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Is your Loofah Possessed?


Yes, a Loofah is always possessed by bacteria and germs if not properly maintained. This is applicable to both natural as well as synthetic or plastic mesh types.



Okay, Let me put it this way.

The Questions On Loofah:

  • How many of us take care or maintain the Loofah which we use at home regularly?
  • Even if you are taking care of it, are you sure that it is free from Bacteria and Germs?

Especially, when we have got kids at home, there are certain things which we really need to consider while using a Loofah. You know it already that most of the kids are really fascinated about the Loofah’s which are available in the market in various catchy colors and size.

Please understand that a Loofah plays a role of a scrub which helps us in removing the dead skin from our body and keep the skin fresh. But there are certain things which happen behind the scenes too.


A Loofah becomes a bacteria possessed Loofah when it is not allowed to dry under sunlight after every use. The mold growth and the bacteria’s residing in Loofah will lead to skin diseases and skin infections like red bumps and Candida etc.

Best Advice:

Use your hands and fingers (cut your nails regularly) to clean instead of relying on a body scrubber or any other similar products. Make your kids understand the reason why it is required to dump the scrubber after recommended usage.

If you cannot avoid it, then maintain it regularly. The cost of it won’t even near to the cost which we would incur by visiting a Dermatologist.

The Do’s:

  • Leave it to dry after every use daily. Preferably under sunlight preferably terrace or any equivalent place if you are in India. Other options are to use Microwave / Washing Machine Dryer etc.


  • The maximum lifetime of a Loofah is 4 to 5 weeks, hence stop using the same body scrubber for a long time.

Change Indicator: Change in color of the scrubber.

  • It is better to give a 100% dedicated bath to your body scrubber at least once in a week. The best approach would be to give it a vinegar + water soak for an hour before leaving it for drying.

The Dont’s:

  • Do not use the body scrubbing mesh if you have got broken skin due to any cuts or wounds.


  • Sharing is Good but not when it comes to a body scrubber. Do not Share.


  • Do not use a body scrubbing mesh to clean face and other sensitive parts of the body which are prone to infection.

Pictures Source: Clipart, Pininterest

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