Here Is How Women Of A Victorian Era Lost Weight

Making Your Body Home For Tapeworms: Diet For Weight Loss Plan

If you are eyeing a diet for a weight loss plan, don’t try this fad diet.

Doesn’t the title sound nauseating?

As soon as we notice ourselves outgrowing, the first step we take for weight loss is to google with search terms like diet for weight loss plan, diet plan for weight loss quickly, etc isn’t it? But, I had tried searching a little different as I want to know the “stay away approach” where I came to know about this freaking diet.

diet for weight loss plan

Tapeworm Diet For Weight Loss Plan

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We live in the world of deworming where every other stuff is against these wiggly worms. The diet regimens like Paleo, Vegan, Gluten-free, Keto, etc. are some of the common ones that most of us are aware of. But, have you heard about delegating the task of eating extra calories that you intake to a Tapeworm?

The Legacy Of Tapeworm Diet

It all started in the Victorian era by the people who cannot keep themselves away from junk foods. Yet, also wanted to achieve the beauty quotients defined by society. Beauty in the sense lean body frame, sunken cheeks & eyes, and pale skin which made them look like an unhealthy person.

How Does Tapeworm Diet Works?

Let me break the process.

It involves swallowing pills that contain tapeworm eggs in it. Eventually, when the ingested eggs hatch, the tapeworm starts to attach and grow inside the gut of the person absorbing all the nutrients and energy from the person like parasites living on the host thereby leading to the weight loss. This is the theory and it works only in the theory. You will find some more details here about the Tapeworm diet.

Outweighing Cons

Rather than causing a healthy weight loss which is desired by the person, the ingested tapeworms cause turmoil in the person’s body and become a major hitch to the person in question. It causes many abdominal issues like Nausea, Diarrhea, Bloating, Abdominal pain, Loss of appetite, Epilepsy, Eye-related issues, Headaches, and Dementia.

In the worst cases, the formation of cyst in the tissues and organs, Appendix (or) bile duct, Hernia, and Obstruction of the bowel system leading to surgical emergencies and life-threatening scenes.

Due to these hazardous effects, these pills are banned in many countries worldwide.

Worms Are Our Mutual Friends On The Other Hand

Intestinal worms have been the natural part of our digestive system.

Unlike the tapeworms which are parasites, these intestinal worms are our mutual partners, which means taking benefits from us and giving them back to us.

They help in treating allergies, multiple sclerosis, inflammation due to irritable bowel syndrome(IBR), boosting the immune system.

Hygiene Hypothesis

Anything in excess is not good, even hygiene.

Due to lifestyle changes of the people, exposure to infections has gradually declined to lead to allergies and autoimmune diseases. This is known as the hygiene hypothesis.

In simple words, our immune system is somewhat associated with the exposure to infections ie., bacterias, viruses. This may sound creepy after all our body too needs biodiversity, living in harmony with nature.

Worm Therapy – To Rely Or Not To Rely?

It is the process of ingesting worms to treat immune-related diseases such as allergies and auto-immune responses.

Though the therapy is not approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) due to its adverse reactions, and problems like the patients have to ingest worms every two weeks.

Yet, some researchers say it’s a reliable one and the only way to get it sanctioned from FDA is to convert the worm molecules that have anti-inflammatory effects into medication.

Do Not Fall For Quick Slim Methods

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Diets available for weight loss is far from just One or Two nowadays. Only when I researched writing this blog post I understood that it is a whole new major area that too with lucrative business ideas hidden. Here is where I read about the various Diet For Weight Loss Plan explained in an elaborate manner. Give it a read if you have another 10 minutes.

Not everything on the internet is genuine and written by Dietitians as you know. But, it is also a fact that still there are educated people who start and follow a diet for weight loss plan explained by someone unknown. If you know of someone looking for slimming tips educate them on the negative impacts of following a random diet plan.

Not All Diet Plans Work

The reason behind having several diet plans be it, Keto, Paleo, Vegan, etc. for example is that they do not work for everyone.

Every human body’s nature is unique and has its own limitations. The diet plan that worked for someone in your home might fail to work when you try the same. Hence, it is always advisable to speak to a doctor before kick-starting your weight loss journey majorly with the help of food intake. This not only saves you time and negative impacts on health but also help you keep up your confidence level throughout your weight loss journey.

But, if you are not a new bee to dieting and if you know your body, then yes, you can follow your diet regime but cautiously. Ensure that you listen to your body signals.

10 Natural Ways That Support A Healthy Weight Loss Plan

1. Good Sleep

Sleep Deprivation impacts your circadian rhythm and reduces the efficiency of your body metabolism.

2. Food Intake

Loading you with unhealthy fries, sugary stuff doesn’t help. Also, remember not to skip a meal.

Praneeth Nimma
Image Credit: Praneeth Reddy Nimma

Have fiber-rich foods, fruits, veggies rich in vitamins. However, portion control is important. Chew your food well. Enjoy what you eat. Eat food that adds fewer calories and avoid calorie-dense foods.

The above image capture was from my friend Praneeth who is into dieting. It is a stunning capture, I should say. When you are into dieting look how you can make it more interesting by choosing foods appropriately.

3. Stress-Free Life

Fitness doesn’t mean physically alone but also mentally and emotionally. Surround yourself with positive people. Spend time with family and friends as work-life balance is essential. Take a break and love what you do.

4. Physical Activity

Calories In Equals Calories Out. Try to achieve this.

Take the stairs.

It doesn’t mean you should do intense workouts but light activities like walking, swimming, or moving around doing household chores also helps. Adding weight training to your routine will speed up the weight loss.

5. Intermittent Fasting

Tweak your eating pattern. Intermittent fasting will help to reach your weight loss goal.

6. Drink Water & Water..

When you are hungry at an unusual time then drink water. Fill your stomach before you eat food by drinking water. Some people prefer drinking Soups too. I sometimes drink water mixed with apple cider vinegar before food as it makes me feel full to some extent helping me control my food intake.

7. Discipline

Tune your body to do good things like hitting gym, stretching, running, etc. Stick to the routine with discipline. No one else can help you with your weight loss if you are not disciplined and divert from the plan.

8. Cut The Sugar

Slowly but steadily cut down on the sugar intake. It is not easy hence replace it with alternatives with a lesser impact until you get used.

9. Keep Your Hormones Balanced

Most of the time, our hormones play a critical role in the weight loss journey. To achieve better results, keep them balanced through natural ways like yoga, etc.

10. Weigh Yourself Once In 2 Weeks & Stay Positive

Weighing yourself is one best way to track your progress so that you can tweak things accordingly. Do not lose Hope.

Let me know your thoughts through comments love section below. See to that you work towards your weight loss journey instead of relying on things like a magic pill or similar crash diets. Losing weight due to undernourishment is a slow poison as we will not know when what symptoms will crop up.







Before You Say I Do Not Know Read This – The Basic First Aid Training

The Basic First Aid Training That You Need To Know

Irrespective of whether you are a parent or not it is always the best to know about “What, When, and How” to do things when it comes to First Aid. Some parents do approach health care centers and enroll for the basic first aid training. If you have found one such an opportunity, I strongly recommend you, Do not miss it.

Hope you read the first part (i.e.) First Aid for Children here and found it to be informative. If you want, you can also take printouts of it to be used as the basic first aid training document. If you do not have time and believe self-learning is best to learn, then I am glad to say that you can consider the points discussed in part 1 and in this post.

The Basic First Aid Training

Let us discuss some of the other scenarios as well now.

Next Set of Scenarios

6. Electric Shock in Kids

The Basic First Aid Training

Image Credit: Pixabay

Kids trying to insert a pen and pencils or anything similar inside the electric socket is not rare.

Common Reasons

Touching live wire or inserting an object into the electric socket, slipping into electrified water, etc.

What To-Do

  • Think and use items (wood, plastic, rubber) through which current cannot pass easily. Use that item to move the kid away.
  • Ensure you are 20 feet away from the kid experiencing high voltage shock.
  • Turn off the mains.
  • If the kid is unconscious after the incident give CPR (Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation) if you are trained.
  • Educate them not to touch electrical appliances with wet hands or metal.
  • Why not conduct The Basic First Aid Training for your school going kids in one of the weekends?

What Not-To-Do

  • Do not touch the kid unless you turn off mains.
  • Do not use portable water heaters when you have kids at home.
  • Never ask smaller children to unplug your laptop cable, turn off electrical appliances, etc. as there is an age limit for everything. Your laziness can lead to unwanted chaos at the home.

When To Rush To The Hospital + Call Doctor + Call Emergency Services (108 / 911)

  • In the case of severe burns.
  • If the kid is unable to see, speak, hear, and complain numbness.
  • When the shock is not a minor shock, it is better to consult a doctor.

Tip: Always dummy-proof the electrical sockets.

7. Hot Water/Milk/Substance Spills & Fire Burns in Kids

The Basic First Aid Training

Image Credit: Pixabay

Prevention is better than cure. 2020 is no way different from the ’90s as doctors still witness cases of hot spills at the Hospitals.

Be it cooling the milk to feed the kid or boiling the water to drink, do not perform kitchen tasks when you are holding the kid. Certain things can wait. The kid might be crying but it is okay to let them stay on the cradle or bed until you are out of the kitchen and you are done cooling down the hot drink.

Be cautious and place those incandescent sticks or mosquito coils in the spots where kids cannot reach. A Big No to Acids kept on the bathroom floor.

Common Reasons

A hot substance that is kept in a place that is easily accessible for kids.

What To-Do

  • Try to identify the degree of burn and act accordingly.
  • Degree 1 Burns: Painful, No blisters, skin turned to red color.
  • Degree 2 Burns: Painful, Visible blisters, skin turned to red color and damaged.
  • Degree 3 Burns: Charred skin portion.
  • Run regular/cold water over the area for 5 minutes if degree 1.
  • Cover the affected area with a clean cloth.

What Not-To-Do

  • Never try to treat an open burn with water.
  • Do not place ice cubes over the burn.
  • Do not apply oil or ointment before you consult a doctor.
  • Let the stuck clothing stay, do not peel it off.
  • Never try to cool down hot substances by placing the pan or vessel on the floor or at the place that is easy for the kids to reach.

When To Rush To The Hospital + Call Doctor

  • If the degree of burn is 2 or 3.
  • Blisters and burns that are not healed even after a week or two.
  • Swelling and infection in the area.
  • When the skin is charred, damaged with clothing stuck over the portion.
  • Call Emergency Services (108 / 911) in case of major accidents.

8. Fractures / Broken Bones

The Basic First Aid Training

Image Credit: Pixabay

Very common in kids in the years until 2000. The kids go to the ground to play cricket, climb trees, jump from the loft, and whatnot. Things have changed and so does the reasons behind broken bones incidents in kids. Though the occurrences of fractures in kids still exist in other forms of activities like Cycling, Skating, etc.

Broken Bones and Fractures are one scenario that makes buying or keeping a wooden scale/ruler at home still for use during need.

Common Reasons

Any severe fall.

What To-Do

  • Leave the broken portion in its position as it is.
  • Remove clothing covering the broken bone, If you think that would disturb the position, tear the clothing with scissors.
  • Apply an ice pack. If you have a wooden scale or similar that can be used as a splint, place it over the broken bone and wrap it with a bandage gently to hold the bone until you meet the doctor.
  • No waiting period in case of a fracture. Hence, pick up the kid, and go to the hospital. Trust me, the basic first aid training knowledge that you gained will reduce a lot of complications.
    Let the children lay down in case of broken back, legs, neck, etc.

What Not-To-Do

  • Do not try to adjust the broken bone yourself.
  • Never try to push the visible portion of the bone inside.
  • Do not wash the wound.

When To Rush To The Hospital + Call Doctor

  • If you are sure that it is broken bone and not a sprain then forget the term “Wait and See” thought from your mind.
  • Call 108 / 911 if the fracture is expected to be on the head, neck, spine, and legs.

9. Ear Pain

The Basic First Aid Training

Image Credit: Pixabay

One of the scenarios that my kid and I experience every time we fly. You can see more details about the ear pain during flying and what you can do about it. But, that is not the only reason for ear pain in children.

Common Reasons

Water Splashed into the ears during swimming, Pressure changes, Blocked Eustachian tubes, infections in the ear, bugs in the ear, and tear caused by inserting things like swabs, pencil, pen are some of the reasons.

What To-Do

  • Breastfeed the kid or use pacifier as the pain reduces due to the suckling movement. This is the reason why it is recommended to breastfeed smaller kids especially when they are airborne and when the airplane descends.
  • Talk to the kid to understand about any recent incidents that happened at school. This will give us clarity on whether the ear pain is due to any tear induced by the kid himself or others accidentally.
  • A warm compress over the ear.
  • Few drops of warm olive oil in the ear will help. Do this only when there are no fluids coming out of the kids’ ear and you don’t expect any major issues.
  • Let the kid drink warm fluids. Eating candies will help to relieve the pain a bit due to the jaw movement.
  • Place a pillow beneath the mattress to elevate the head posture of the kid. Remember to elevate the mattress and do not ask the kid to lay his/her head on the pillow directly.

    What Not-To-Do

  • Do not use antibiotics or any medicine unless you consult a doctor.
  • Never use cotton ear swabs in front of smaller children at home.
  • Do not use a cotton swab or anything yourself on to the kids’ ear.

When To Rush To The Hospital + Call Doctor

  • If the ear pain does not go away in 24 to 48 hours after trying simple first aid at home.
  • If you suspect the pain to be due to any tear or damage to the eardrum.
  • When there is fluid dripping out of the ear.

10. Head Injury

The Basic First Aid Training

Image Credit: Pixabay

None of us can say that we had never fallen down, right. Sometimes we hurt our heads and sometimes other parts of our body.

Common Reasons

Sports injury, Child abuse is more common.

What To-Do

  • Monitor the kid for 24 hours minimum for any signs like vomiting, bleeding in-ear, etc.
  • If it is just swelling, give the kid ice cube pack massage over the swelling by covering the ice either in a cloth or anything similar.
  • When bleeding, hold a clean cloth over the injury to avoid blood loss and rush to the hospital as The Basic First Aid Training you learned may not be enough unless you are a doctor.
  • If you see any kid being abused, call the authorities for help.
  • Educate the kid to wear Helmets meant for each sport be it riding bicycles or skating.

What Not-To-Do

  • Do not delay when the injury seems to be a major and bleeding.
  • When you suspect next or spine injury, Do not move the child.

When To Rush To The Hospital + Call Doctor

  • Call Emergency Services (108 / 911) in case of head injury due to major accidents.
  • If the kid is unconscious.
  • If the kid is vomiting post the head injury.
  • When there are signs of bleeding from the ear.
  • If the kid is experiencing Seizures and Concussions.
  • If the kid looks drowsy.

In parts 1 and 2 of these blog posts, I had discussed 10 scenarios but as you know they are not all.

Let me know your comments if you think there is something that I need to cover in the content so that it will help someone out there. As I had mentioned earlier, do not hesitate to sign up for The Basic First Aid Training if you come across any such programs. If you are new to parenthood and if you do not have any elderly person who can guide, please do consider reading about The Basic First Aid Training so that you are doing the correct thing at the time of need.

Irrespective of whether you had attended and learned The Basic First Aid Training, trust your gut feeling. Do what your mind says especially when you need to decide on whether to call your doctor or not. In all the cases, it is good to connect with Doctors to get an opinion even after giving the required first aid.

Emergency Numbers That You Should Call:

108 – India (22 states)
100 – India, Greece, and Israel
000 – Australia
106 – Australia for textphone/TTY
110 – China, Japan, Taiwan
111 – New Zealand
112 – Across the European Union
119 – Jamaica and parts of Asia
911 – North America and the Philippines
999 – many countries

Help Others By Sharing

The Basic First Aid Training

Image Credit: Pixabay

Help Others too by sharing these posts. We don’t know the parts 1 and 2 about the first aid may save and help someone in need.





Stop Reading At The 4th Minute If You Think You Know It Better

One Snail Speed Sunday Led The Path To Realization – The Basic First Aid for Children At Home

It was one dull Sunday of partially lifted COVID 19 lockdown. The day was progressing in the speed of a snail just like all other days in the week. Drained from official tasks, I thought I would keep the weekend to rejuvenate myself by doing nothing relevant to work. As I was sitting by the entrance of my house, came the voice Please Help! When I looked up, I saw one of my apartment friend carrying his two-year-old son and running towards me panting. Oops, that was really a moment that I don’t want to experience anytime again in my lifetime. The kid was experiencing a seizure. My friend and I were helpless as the situation does not allow our brain to work and we do not know the first aid for children during seizures. We took the kid inside our house and started to calm him down by pouring normal water on to his head. I could not recollect from where I heard about this water therapy to treat Seizures. Yes, the water therapy approach was not that effective and we were stuck.

Without taking a chance, we pulled out the car and reached the hospital. The Good news is that the Doctor had performed the required things and it had calmed the kid down. The kid got discharged the next day and he was fine. But, those thirty minutes of waiting outside the physicians’ room had hit me hard. It made me realize an important thing that most of us parents and caretakers fail to learn. It is nothing but a lack of knowledge about the basic first aid for children that can be given at home.

First Aid for children

Image Credit: Pixabay

How Equipped Are Parents With Correct Information On First Aid For Children?

As most of us know the importance of First Aid, let us ask this question to ourselves.

first aid for children

How many of us own a first aid kit in our homes?
Even if we have one, are we holding all the items that are to be in the first aid box? Parents play an imperative role in children’s health but how many of us know about the first aid for each condition?

We never thought that we will remain at home for this long until the pandemic COVID 19. When we ourselves are not brave enough to go to a hospital during this pandemic, taking kids is not the best thing to do. Taking kids who need medical attention to the Doctors is mandatory but there are some exceptions. There are a few scenarios when we can wait before rushing to the Hospital after giving the basic first aid for children at home.

In this blog post, let us look at some details on the first aid for children starting from Bumps to Burns, Cuts to Chokes, and more, that are common.

1. Seizures / Fits in Kids

first aid for children

Image Credit: Pixabay

Common Reasons

Fever and long term illness, Interruption of Electrical Signals in Brain, Stress, and Lack of sleep

What To-Do

  • Do not panic. Instead, allow your brain to help you so that you can make better decisions.
  • Ensure that no hazard is near the kid. Keep them in a comfortable position with soft pillows.
  • Let them breathe fresh air.
  • Ensure to make a note of before/after symptoms.

What Not-To-Do

  • Do not feed the kid.
  • Do not leave them alone.

When To Rush To The Hospital + Call Doctor + Call Emergency Services (108 / 911)?

  • If the seizure continues for more than 5 minutes.
  • In case of any other injury caused during the seizure.

2. Choking in Kids

first aid for children

Image Credit: Flickr

Even now my mom tells me how I had swallowed a toy when I was a child and how the neighbor aunt (Kaappi Thool Maamee) lifted me upside down gave a slap/blow on my back to dislodge the food particle.

Common Reasons

Block in the windpipe caused by food particles, small toys, etc. making it difficult to breathe or talk.

What To-Do

  • Ask the kid to cough as forcefully possible to see if that helps to bring the particle out.
  • If the kid could not speak, breathe or cough, stand behind the kid and cover your arm around his/her wrist.
  • Clench fist of your hands just above the kids’ naval and try to lift them up and down gently.
  • Perform Heimlich Maneuver (i.e.)  give abdominal thrust for 3-5 times to try to dislodge the food particle as the basic home first aid when the kid is leaning forward.
    For Infants – Hold them upside down on your arms and gently give a blow at their back.

What Not-To-Do

  • Never give the kid water to drink during choking.
  • Do not slap the back of the kid when they are standing upright during choking.
  • Do not use fingers to pull out the object from Kids’ mouth especially when you cannot see the food particle or an object. You may end up pushing it further inside.

When To Rush To The Hospital + Call Doctor + Call Emergency Services (108 / 911)?

  • If the kid is not breathing and unconscious.
  • If the kid could not speak and swallow food.
  • When he/she continues to cough, wheeze after the chocking incident.

3. Paracetamol Overdose / Calpol Overdose in Kids

First Aid for Children

Image Credit: Pixabay

Once, at home, when my kid was not well, we ended up giving multiple doses of Paracetamol syrup in shorter than the recommended interval. Man, that was one horrible night. The doctors were not there in the hospitals to tell whether it is okay or not. I experienced it hence I am sharing about it here for anyone who may experience in their lives.

Caution: Paracetamol / Calpol syrup given to kids without considering the recommended dosage and interval, may lead to Liver Damage and in the worst scenario to death.

Common Reasons

Accidental, Lack of knowledge, Kids drinking it by mistake in the absence of Parents or adults nearby.

What To-Do

  • Do not panic.
  • Read the dosage and interval mentioned in the syrup bottle/prescription again to confirm the extra dose.
  • Make a note of the time when the last 3 doses were given to the kid with its interval and dose. Note details on the other drugs which had been given to the kid. This detail is vital for the doctor to recommend the next steps.
  • Write down the kids’ age, weight in the same sheet you had made a note of other details mentioned in the above line. Weight is an important factor to arrive at a conclusion on the next steps.
  • If you are in the middle of the night or in the early hours and if the kid does not seem to show any adverse signs, wait until the next day to start so that you can contact the Medic.
  • Let the kid drink enough water.
  • Observe the kid for any discomfort.
  • Call the National Poison Information Centre (24×7).
    011 26589391
    011 26593677
    Toll-free number: 1800116117

What Not-To-Do

  • Do not try to make the kid vomit.
  • Never place the medicines in the spot that is easily accessible for kids.

When To Rush To The Hospital + Call Doctor + Call Emergency Services (108 / 911)?

  • When the kid is unconscious.
  • If too much syrup has been administered.Tip: Search for the term Paracetamol Dose Calculation in Google.

4. Dog (Spike) / Cat (Tom) / Rat (Jerry) Bites

First Aid For Children

Image Credit: Pixabay

Could there be anyone who does not like Tom & Jerry cartoon? But in reality, it is a nightmare when kids’ are bitten by a Dog, scratched by a cat, or bitten by a rat. One of the common issues for which my grandmom take me to the hospital during my childhood. I am a proud owner of 2 dog bites that happened in my childhood and 1 cat scratch in adulthood. Let us check about the first aid for children that need to be administered by the parent or the caretaker during an animal bite.

Common Reasons

In the case of dogs/cats, they might have bitten due to fear or when they were playing. Rat bites are common in infants especially when they are laid on the floor unattended.

What To-Do

  • It is very important that you don’t shout and become restless in front of the kid.
  • Ask the kid questions to understand if there are more than one bitten spots.
  • Wash the area of the bite with soap water and hold the spot under running water for several minutes.
  • Put a clean cloth over the wound and apply slight pressure over the spot if bleeding.
  • Apply antibiotic cream over the wound once the bleeding has stopped.
  • Educate kids not to tease/harm animals. Ask the kid to handle them gently and keep a distance from Stary animals.

Gather details on the below and call the doctor as the bites and scratches can lead to an infection if unattended.

  • Type of Animal involved.
  • In the case of Dogs, Cats – their vaccination history.
  • Abnormal behavior if any from the animal involved in the scene.
  • Location of the animal in case of pet. If stray animals, contact the animal control board seeking help.
  • Keep your child vaccination record handy.

What Not-To-Do

  • Do not hurt the animal involved.
  • Do not try to catch that stray dog or cat yourself.

When To Rush To The Hospital + Call Doctor + Call Emergency Services (108 / 911)?

  • If the animal involved is a stray animal. In the case of a pet, if the pet vaccination is not done or short by a few weeks or months.
  • If the skin is punctured.
  • Found the animal to behave strangely.
  • When the bitten or scratched area is red, swollen, painful.
  • If the bite is on the face, head, neck, hand, and foot.

5. Poisoning Due To Household Cleaners or Similar

Image Credit: Pixabay

Child poisoning happens at home 90 percent of the time.

First Aid For Children

This is one more scenario I can relate to myself. As a super active kid, I drank Kerosene kept in a stainless steel water glass. I don’t know what my Mom and granny did as first aid for children to handle the situation. But, one thing for sure that my capability to sense smell seems to be very poor during my childhood days, phew.

The usage of strong chemicals as a household cleaning liquid is common nowadays in our houses. Hence, it is our responsibility to ensure that these items are not in kids’ reach. We are no longer in the Phenyl era, and now most of these cleaning agents come in attractive colors. It is possible for the kids specifically infants to assume it to be a toy and keep it in their mouths. It is all the history that repeats. I say this because, for most of us in our childhoods, the empty talcum powder container and green colored VVD oil container with yellow cap were the toys we had around. Some of you might have a photograph of you holding any of these containers in your childhood. Check your childhood photo album now.

Common Reasons

Cleaning chemicals/medicines kept in a place that is easily accessible for kids.

What To-Do

  • Check the cleaner container for instructions on what to do.
  • Call National Poison Control for advice.
  • Save the container as you need to carry this with you when you meet the doctor.

What Not-To-Do

  • Do not try home remedies when you are not sure about what you are doing.
  • Never try to make the kid vomit by yourself or by giving any medicine.
  • Do not store cleaning agents in regular containers used in the kitchen.
  • Do not forget to remove the rat poison kept at the nook and corners of your house especially when you have crawling toddlers at home.

When To Rush To The Hospital + Call Doctor + Call Emergency Services (108 / 911)?

Post administering the first aid for children start to the hospital,

  • If the kid starts acting abnormally.
  • If the kid shows signs of drowsiness, vomiting, etc.

I am not stopping here and would cover some more first aid for children scenarios in part 2 of this blog post. Below are some details on the emergency numbers for your usage.

Emergency Numbers That You Should Call:


First Aid for children

Image Credit: Pixabay

108 – India (22 states)
100 – India, Greece, and Israel
000 – Australia
106 – Australia for textphone/TTY
110 – China, Japan, Taiwan
111 – New Zealand
112 – Across the European Union
119 – Jamaica and parts of Asia
911 – North America and the Philippines
999 – many countries



That 1 Question Unasked By People Who Died Due To Depression

The Question – How To Get Rid Of Depression?

You might have guessed it by now on about what I am going to write in this blog post. Yes, it is about the question that most people failed and fail to ask especially when they go through loneliness and struggle. How to get rid of depression? But, not directly pointing to the facts instead comparing it with a profession named “Get back Coach” aka “Get Back Man”.

The name of the profession is interesting, isn’t it? There are chances that some of you are aware of this profession. But, still, I assume that the probability of the answer “I know Vinoth” will be minimal. Let me throw some light.

how to get rid of depression

Get Back Coach – What Do They Do?

how to get rid of depressionImage Credit: Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

Heard about a person named Sean McVay?

He is the head coach of Los Angeles Rams, a professional American Football team. This coach has his own “Get Back Coach” person. The job of this person is to ensure that the coach is on the sidelines during the game. He secures him from stepping into the ground too far at the time of the game which may lead to a penalty.

Like European football, American football is also known for its aggressiveness in its own way. Showcasing too aggressive behaviors on/off the field does cost the team points in every intense game. This is exactly where the Get Back Man plays a vital role. The get back coach person covers for the substitute players on bench too.  If you had already watched the movie “Invictus” then watch it again and you will find Get Back Man professionals assigned to each player of the team. If you haven’t watched it yet, try to watch it. It is a wonderful motivational movie and it is available in Netflix / Amazon Prime too for our convenience.

Who Is Your Get Back Man?

how to get rid of depression

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My intention to write this post is not to tell about this profession alone. In addition, to reiterate on how most of us don’t realize the value of having a person like “Get Back Coach” in our lives.

Most of us are fortunate enough to have such a person in our lives from the moment we crawled into this world. The only thing is that we had failed to realize it as we grow. When we were a kid, it was our parents who told us not to go further when we were mischievous. As a grown-up, for most people, it will be Friends who pull us back when we are about to break down. For example, a person who pulls you back from taking another glass of wine is your Get Back Man.

If you think that you do not have such a person in your life, then why to hunt outside when you can make yourself a clone by heart and mind? How to get rid of depression forever and during COVID by reinventing yourself? Read further.

The Get Back Man – Inside Us

We are all blessed with an Intel inside our heads already. The same goes for the “Get Back Man” as well. Remember that inner voice that you get especially when you are stressing yourself based on a particular activity. For example, if you had run for an hour as a beginner you might hear your mind and heart asking you to stop stretching yourself further. Our mind and body pull us back from making more damage to our back, legs, and lungs. Able to relate? We listen and stop the action when our body hurts.

Our body is our first Get Back Man.

How To Get Rid Of Depression: Reality vs Expectation

It’s been more than a month since we lost a younger generation Actor Sushant Singh Rajput. We all knew that the media still holds the tail of this incident to see if they can uncover the truth behind it. There are a lot of versions that float on social media. Yet, one reason that got uncovered at first is that the MS Dhoni movie actor was in Depression, feeling lonely with no one to help and support. The actor would have been alive now if he had either asked for help, found someone to cry out loud, or made himself a “Get Back Man” before taking a drastic step.

We all ask for an opinion from others, read reviews before we decide to buy something. But, when it comes to life, not only Sushant, we still find people ignore speaking about it and go with the flow choosing an incorrect path. Unless we shout for help in most cases, we won’t get it. This is the reality. We all need someone to pull us back from the struggle we face and to make us understand the simple things that we complicate by overthinking.

The Story Of An Island Country

how to get rid of depression

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Does anyone have doubts about how Japanese people are when it comes to working? Japan is a pioneer in a lot of things. Its people showcase themselves as a positive example to the rest of the world especially by their hard-working nature and a lot more.

But, you know what, after the 1945 atomic bomb explosion in Japan, the country and its people were experiencing hell and their existence came to a question. Many lives lost. Wealth and resources got drained. The people of Japan went into depression for a few years until the moment they heard from their King. The king of Japan during that difficult period is the “Get Back Man” of Japanese people. He pulled the people together and explained what they all need to do to bring back their country to normal and to make a mark in the world’s history forever.

Japanese listened to their “Get Back Man”. They started to invest their time working hard not only to bring their country back to its glory instead to make it more powerful. This is when the Japanese understood working hard is the only thing that can help and that is exactly what we still see and learn from them.

When a whole country needed a Get Back Man why not you and I when we struggle without knowing the answer to the question “How to kill depression during COVID and forever?”

How To Get Rid of Depression Forever?

1. Speak to people.

Call those good friends from your previous organization, college, and school. Nurture relationship. Open up on what you are going through with your parents, family, and friends. Whomever you feel will listen to you, cheer you up and pull you back from moving into erroneous zone.

2. Shout for Help when you need it.

There is nothing wrong to ask for help from people known to you or from a stranger when needed.

3. Identify what is best for you.

Involve yourself in physical activities like exercising, yoga, running, swimming, etc.

4. Do not ignore to meet a doctor and a counselor.

When you are confused and do not have clarity on what is next, it is a must to seek medical advice to break the ice made of assumptions.

5. Find what interests you.

May be cooking, singing, painting, gardening, etc. When you do not know what keeps you out of depression, the only option we have is to try things and decide. So, find a hobby for yourself so that you stay occupied.

6. Relax your body and soul.

Meditate. Learn Self-control. Some people found getting themselves involved in spiritual activities as an answer to the question How to get rid of depression.

7. Pet an animal.

If you have money constraints, adopt a pet. In case, if you have restrictions on petting an animal especially if you are living in an apartment, consider buying an Aquarium. An aquarium at home can introduce you to a whole new world. If needed, hire an Aquarium Consultant.

8. Divert yourself.

Get involved in social activities, visit orphanages to understand how blessed you are.

9. Set a goal.

Start with smaller ones. If you are new to running, for example, set the goal to cover that 1 sweaty block. If you want to do weights, start with 15 to 20 minutes with lower weights. All that you need to think about is how to keep yourself occupied.

10. Watch motivational movies and Listen to motivational speeches that may feed your mind with positivity.

You can find some details about the movies here. You can consider watching TED talks on YouTube.

11. Meet nature, breathe easy.

Go out of your home at least once a day.

12. Laugh Out Loud.

how to get rid of depression

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Turn on your smart TV and watch shows of your favorite comedian. Laughing is the best natural medicine and one among the best answer to the question of how to get rid of depression.

Last but not the least, Eat and Sleep well. Your body needs rest to keep you active and help you make wise decisions.

The above-mentioned is not everything. Yet, some of these can help you for sure to a certain extent to keep us active and hold positive thoughts in our minds.

I am all ears and I would be more than happy to hear your answer to the question How to get rid of depression based on your experience. We don’t know, your experience might be of huge help for someone.

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GPS Tracking For Kids Safety, Should We Opt For It Or Not?

Is GPS Tracking For Kids worth it?

It is an undeniable fact that we, today’s parents need to be very vigilant when it comes to the safety of our kids and grownup daughters as well. Be it they are at home, apartments, schools, colleges, or workplaces, no place is confirmed safe based on what we come across in the newspapers and television in recent years. Being a parent, I am writing here about the safety measure or an option that I had researched about recently (i.e) GPS Tracking For Kids. This blog post would answer most of the questions that might arise in our minds.

GPS Tracking For Kids


Hope you had already read my other posts on Child Abuse – Are Our Kids Really Safe? | Things To-Do Before & After registering our kids at school | Parenting vs Effective Parenting that we had covered earlier.

In case, if you have not got a chance, do give it a read. Though they are more than a year old, I had covered the basics of the kids’ safety in much detail. In this blog post, let us explore a few points in line with the GPS tracking for kids and how safe are the kids when used in proximity.

That Skip Of The Heart Beat

Isn’t that true that our heart skips a few beats especially when our kids haven’t reached home from school at the regular time?

Isn’t that true that we become disturbed at times when our daughter is late from work and when they did not pick up our call & when we do not find our kids at the market or at any public places like parks etc.?

I am sure most of the parents would have experienced it. Yes, the world is evolving and we grow too amid new technology innovations. Most of them are good and at the same time bad if not used wisely or overuse it, just like our mobile phones. Hope we all remember how the Blue Whale challenge had impacted the lives of many kids, adults, and their families.

How GPS Tracking For Kids Help Parents?

As a parent, we all want to know about the status of our children after leaving them at school and even when they are spending time with their friends during Holidays, especially if both the parents at home are employed.

GPS Tracking For Kids

Yes, GPS tracking for kids would help parents from unnecessary tension by letting us know about the whereabouts of our kids. GPS devices/receivers can not only be used by the parents for GPS tracking for kids but also can be used by the kids & women to raise an alert using the SOS (a morse code distress signal) button when they feel unsafe and need help at any point of time away from home. GPS tracking for kids receivers nowadays does come with an SOS button equipped in it.

Precaution Turned To Nagging

GPS Tracking For Kids

Parenting a teen is challenging. As most of us keep a cell phone with us during the day, it is not very uncommon to see parents calling their kids with an interval of an hour when the kids are away.

What would be some of the kids’ mindset when a parent makes a call regularly to him or her asking about their whereabouts?

Being in an adolescent phase, it is very normal for the kids to get frustrated. We, as a parent are cautious and want to know that our kids are safe but the teens on the receiving end might feel uncomfortable.

One option we have got to handle these kinds of scenarios is to opt for GPS tracking for kids. It would help both the parents and the kids to stay away from a lot of unwanted differences in opinion.

What is GPS?

You might ask me back, what a silly question, Vinoth?

Yes, most of us knew that the abbreviation of GPS is the Global Positioning System. This term is very much used in our daily life. As our mobile phones can act as a GPS receiver, we utilize it to the most starting from tracking the uber cab, food delivery person, find a location while driving a car using Google maps and whatnot.

Most of us exploit GPS technology which is good as we are in sync with the modern age and its devices. But, how many of us know anything about GPS beyond its abbreviation? May be 10 members in a group of 100?

We should not use any gadgets or technology without knowing the basics of it as that may lead to a fatal error. So, let that not be the case going forward.

GPS – The Basics

GPS does not use our cell phone towers or the internet. Instead, they work with the help of a chain of Satellite that are revolving the Earth.

When we turn ON GPS, a GPS receiver or device receives the signal from these satellites about the time and the position of an object in the ground.

The GPS receiver or device on the ground catches signals from 3 to 4 satellites, measures its distance from the satellites-based on the time taken by the signal to reach you, and arrives at the approximate location.

GPS Tracking For Kids

Earlier, Ships, Aircraft, and Trucks were the ones that widely relied on GPS and we had recently joined the group.

GPS is a space-based radio navigation system developed and owned by the USA government. It is operated by the United States Air Force to meet the needs of Defence, Security, Scientific and Commercial areas.

GPS Is Not The Only One

Each country has its navigation system. For example, India has got its regional navigation system called IRNSS (Indian Regional Navigation Satellite System) aka NAVIC (Navigation with Indian Constellation) developed by ISRO and Japan has its regional system called QZSS (Quasi-Zenith Satellite System).

Countries with Global coverage are the USA’s system GPS, Chinese system called BDS (BeiDou Navigation Satellite System), the Russian system is called GLONASS (Global Navigation Satellite System), and the European system called Galileo. All these navigation systems work based on the concept called Triangulation.

GPS offers two services. Standard Positioning Service (SPS) and the Precise Positioning Service (PPS). The SPS is free and that is what everyone uses worldwide. PPS access is restricted to the USA government and its Armed forces.

GPS receivers are a part of many commercial products, such as automobiles, smartphones, exercise watches, keychains, pens, and pendants. The GPS inside these devices is only a Receiver and not a Transmitter. So, the receiver on the ground does not send signals to the satellites.

You might find the information here interesting.

GPS is not only used in GPS tracking for kids but also to track elderly people and pets at home besides tracking vehicles.

How Can Parents Track Kids Using GPS?

GPS Tracking For Kids

There are so many devices available in the market like GPS enabled key chains, GPS enabled wristwatches, and GPS enabled school bags, etc. to make GPS tracking for kids and loved ones easier. These devices need to be charged and turned ON so that the parent can get to know the status of the kids with the help of a third-party GPS tracking service provider sending details on to the mobile phones.

Are GPS Signals Received By The Receiver Bad To Kids Health?

NO. Because the devices that we use are just the receivers and they do not transmit anything.

Even if there is an emission, that would be nothing compared to the 4G and 5G networks in our cell phones, Bluetooth, and Wifi that we use around us. Hence, we need not worry about any kind of radiation. However, GPS tracking for kids has its own advantages and disadvantages outside health.

GPS Tracking – The Major Disadvantages

I am jumping into the demerits section as we already know the merits of using GPS or similar navigation systems.

Privacy Matters

GPS devices can be used to stalk people without their knowledge. For example, if a device is placed in a car, the location may be tracked by others. This method can also be used for a criminal purpose.

Not 100 % Accurate

GPS devices rely upon receiving signals from at least four satellites.  If they connect only with three signals the positioning might not be accurate at all times. Problems can arise when obstacles such as walls, buildings, etc such as obstruct the signal. Extreme atmospheric conditions may cause problems and GPS may show navigation slow error.

We Are Being Followed

When GPS is connected with social media or mobile phone applications it becomes easy for a commercial organization to track the location of the user and exploit them.

Signal And Battery Failure

The GPS receiver needs to have enough charge to disclose the status of the loved ones. Most of the GPS devices like wristwatches, bags, etc would need frequent charging ( at least every day). It is always possible to lose the signal especially when the device is available at a place where the GPS signal jammer is used.

Talk To Your Kids When You Opt For GPS Tracking For Kids?

It is a must to have a two-way open discussion with your kids especially the teenagers before you chose to track them for their safety as a parent. Because, when it comes to defining a perimeter in the device for kids, parents should be wary to avoid making the kids feel irritated. So, a good understanding between the parent and kids play an imperative role in smooth tracking. Make the kids understand that the idea of tracking is not to curtail their freedom, instead, for their safety.

Discuss with them mainly regarding “When To” and “How To” use the SOS button just like how you discussed with them about the good and the bad touch.

Keep them informed that the device that they use needs to be charged daily without fail to make the device work.

In case, if they are already using a cellphone, as a parent you can ignore this point. Would any teen be failing to keep their phone charged? I don’t think so and I am sure you do agree.

How To Choose GPS Tracker For Kids

GPS Tracking For Kids

1. Consider the weight of the device.

2. Choose devices that can send text notifications to Parents.

3. Devices that allow the users to call for assistance, and optionally allow parents and designated people to find the kids position, typically within five to ten meters.

4. Pick devices that allow either one-way or two-way voice communication.

5. Prefer devices that also allow the user to call many phone numbers using pre-programmed speed dial buttons like in cellphones.

6. Try to find devices that can get recharged using solar power as well as electric power if available.

7. Find devices that are water-resistant at least to few meters.

8. It is wise to also focus on the device warranty duration and its global applicability.

9. The ones that have a reasonable number of service centers.
Research well before buying it.

10. Choose the tracking service provider that allows support to multiple devices of the tracker and also with provision to track via a website.

GPS signals won’t work underwater especially seawater as the signals cannot penetrate water.

What Are The Buying Options?

GPS Tracking For Kids

Browse Google and Amazon for wearables that are equipped with a GPS receiver. You can also check this link.

Some of these devices come in the form of a wristwatch as well. But, it is good to check and give it a shot post thorough research on the GPS for kids based on the user reviews.

GPS Tracking for kids






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