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Do You Listen To Music While Working?


Do You Listen To Music While Working?

I listen to music most of the times while at work. Specifically, when I am involved in some task on which I am very much familiar and comfortable. In case, if I am on to something and if it is a bit new or if I need to learn and then perform, I use the pause button too sometimes.


Image Credit: Pixabay

This is not the first time that I am writing about Music. You will be able to find an article which I had already written on how Baroque Music helps in boosting brain power, productivity, sleep and more. Just use the search bar which is available in the blog to find it.

As a trail post, I am here again to share something which I had recently come across and enjoyed it even when I am there at work. Trust me, I do work on tasks at my work place and this listening to music part happens in parallel. In the beginning, I use to listen to regular songs from the movies but moved on to Baroque and Jazz lately as I had found them awesome.

What Is It Now?

Nowadays, it is not Baroque or Jazz music. It is of a different kind and it makes me fall in love with it every time I listen to.

Could there be anyone in this world who does not like to listen to the below sounds?

The sound that comes out when,

  • There is a Breeze.
  • We are alone at a Seashore.
  • It Rains.
  • The water flows into the river.
  • We sit near the campfire/fire place.
  • The fall of leaves during an Autumn.

Don’t we sometimes miss that,

  • Calmness we experience while walking inside the woods/forest.
  • That awesome train sound that we get to hear after everyone in the compartment sleeps.

All the above-mentioned sounds have a tendency to make us feel different in a positive way. Though, we know that they are all awesome to hear, do we have time for all these small lovely things in our faster lives?

Thanks To Noisli:

Here is Noisli, the app which has been developed for us all to enjoy nature anywhere and at any time. Irrespective of whether you are at work or at home, noisli can help you topple the bad situations to a much better state.

We can bring in this wonderful app into our pockets by downloading from Google Play or an App Store. The only thing that we need is a cell phone. In addition, when we are at work, we can make use of either the chrome web store or type the URL (Uniform Resource Locator) and listen to it using the laptop or the desktop computer.

Ha Ha Ha… I was unable to recollect the acronym of URL for a moment. So, expanded it above just in case if you find yourself in the same spot.

Situations When Noisli Comes As A Savior:

  • Just got out from a burner? I referring to that one plus hour meeting with the client. Rejuvenate yourself by listening to the music of nature.
  • Want to concentrate more on to the coding you are working on or the kernel update you are on to? Try this wonder app.
  • Learning something new, we have got “Brownian Noise/ Brown/Red Noise”. Just give it a shot.
  • Unable to tolerate that annoying tone or disturbing voice at the office? You know what I am going to suggest.
  • Working out of a coffee shop? Arrest unwanted noise.
  • Like to stay relaxed, try “White Noise” music and you will enjoy.
  • Unable to sleep, try “Pink Noise”. The sound of pink noise is known for improving sleep and memory power.

I can already visualize more thumbs up’s to the below point 🙂

  • Having an Awesome quarrel at home? Feel like responding to each sentence you hear from your partner? We all know that it is better to stay quiet.

– Believe me, holding water in the mouth won’t work great all the time :). I am yet to try Noisli in these kinds of scenarios. But, I believe Noisli will work like a charm.

What Is More To Try?


Image Credit: Noisli

We can enjoy the pre-configured sounds categorized under Relaxation and Productivity but that is not all. With Noisli, we can also configure random sounds based on our interests.

For example, if you would like to virtually experience the combination of a Thunderstorms while you are at the sea shore scenario, that is possible too with Noisli.


Dear Friends, I am sharing the information about this app as I am experiencing and found it to be helpful and nothing more. The number of occurrences of the term “Noisli” in this write-up might be more but it does not mean that I am writing a product review. I am no way related to this application developer or any of its related entities.

Started Falling In Love With Noisli Already?

I hope you are able to find the Comments Luv section at the bottom of this post. Please do drop your valuable comments based on your experience with Noisli.

Happy Sharing.


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