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You Can Make Money via Amazon – mTurk


Do You Use Amazon To Buy Things? If So, Do You Know About This Too?

I buy things from Amazon instead of its rivals like Flipkart, and Snapdeal as I find Amazon’s rate lower but that is not the only one reason anyway. Let me not divulge. Here, we are not gonna get to know how to spend money on Amazon, instead learn how to also make money from Amazon’s mTurk.

Why Am I Fan Of A Side Hustle?

Are we sure how long the software company in which we are now is gonna keep us?

An answer to the above question is the one and only reason for me being a fan of a side business always.

When it comes to a side hustle, we have got many opportunities but we end up ignoring those due to lack of knowledge. Trust me, a side hustle is good to have 90% of the times. Hence, catch hold of multiple opportunities in your hands to live and let others live their life better.


Image Credit: Pixabay

Heard About Amazon Mechanical Turk / mTurk?

Very few people knew that we can make money via Amazon mTurk. If you know about it already and if you are a member, please do let others know your experience. You can share your comments in the commentsluv section at the bottom of this post.

What Is Amazon mTurk?

It is a marketplace for work which involves tasks that are simple but need Human Intelligence to perform. It is a platform where one can be a requester or a worker. If you have got some small tasks but do not want to spend time on it due to other priorities then you can post your job in mTurk. A person who had signed up in mTurk as a worker can help you complete the task for a nominal rate.


Image Credit:mTurk

The tasks most of the time would be a smaller task which does not need people to squeeze their brain a lot. Please remember that with mTurk you cannot make a great earning but a reasonable value. The value that can help you handle buying some groceries, pay utility bills or hit a saloon without a need to think twice.


Image Credit:mTurk

Tempted Already To Hop On?

Wait! there is one more thing that you need to know.

Amazon mTurk had stopped accepting registrations from India. I have signed up myself but got a response saying that Amazon mTurk cannot accept the registration. Yes, it is a bad news and I am sorry that I do not have much information to provide here.

Thinking, why the heck I had still wrote about it and shared this post?

I thought this information would help our friends and relatives who are living outside India. Specifically, the dependents of friends who are playing a role of great home maker at The United States, Australia, United Kingdom and many other countries. As I said above, the earnings from mTurk might not be big but would be a great side hustle that will help us save money.

When it comes to The United States of America, we do have restrictions on a dependent taking up a job. So, for those friends who are on H1B, do some research and then sign up if you find it to be really worthy. If not, just ignore mTurk until your visa status changes to avoid any unwanted issues from the government. For the friends in other countries, I would suggest to give it a shot for sure at this mTurk.

Is It Important To Have A Side Hustle?

Yes, I believe that a salary from a single active job will not help us or our dependents reach to a comfortable spot unless we are a CEO of a company. Six months earning from a side hustle like mTurk or any similar will help us pay our LIC installments without any doubt.

Irrespective of whether it is big or small it will not only help us earn few bucks but also help us learn. A side business or a side hustle, need not be a big one like our active profession.

A side business helps us,

  • To build our network.
  • Gain more Knowledge and understand an importance of savings.
  • Learn how to make money work for us.

Do You Know?

Warren BuffettThe mentor of Bill Gates had these as his side hustles when he was young.


Image Credit: Forbes

He had sold,

  • Gum And Coca-Cola at the age of six.
  • Started to deliver the “The Washington Post” News Paper at the age of fifteen.
  • Bought refurbished golf balls and sold them.
  • Sold collectible stamps.
  • Started an old pinball machine in barber shops at the age of seventeen.
  • A car-shining business.

and more…

Is It Practical To Have A Passive Income Stream?

Yes, it is. In case if someone has a different opinion then I would be really interested to hear about their views about it. Please do use the comments section.

Do I Have Experience In A Side Hustle?

Yes, I do. If you had followed my blog, you can recollect that I had written a post about iWriter and how to become successful in it. A side hustle which I had for some time. In case you had missed, you can refer that post here.

Friends living outside India, suggest your dependents to signup now to mTurk and see if they can make some extra money. Not only that, at least they will not feel bored when you and kids are away from home during the day.

I had got a response from Amazon after two weeks. Do not worry in case if you receive a regret email from Amazon saying that you cannot be a worker at mTurk.

Just by signing up, you at least know that something named mTurk exists in Amazon and there are people who are making money out of it.

Happy Savings 🙂

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  1. Vinoth I’m a staunch believer of side hustle as well…. If there is something in India please do let me know…… Will go through your previous blog and WhatsApp you as well…. Happy writing….

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