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Part 2 – 32 Things Worth Spending Money On Without Any Regrets


Things Worth Money – Part 2

Thank You for spending your time reading this blog post. As you know already this post is a continuation of my previous article with the list of the first 10 stuff worth money. Here in this post, I have penned down the next set of 12 things that are worth buying.

stuff worth money

Image Credit: Pixabay

Like the apparel and food/health-related items that have been covered in part 1, this post will hold information about some more things worth money that falls slightly under a different category.

Things Worth Money – The 2nd 10+2

11. Mattress / Pillows

stuff worth money

Image Credit: Pixabay

For a comfortable and stress-free tomorrow at work or at home, our body needs good sleep tonight. A good sleep would ensure that our circadian rhythm is stable. We do have some more factors as well that boosts proper sleep and that is where and why the Mattresses and Pillows pop up among the things worth money.

Who would be interested in experiencing backache and neck pain every day? For sure, a bad quality mattress and pillows will pave the way for it starting from changing our posture, leading to disc slip/bulge and spondylitis. If we need to prevent ourselves from becoming a victim of these kinds of complaints, we have only two options.

1. Buy a good quality mattress/pillow after doing proper research on the type and your budget.

2. Stick to the basics. Use a floor mat meant for sleeping. Lay down on the floor in case you cannot handle the budget but do not go for a mattress without proper research just for the sake of saving a few thousand.

12. Energy Savers

stuff worth money

Image Credit: Pixabay

The best thing we can do for our kids and the younger generation is to save energy and also teach them how to do it. Starting with LED light bulbs there are a lot of innovations that have been done on finding an alternative source that will help us serve energy. Yes, some of the items are expensive when compared to the traditional items which have been in the market for a longer period. But, if we think a bit closer we can come to an understanding that the regular ones going forward will not only make us spend more money on them but also will make us spend more energy that needs to be preserved.

Choose wisely, and forget about the money. Money is something that we can earn as far as we are in good health but not the natural resources and energy. Give priority to the energy savings.

Below are some of the stuff worth buying or considering with respect to energy saving.

– Go for LED bulbs in place of normal bulbs.

– Focus on selecting electronic appliances based on the energy ratings.

– If you are a Farmer, Hats Off to you. Prefer moving to a Solar Power rather than using regular electricity. Most countries welcome that approach and they ensure that you get the required help towards the setup that too at a subsidized cost. A solar power setup is not only for the farmers but also for every other industry and for our own apartments.

I got a ceiling fan, check if you can buy the one that comes with a remote control. There are times when I have ignored turning off the fan just because I need to wake up from the couch and take a few steps to reach the switchboard.

– Choose bathroom faucets and similar things only based on their quality. A well-built item will stay for a long and also help us save water.

– Think one more time before going for a water purifier. A purifier not only provides us with clean drinking water but also flushes out a reasonable amount of water into the drain during the purification process. Yes, that is something that we cannot avoid but, we can spend enough time to research things like these while choosing a water purifier that would help us save water to some extent at least.

13. Second Opinions From Doctors

stuff worth money

Image Credit: Pixabay

One of the things that none of us should feel bad about spending money on, is its worth. A second opinion from a medical practitioner is a must especially when dealing with major illnesses. There is nothing wrong with going for that and it does not mean that we are ditching our family doctor. To err is human. If your laboratory tests do not look good or if you are suffering even after your test results show normal, then it is time that you go for another test. Maybe you are absolutely healthy but still giving it a shot is worth it as it rules out any complaints and also gives us more assurance.

14. Regular Health Checkups

stuff worth money

Image Credit: Pixabay

Meeting your family medic for a normal health check-up once a year at least is a must and the money you spend on it is truly valuable. Remember the saying “Prevention Is Better Than Cure” always. Sometimes, with a regular health check-up, a medic can identify health issues in their early stages. Conditions like Cancer are known to be cured fully if diagnosed in the early stages.

15. Chairs And Foot Rest

stuff worth money

Image Credit: Pixabay

Buying a good quality ergonomic chair and footrest sling will help a lot in maintaining our postures. They are really things worth money, especially while at work. Compromising these things would just make us spend more money than the cost of the items. Hence, think again before you say No to a good and comfortable chair or ignore asking for it at the office. The words Good and Expensive are very different, kindly note.

16. Mentor

stuff worth money

Image Credit: Pixabay

To have a Mentor is a wonderful thing and it is becoming a must nowadays. Ask yourself this question.

How secure is your current job?

If you are 100 percent sure that your job is secure then still consider having a good mentor as they are not just for guiding us in our careers but also help us in handling situations in our personal life.

A mentor-mentee relationship is something that goes for longer miles. Spending money on a professional who can mentor us is absolutely one of the things worth money. Think of it as an investment because a good mentor can show us a lot many new ways and approaches that we never thought about when it comes to our professional and personal lives.

17. Travel

stuff worth money

Image Credit: Pixabay

For some people, Travelling is one kind of meditation. Spending money on traveling to new places comes with a lot of benefits. We can learn a lot of new things especially when we visit places which are of different cultures. Though I am saying this, I had myself ignored it many times just because of the budget crunches. Spending towards travel irrespective of whether it is a solo or group trip is not a waste. Instead, a thing worth money.

18. Education / Learning

stuff worth money

Image Credit: Pixabay

We all strive hard to give a good education to our kids. We know that their future depends on it. In this current world education/continuous learning is not only for our kids but for everyone.

Every one of us is replaceable. Irrespective of our profession, if we stop or don’t learn things that are known to be the future then we are placing ourselves in a spot from where it is going to be difficult to return.

Here is a quote from Friedrich Nietzsche, a German Philosopher.

“The snake which cannot cast its skin has to die…”

Do you think that the quote above refers only to the snake? If we stop learning and do not adapt to changes then there is nothing much we can look forward to. Spending money on learning new things is good. Be it learning a new language, swimming, or anything that gives you an edge over the other.

19. Hard Cover Books

stuff worth money

Image Credit: Pixabay

Ask any book lovers, they would say that they prefer hardcover books compared to paperback. It is absolutely fine to buy a paperback book to read at first. But, if you are truly impressed with the book and want to own a copy of it in your personal library then go for a Hard Cover book.

Spending money on a hardcover book made of good quality paper and printing is, in fact, a kind of investment and they are absolutely one of the things worth money.

We will not know how many times we will be referring to those books throughout our lives. They not only give us a good feel to grab it and read but also stay with us for a longer period.

I am referring to reading books and acting upon what we read as an investment because as far as I know those who read more books and act accordingly belong to the 1 % group in the world.

20. Helmet

An important item that most of us fail to realize.

Is there anything that we do not know that will give me an option to reiterate its importance?

Most of the two-wheeler riders especially in India wear helmets only for the sake of traffic police. Most of the time do not give much importance to the helmet’s quality while buying instead focus on its looks and its cost.

Let us think about our Skull and not Style.

Let me convey here, always ensure that you buy a helmet that meets DOT/ECE/SNELL specifications.

Why not the ISI rating?

DOT/ECE etc. are really good options when compared to ISI. Want to know why I prefer others when compared to ISI, try youtube.

Helmets are the ones that can save us at the time of a real-time crash. Not only our life but also our pockets. Consider buying a good quality helmet as an investment and it is truly among the things worth money list.

21. Good Quality Tires

stuff worth money

Image Credit: Pixabay

Just like the helmets mentioned above, good quality tires are a must and something that falls under the things worth money category. Irrespective of what vehicle we drive/ride and the geographical location where we reside, stretching a bit extra on buying this item is really a good investment.

22. Insurance

stuff worth money

Image Credit: Pixabay

Not all Insurance policies are good. Not all the information that we hear from the agents is true. Yet, a good health insurance policy can be a great helping hand in times of need and that sole reason makes it imperative.

Insurance is a must-buy thing worth money without any buyer’s remorse but only after thorough research.

With this post, I had completed the top 22 stuff worth money out of 32. Stay tuned for the last 10 things worth money in part 3 shortly.

In case you have not got a chance to read part 1, you can find it here.

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  1. Hi Vinoth,
    I missed the first part, so I read it first before this and I totally agree with all of things in the list 🙂 A book for me will never be a waste of money. It will get you to places without even moving a foot 😉 Love this post. Thanks for sharing!

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