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Part 3 – 32 Things Worth Spending Money On Without Any Regrets


Things Worth Money – Part 3

This is the last blog post on the topic Things/Items that are worth spending money on. Hope you had enjoyed the part 1 and part 2 blog post on the same topic. Here you will find the list of the last 10 items.

things worth money

Part 3 Of 3 –

23. Professional Photographs by a Photographer

It is undeniable that with the advanced smartphones like iPhone, One Plus, Oppo, Xiaomi, Samsung etc which are floating in the market, the craze of owning cameras had reduced. That too, when the cell phones carry more than two camera lenses behind themselves the digital cameras that many people had purchased a few years back are surfacing now in the websites like OLX, Quikr, Sulekha etc. under used-items selling category. Is this indicating the closure of Digital Camera’s era? We need to wait to arrive at a conclusion on it. Let us give it some more time.

things worth money

Image Credit: Pixabay

Photographs are so powerful as they have got the capability to freeze a moment. They take us to that exact moment when the snap was clicked. They provide us with moments that we cherish and they make us feel Nostalgic.

You may be comfortable in the field of photography. But, what is the use if you are not there in the family photograph? Hope you are getting me. Whatever may be the occasion, hiring a good professional photographer is one among the Items that are worth spending money on.

24. Landscaper

things worth money

Image Credit: Pixabay

Ah, Landscaping. Very much relevant to people who own an individual house with a front or backyard. If you own a house then a landscaper is a thing where one can spend money on without any regrets. Be it a bungalow, a house built in a one ground space, a well-maintained lawn/ a walking path/ a sit out with minimal lawn is a refreshing thing. Nowadays, even in the apartments, they provide space for gardening irrespective of which floor one stays. It does not matter whether one uses it for reading the newspaper with a sip of coffee in the mornings or to meditate and do yoga. There are chances that we do not get the time to sit and relax every day near the landscapes but on weekends a well-maintained landscape can act as a mind rejuvenator for sure.

25. A Cleaning Service

Hire a Cleaning Service professional to clean the House (both interior and the exterior part of the house), Lawn, Swimming Pool or any place that would give a good feel in our heart when they are clean and suitable to relax.


things worth money

Some people might think that hiring a professional to clean stuff that we ourselves can do is a waste of money. But, trust me it is the opposite in most of the scenarios. It is true most of the times because of the below,

1. Lack of knowledge on how to handle things
2. Scarcity of time and
3. Lack of effective tools

When we do not have the basic stuff to handle a task, as a novice we are prone to screw up the whole situation. They end up hiring a professional at the later part to clean the mess. And at that moment we are most likely to spend more money than normal to get the task completed. It is fine to admit that we do not know certain things and leave those to a person who has got more experience on it.

26. Dry Cleaning

Coming to washing, pressing and dry cleaning of our clothes, I would say it is better to delegate that activity to someone else rather than doing it yourself. In countries like the USA, it is quite normal that an individual takes care of washing clothes themselves. It is totally different there as they don’t end up wasting more time due to the usage of timers and dryers for their clothes.

If we consider a country like India where the weather is totally opposite when compared with the west, you are gonna sweat more and our washing machines or the washing powders are not going to do the job as showcased in an advertisement. In the end, you are just going to find the stains on collar, cuffs etc. when you stand in front of the mirror.

things worth money

Have you got the patience to do a hand wash to scrub the stains followed by placing the clothes inside the machine? Do you have time to carry your clothes to the terrace or to the place where you can dry your clothes? Remember,  it is going to consume at least half a day if you are a person who washes clothes once a week.

Don’t you think that you can spend that time on something else, be it speaking to your family members, workout or anything that is worth spending your valuable time on? If I consider all these, I would say it is best to delegate that task to some person who can do the task better and make an earning.

27. Contingency Fund

At least 90 % of us know about the importance of having a Contingency Fund. But, very few follow it and many ignore considering other priorities which need to be covered with that money after every payday.

things worth money

Be frugal so that you can start saving at least 2000 INR of 50 to 100 Dollars after every month’s paycheck. Registering for a Recurring Deposit and placing the deductions via an ECS would really help those who are struggling to save money. Try it. Because it is one of the things worth money. By registering for it you not only take care of yourselves but also be an example for your kids and other family members.

28. A Good AirConditioner

I can rephrase it. An air conditioner that has quality components that would stay for a while. In the market, you might find a lot of options to choose but opt for the one that has a good history with respect to their product, availability of the service etc.

things worth money

I am not saying all the options available in the market are bad. An average lifetime of a good air conditioner when well maintained would be more than 6 years. But, this time frame is suitable only in the scenario where the AC is not moved after the first installation. You know, in my opinion, AC’s are not to be disturbed once installed. The more the AC’s have been moved from one place to other, the less their components lifetime would be.

My give away point is that if you are looking to buy an AC for your own house where you or your family is expected to stay for a longer duration, then go for an AC that has a good name amongst the users. It might cost you a bit more but still, they are worth it considering the quality of the components and service availability.

There is something I would like to point out. Please remember that there is a difference between High and Expensive. Hence, decide based on your need and the spending power. Because any product we buy should convince us that we had spent our hard-earned pay on the things worth money.

29. A Kitchen Knife

If you are really concerned about the things that are used while cooking then go for a good kitchen knife. Knives are not just one or two types to zero down on one. Some knives do not have many tasks to perform at homes as they are well suited for a bigger kitchen set up like a restaurant.

things worth money

At homes, we might need just a few like one for Vegetables and one for Meat that too only if need be. Be it whether you use one knife for all kitchen purpose or not, invest in a good one. They not only come past the quality check but also manufactured considering the safety of the users while cutting the vegetables and meat. Not to forget that if well maintained, a good knife can stay and do its job well for years. Seeing your knife sparkle even after several years would surely make you place your knife under the list of things worth money that you had bought.

30. Phones And Personal Computers

things worth money

Go for a good phone but not very expensive when it comes to your cell phone. When it comes to your personal desktop and laptop computer, go for the one that has a good configuration so that it won’t become outdated for at least a few years. If you would like to consider an assembled pc, then do it with the help of a professional in case if you are a novice. Buying an advanced or the latest version of any electronic items are things worth money considering their validity in the market.

31. A Reliable Antivirus / Internet Security Software

Never use your personal computer or any mobile device without security software in it. Data about us and our closed circle is highly sought by many companies to give us a good customer experience. At the same time, it might also make us undergo a nightmare if caught in the hands of the wrong person.

things worth money

Be it our photos, financial transactions, passwords, our contacts, anything and everything from our mobile devices and computers are not safe. So, invest in a Reliable Antivirus / Internet Security Software to safeguard ourselves from hackers. Don’t you think that an internet security software is one among the things worth money?

32. Quality Earphones / Headphones

The “kin of cell phone” comes all the way and stay with many people until they go to bed. Be it for listening to music or to speak over the phone, it is best to choose this accessory wisely to avoid any ear related issues.

things worth money

Stay away from low-cost earphones as they are not really seen to be working for more than a few months.
Invest in good quality and comfortable earphones and headphones so that you need not buy several in a year and burn your wallet.

Officially, this comes to the end of part 3 article on 32 things worth money. However, here are some Bonus points below.

33. Back covers & Tempered Glass for Cell Phone

Some people might be changing their cell phone every few months or a year. If you fall under that group then this point might not be very useful for you but can be considered when you gift or buy a phone for your Mom and Dad.

things worth money

Back covers and Tempered glasses comes in great designs and a lot of features starting from fully covered back covers to smudge-free, anti-glare tempered glasses. The current mobile device I use is 3 plus years old and I would say the back cover and tempered glass had played a vital role in it that makes me feel they are among things worth money. Choose wisely so that they can help you save some money.

34. A Skycap

Skycap refers to a Porter at an Airport. Trust me, they will ensure that you do not wait for long in the queue to reach the desk. They have got their own tactics and ways that would save a lot of time for us once we opt for them.

things worth money

Maybe you have got an elderly person with you or you had to carry a lot of baggage, they are the ones you should consider and I would say that you won’t regret that.

The money you spend for a Skycap can not only save you more time but also give you a pleasant and relaxed trip. Hence, it is surely one of the things worth money.

Image Credits: Pixabay

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