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Child Abuse – Are Our Kids Really Safe?


It’s Molestation Everywhere:

Every week, it has become a routine to come across some news related to Kids being molested or sexually abused. It’s not even two weeks since we heard about a child abuse in Chennai. Before even this incident gets a spot of an older incident in our memory, we have got two more similar bad news on the molestation of a kid. This time there are two. One at a popular private day care center in Bangalore and another incident on a molestation of a six-year-old kid in another part of India.

child abuse

When the molestation rates are very high in our country, I don’t even think we are eligible to be called as a Developing country. This pathetic state of our country does not make me feel good. Especially, when I think how secure our own kids, sisters, and friends are, to be more accurate the whole female gender. The female gender of our own country as well from other countries who come as a visitor. This is not an issue which our government can fix by implementing severe punishments and things like that alone. Even if they try, there comes the human rights team.

As a parent of a five-year-old girl kid, it’s pushing me to an uncomfortable spot when I think how and what would be the mentality of the person who is getting indulged in these kinds of brutal acts that too towards the innocent kids.

If we look at the facts, people who are getting indulged in these activities are not limited to some age group, region, literacy etc but they are limited to one particular gender. Not everyone but some of them.

child abuse

Image Credit: the woman2407

It is Not New For Us:

Molestation/ Child Abuse is not something new but it had started getting exposed more after the Nirbahya incident which had happened at Delhi a few years back. Though it is a sorrowful incident it had acted as an eye opener to many. It had created a lot of awareness on what to do in scenarios like that. At the same time, the worst part is that even with the awareness we could still hear about similar incidents for example where a girl kid got molested at a school in Bangalore, followed by Chennai and other metros too.

Where Is It Safe?

No place seems to be safe nowadays. Not our apartment or the school and the school buses. This is not an issue which we can change overnight but there is one thing which we all can do. Yes, instead of blaming we can try to safeguard our own school going kids, especially the ones who are yet to get to know the world better.

child abuse

As a parent, we all start thinking about the school where we wanted our kids to study before even they turn to age 2. There are few schools where the parents register their kid for Kindergarten before even they face the outside world.

Below Is What I Did:

I stood in a queue of 500+ as a 350th  person to register my kid for KG not during the regular hours but at around 4 AM in the morning that too when it was drizzling. It is not the schools to be blamed for these things, it’s the parents like us who had brought these kinds of instances which are being followed.

I am not blaming anyone but are we really showing the same kind of interest towards our kid’s safety once after our kids join the school?

It’s us, the parents who are supposed to play a major role in protecting our kid from child abuse. The school do share some part of the responsibility for our kid safety but think, for the school, our kids are not the only one.

child abuse

Image Credit: Pixabay
I had listed down some of my thoughts on how to secure our school going kids and protect them from child abuse. The points listed are not something new or something that we are not aware of but still wanted to share.
Let me break down things right here so that I can make you all feel better while reading this post. Here is the link that leads to the article on “Things To Do Before & After Registering Our Kids At A School”. The points listed in the article might help us protect our kids from child abuse in a much better way.
child abuse
Image credit: Pixabay
References: The Hindu, Times Of India
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