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How To Become An Effective Parent?


Parenting Style – Is An Art

We all Parents are doing a great job of bringing up our little adults. Placing their life in front of our eyes we ensure that we provide everything which we find it to help them grow better. Eighty percent of the parents do think alike irrespective of their financial status. Because they know very well how important Parenting Style is.

Effective Parenting

Thinking why I had placed a title as How To Become An Effective Parent when I say that we are doing a wonderful Parenting job already?

Yes, my dear friends. Parenting is very common but not Effective Parenting. An effective parenting style is vital to bring up kids of the current generation.

To shape our kids‘ life is not only the teacher’s responsibility but also the Parent’ too.

Parenting Style – What We All Do?

Keeping aside the regular pieces of stuff like providing food, shelter, clothing, etc.

Parenting Style

Image Credit: Pixabay

  • It is good that most of us had understood the importance of learning while playing.
  • By knowing how competitive the world now is, we ensure that we give the best to our kids that will help the kids develop their skills.
  • We teach them the importance of studying.
  • Understood the need for extracurricular activities for their balanced growth. We exposed our kids to art, music, literature, and craft activities.
  • We know how to watch our kid’s activities to protect them when situations arise. For example, every parent is aware of the need not to allow the kids lonely, especially with the gadgets.

But, are we sure that the regular parenting which we do help our kids in all the aspects?

This is where the difference comes between a regular parenting style and an effective parenting style.

Effective Parenting Style – Is Like A Modern Art.

Effective Parenting

Image Credit: Pixabay

What All We Need To Do?

  • Make our kids understand that intelligence is not always natural and it can be tweaked extraordinarily.
  • Respect the fact that the world now is different. Our kids won’t have the same lifestyle as we had as a child. Stay updated about the latest trends so you can help them better.
  • Help them understand the importance of reading books. For this, parents need to read books first. Read books for them.

– Take them to a library. Let them see how it looks like. Teach them how to borrow books, allow them to manage their membership card.

– Ask the kid to narrate the story they read from the book. Ask questions.

– The last time I went to a library was when I was in my eighth standard. This may be the same case with many parents who are reading this post. We need to wake up first before we try to bring up our kids, friends.

  • Teach the Kids that Money Comes from Work.
  • Teach them how to make money work for them instead of them working for money when they grow.

– For this, the parents need to understand things better. I would suggest you read “Rich Dad And Poor Dad” for more insights. Trust me, you will love that book.

  • Mathematics is everything, it is gonna be required all their life.

– Encourage them to like mathematics. If you find them struggling, try different methods through which you can make them understand the problem so that they do not hate the subject. Because, once they hate, it is done already in a negative way.

Youtube can help us with various methods of solving a problem. With an easy as well as a tough approach.

– Speak to their Maths teacher and request them to help you in making your kid like Mathematics. That moment they will stop scolding the kid even if the kid could not solve a problem instead they will encourage more.

Motivation is the only thing needed. If it comes from the teacher the results would be great.

  • Introduce simple finance to them at home. Because schools teach only to excel in academics most of the time. Good understanding of Finance when they are young will help them a lot.
  • Sow the seeds of curiosity in their minds. Get them used to think about things instead of being targets of things.

– Fishes in an aquarium at home, for example, can ensure that your small kids stay focused.

– Board games like chess can be supportive here.

– Teach them origami (Japanese paper-folding).


It has got fixed instructions that end up being a little ambiguous. When it starts to get complicated, they have to fix their mistakes or think about how to prevent them. It has a major impact on improving their problem-solving abilities.

  • Do not teach them the smart way of doing things. Let them become hard workers first. They themselves will understand the difference between hard work and smart working when they grow older.

– Learning to do things via the regular approach is the base. Without knowing the harder way, one cannot find a smart and easier way.

  • Show them things by doing it yourself first at home.

– Try DIY videos on youtube when you have a need to buy small furniture. By doing yourself in front of your kids, you give them more confidence in building things on their own.

– Stop looking for a plumber and electricians to handle smaller tasks at home when required. For example, we can very well change the electronic choke of the tube lights at home.

  • Praise them for their efforts and not for the result they had achieved.
  • Encourage them to build a friendship with others. The more friends they have the more ideas they get to hear.

– For this, you need to allow them to interact even with unknown kids in public parks.

  • Intelligence without creativity and individuality is worthless. Allow them to experiment with things.

– Maybe, we might need to spend money on painting the walls again to hide their drawings, but they learn more out of it.

– Do not save them from difficulty instead give them techniques to handle it on their own.

  • Allow them to choose their food from the menu card when you are at a restaurant as a family.

– By doing this you allow them to take ownership of things. If they like it they will order it next time if not they ignore. By this, they start making decisions.

  • The more you speak to them the more knowledge they gain.

– Do not restrict them from asking questions. Let them ask whatever they want to. If you are unable to answer it due to their age factor, find a different way by tweaking your answer, but they should know the answer.

  • Sing when you are cooking/taking a shower, dance if you would like to dance at home. Let them know that you do not feel shy to do what you like when people are around at home.

– This way the kids won’t feel uncomfortable when they need to perform something in front of their classmates or a group. Stage fear will stop their progress if not plucked out from their minds in the early stages.

  • Taking care of the kids at an early age is good but ensure that you register them in a Preschool by Age 3. They will become very smart.

– For example, in western countries, parents allow their ten years old kids to sell Lemonades in small gatherings. This way the kids get to understand the money they had invested and the profit they gained.

Be Cautious While Restricting Kids

– Do not limit your kids’ options by asking this question, ” Would you like to become a doctor or an engineer?” The world is full of opportunities.

  • Allow them to follow their passions but guide them to achieve great results on their passions.
  • Do not get scared and scare the kids too when they catch hold of insects like Cockroach or similar insects which are not harmful. Let them touch and feel the well-known puppies near your house. Ensure that you stay beside.

– In Japan, they teach kids about Insects too in schools via Insects lab. Kids in Japan know what are insects are harmful and unharmful.

Thank You to Mr. Raman, my neighbor friend who shared the above mentioned valuable information with me.
  • Teach them failure is good. The more they fail the closer they are to succeed. Teach them.
  • Educate them on preserving natural sources and energies. We are done almost. They are just starting their lives.
  • Be an example, show care to others. They learn from us. Appreciate them when they show empathy and emotional intelligence.
  • A smart kid is best raised by him or her self. As a part of parenting, just sow the seeds of self-discipline and delayed gratification. Everything else will follow.
  • Expose them to music. Allow them to even just bang on kitchen utensils made of stainless steel or any non-fragile items. Music has its benefits irrespective of the place from where it comes from.
- Musical training is holistic and develops a wide range of important skills, such as speech, mathematics, and reading skills.
  • Help them learn at least two languages as early as possible. Both music and language create neural pathways that enhance learning of all kinds later on.

What Not To Do?

  • Never advance your kids at school even if the school finds the kid to be very smart and eligible for advanced classes. That will just do damage to their maturity level.
  • Never tell them that they are smart. Instead, tell them that they have high potential and teach them to work hard to attain that potential.
  • Do not expect your kid to be a perfectionist. It is not gonna take them anywhere. Look at the mirror, we can understand that we are not perfect either even at this age.
  • Eat healthily and exercise regularly so that they understand the importance of exercise and being healthy.
  • Teach kids the value of Time. Finland is on top of Education not only because of their teachers but also because of the Parents.

– Parents in Finland value education and ensures that their children will be on time, will be prepared for class, and will not be disruptive.

  • Be patient. It is a Process. Keep moving forward in shaping them for a better life.

Happy Effective Parenting!


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