait? Tie up your shoes and work towards making a magnificent looking chandelier for your main room at home. You might need to take professional help if you cannot spend much time to do it on your own. Imagine similar bottles like the ones shown above have been used on the chandeliers that too provisioned for a light bulb, WOW!

13. Make A Doll Stand

Image Credit: pixabay

Your old scent bottles can act as a stand for your hand-made toys. They not only bring happiness to your kids when placed in their rooms but also boost their confidence when they exhibit their toys to their friends who had come home. I would be very much happy to speak with my friends about something unique that I own. Don’t you?

14. Aquascaping

Image Credit: pixabay

The old scent bottles that are well cleaned and free from chemicals can be cut to a creative design to be kept inside an Aquarium. Not just as a backdrop for your aquarium but also to make partitions within the bigger aquarium to protect the little fish from the bigger ones. It can also be used to plant aquarium plants which can save a lot of money on the substrate cost that is applicable for a planted aquarium.

Replace the stone structure with bottles in your design. The above picture has been kept to give you an idea.

15. Arts & Crafts

Image Credit: pinterest – Bobbie Byrd | Clumsy Craft

Are you a person who conducts arts and crafts classes for a group of individuals in a classroom or similar?

For example, if you are teaching a glass painting session, you can make use of old scent bottles for painting purposes. This would save you some money on your spending to procure the glass for the trainees.

Here are some more ways which are very common when it comes to reusing old scent bottles.

16. Table Lamp

Image Credit: pinterest – Roses and Teacups

17. Flower Vase

Image Credit: pinterest – Carolina Storm

18. Fashion Accessories

Image Credit: pinterest – beautyhives

19. Pearl Holders/Jewellery Stand

Image Credit: pixabay

20. Wall Hanging; 21. Mini Planters For Desk / Water Diffuser for Table Plants; 22. Pill Case During Travel; 23. Perfume Holder During Travel; 24. Sell it on eBay, OLX, Amazon 25. Donate; 26. Oil Dispenser; 27. Key Chains; 28. Bird Feeder; 29. Oil Burners; 30. Pin Cushion; 31. Handy Pepper Spray Bottles; 32. Mosquito Repellent Spray Container; 33. Hand Wash Container; 34. X-Mas Tree Decoration; 35. Wreath made of mini bottles; 36. Car Freshener / Closet Freshener

The above-mentioned ideas are not the only ones. As we all know “Sky is the limit when it comes to creativity”.
Hope you liked reading this post.

Note: Rinsed / detergent wash the empty perfume bottles glass before use. Especially, when you use it as a pill case or similar.

Edited On 09/14/2020

The Reselling Drawback

After discussing all the above-mentioned on how to reuse the perfume bottles glass, I also want to give a hint on the drawback when we sell the empty fragrance bottles.

It is possible that the perfume bottles we sell are used for refilling the perfume that is counterfeit or of inferior quality. But, again that is something which I feel cannot be avoided as we cannot go on collecting the empty perfume bottles unless one is looking at opening an Antique or vintage perfume bottle boutique. I don’t know-how will be the fragrance of the perfumes shown in this link and in here but the bottles are for sure with an antique after few years.


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