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How safe are our Eyes?


Tempered Glass

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How safe are our Eyes? Our current generation is very much used to the Toughened or Tempered Glass. The glass we stick on top of the cell phone’s display to prevent it from breakages.

Are they safe for your Eyes?

Not All.

Tempered Glass

We tend to buy the Tempered Glass for our cell phones from the websites like Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, Ali Express based on the below factors.

  1. The cost of the Tempered Glass.
  2. Customer ratings.
  3. 9H Hardness
  4. Smudge or finger print resistant.
  5. Anti shatter/scratch and more…

What To Consider While Choosing Tempered Glass?

In a run to protect our cell phone’s display glass, we are really missing an important factor which is supposed to be the major factor to place in front before purchasing a tempered glass.

To protect our own eyes. This should be the first thing to consider rather than protecting our cell phones which we are going to change without a doubt in less than a year or two.

Do you know that a sub standard tempered glass can harm our eyes?

Yes, they can cause irreparable problems to our eyes if not chosen wisely. Remember, human eyes are not good at filtering Blue Light.

Lower quality or non-genuine tempered glasses can lead to the following.

  • Eye pain due to the strain
  • Dryness and Irritation in Eyes
  • Passing of harmful radiation Blue Light from phone leading to the damage of sensitive cells in the retina.
  • Eye fatigue
  • Myopia
  • Sleep disorders
  • Headaches
  • Visual Display Terminal (VDT) Syndrome
  • Blurred vision
  • Development of lumps inside eyes

There are a lot of tempered glasses available in the market with the cost varying from low to high, packed in fancy cartons and wipes.

Do we know that they are genuine tempered/toughened glass? We do not even bother from my understanding.

How To Choose Tempered Glass For Cell Phones?

  1. Buy a genuine product from reliable online sellers and retailers.
  2. The tempered glass should be capable of blocking high energy visible rays.
  3. Look out for the features like Anti Blue light protection, UV rays protection or Retina Guard.
  4. Pay attention for also the features like Anti Myopia and Anti Eye Fatigue.
  5. Look out for the information on the glass and the number of layers used to make the product. The four layered glasses come with Zero Distortion and Zero Strain features.
  6. Replacement warranty. Most of the genuine products come with a warranty. This is going to need you to spend few extra bucks but it’s worth to spend to protect your eyes.


  • Always hold your cell phones 15 – 18 inches away from your eyes.
  • Always Blink to avoid eyes becoming dry.
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