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Earn/Save Money Via Google Maps?


From the moment I had started using a smart phone, I use Google Maps. One among the applications used by more number of people who have got Android and iOS smart phones. Any one who uses Google Maps on their smartphone can share information to Google with the help of a google maps local guide.

google maps local guide

Image Source: Google

What is Google Maps Local Guide?

A google maps local guide is a program that is integrated with Google Maps through which an explorer can help by contributing information.

google maps local guide

One can become a Local Guide if they use Google Maps on regular basis. With a touch of the button “Your Contributions” after sharing details like the ones mentioned below, a person becomes a Google Local Guide who is eligible for the points.

  • Information about a particular place.
  • Adding a missing place in the maps.
  • Updating details on the place edits.
  • Reviews about a particular spot.
  • Providing the visual information in the form of photographs.
  • Answering the questions asked by Google.
  • Providing feedback.

Note that the points awarded vary according to the contribution made. For example, a google maps local guide receives 15 points for adding a place.

What Do Google Local Guides Get?

By playing a role of google maps local guide, a person is eligible for the benefits from Google. The benefits are based on their contribution levels and the points acquired. When I say benefits they are not exactly in the form of money but in the form of perks.

Saving money or avoiding an expense in a form other than by spending money is also a kind of earning.

Remember, it is not a profession and it is a voluntary community program where people help others by providing navigation.

Levels in Google Local Guide Program:

There are ten levels in the program. The benefits a local guide earn varies based on the levels in which they are. The levels move up based on the contributions of an individual.

Level One:

A Local Guide who has attained level 1 are eligible to receive the perks like,

– Monthly newsletters related to local guides.
– Opportunities to take part in contests related to local guides.
– Eligibility to attend workshops conducted by Google.

Level Two:

A Local Guide with level 2 are eligible to receive the perks like,

– Early bird access or Prime access to new products and features launched by Google.

Level Three:

A level 3 explorer get benefits like,

– Invitations to attend Google hosted events.
– Access to connect with other local guides via Google plus.

Levels Four & Beyond:

A level four and beyond local guides are eligible,

– To unlock a local guide batch of honor in Google Maps.

– A chance to receive 3 months subscription of Google Play Music.

– 75% discount on a movie rental on Google Play.

– To feature in local guide online channels.

– Access to test new products which are not yet released to the public. We can say beta versions of a Google applications.

– Invitation to attend summits related to local guides. A summit where they get an opportunity to network with similar level 5 guides.

By moving higher on the levels a guide also gets special benefits. The perks vary based on the geographical location. A Google Maps Local Guide reaches level 10 once he/she acquires 100,000 points.

Other Practical Rewards:

  • Increased Google Drive Storage, erstwhile Google had awarded 1000 GB space.
  • A 100 GB free storage space between Gmail and Google Photos. For your information, as a regular user, one needs to pay around Rs. 2000 per year to own 100 GB space.
  • Opportunity to build your network by meeting a lot of people when you are traveling alone.
  • A paid trip to attend Local Guide conferences.

For more information on how to become a local guide please refer to local guides.

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