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The Potato Story


Consuming Potato Will Make Us Look Like A Potato

It is a well-known old story. Below are some more facts for you to know about this power packed vegetable “Potato”.



Before I make a deep dive, Today 19th of August 2017 is celebrated as National Potato Day! at the United States Of America. There is a day for Potato in the countries like United Kingdom, Ireland too.

I got what you are thinking. Sorry, Pal, I am yet to hear from someone on this practice in India. It would be great if you can share it if you are aware.

Alrighty then, let’s dive.

Is there any one who turn their face and keep their hands controlled even after seeing a fried potato chips?

Maybe around 30-40% of the population does that considering other factors like age and medical conditions. Most of us know that consumption of deep-fried items made of potato leads to obesity and will make us look plump. So, I am not here to convey any information about its effects on obesity etc. But, I am going to share something interesting which few of us do not know.

I go to buy vegetables every weekend. Sometimes, I did notice that some of the potatoes in the tray with a green colored patch on them.

All those times, I use to tell myself that they are still raw. It is funny if I think about it now. How can it be raw when it is never gonna become a fruit :).

It took me 33 years to get to know the real fact about the green patch on top of the potatoes which I had come across.

Interesting Fact Number – 1

Ever Imagined A Potato As A Weapon?

Irrespective of whether you had imagined or not, it can be used as a weapon. Here is how.


The green patch on the potatoes are not because they are raw but because they are old. The green color is nothing but the chlorophyll. A chlorophyll on the potatoes confirms the presence of Solanine.

What Is A Solanine?

Solanine – A glycoalkaloid poison which can be found in the vegetables like Tomatoes, Egg Plants, and Potatoes. The presence of this chemical compound in the vegetables and fruits like berries protects them from bugs, insects, and diseases. Good for them but not for humans.

The Possible Effects:

Consumption of the green colored potatoes might lead to neurological and gastrointestinal disorders. Some of the other symptoms are as follows,

Above mentioned is not all. In critical cases, Paralysis, Hypothermia, Jaundice and even deaths have been recorded.

What Not To Do & To Do:

  • Look for green patches, spots while buying potatoes, tomatoes, and eggplants and do not buy them.

– Yes, the potatoes are screened for solanine levels before it hits the market. But, do we know what happens and how long it stays at the shop.

  • Storing potatoes at home for more number of days is not recommended.

– Longer duration can lead to solanine content build up to dangerous levels. Hence, buy them as per the need.

  • Cut the green part before cooking. Keep them away from sunlight.

– Storing potatoes in dark controls the production of toxins.

  • A rotten potato in a closed room emits poisonous gas. A gas which is capable of taking a life of someone who enters that room. Maybe we can come across similar sequence in a thriller movie shortly.

Interesting Fact Number – 2

Can we consume potatoes which have got sprouts on top of it?


It is best not to consume those potatoes without removing the extra growths. Especially, restrict yourself from giving this to little children as the octopus like sprouts contain glycoalkaloid.

Interesting Fact Number – 3

Potatoes + Baking Soda – can help us to clean kitchen utensils like pans and objects made of metal to remove rust.

Interesting Fact Number – 4

A slice of potato is good to clean a foggy mirror or glass at home.

Interesting Fact Number – 5

Ha Ha! Here is the beauty tip. Placing sliced potatoes can make the dark circles around the eyes to fade.

Interesting Fact Number – 6

Too salty curries? Introducing potatoes in the salty curries absorb the salt without any changes in the taste. I have tried it in the year 2011.

Interesting Fact Number – 7

Have you heard about Potato Parcel?


Image Credit: Potato Parcel

If you are living in the United States of America, you can now send great messages or a potato photo postcard to someone via potato parcel. A creative and memorable parcel it would be to someone special. You can also get them shipped without any hassle to Canada, Australia, Europe, and United Kingdom.

Interesting Fact Number – 8

Potatoes due to their richness in complex carbohydrates can elevate your mood by motivating because of their effect on your brain chemicals called neurotransmitters.

Interesting Fact Number – 9,10…

Will share if I come across any. If you know something, please do use the comments section to share so that I can find a spot for them too in this article.

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