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Career – How Successful Are You In It?


Career – How Successful Are You In It?

To be successful in our career, there are few things that help.


Image Credit: Pixabay

Experts say that the below points contribute a lot in determining an individuals success in their career.

  1. Sleep Well
  2. Stay motivated
  3. Dress formally
  4. Attitude
  5. Build trust
  6. Manage your time
  7. Stay organized
  8. Help others succeed
  9. Bury Your head inside good books
  10. Treat others with respect
  11. Listen more than you speak
  12. Plan well and stick to it
  13. Move on, instead of looking back with a sad face
  14. Think less, do more
  15. Continuous learn the required skills
  16. Taking that extra step at a task
  17. Stay curious and focused
  18. Speak up
  19. Build an open network rather than a closed one
  20. Ask for help
  21. Stay with people you admire
  22. Delegate routine tasks to others
  23. Have a Mentor
  24. Show Empathy
  25. Stay Productive
  26. Showcase yourself
  27. Stay Bilingual
  28. Share your knowledge
  29. Work hard but not too hard
  30. Stick to what you say once committed
  31. Be a Yes Man / No Man
  32. Do not blame others
  33. Take ownership
  34. Keep things simple and understandable
  35. Stay calm and composed

Hmm…I know it is a long list. But, trust me they all worked for most of the successful people we know.

And in this post, I am just gonna concentrate on one trait that helps in a successful career which most of us ignore. That is “To Have A Mentor”.

Mentor- A Trait That Most Of Us Ignore:


Image Credit: Pixabay

An experienced and trusted adviser, that is what dictionary says. An insight provided by a mentor can help an individual reach greater heights not only in their career but also in their life.

Here Comes The Proof:

Why do you think these technology business leaders listed below have got a Mentor?


Do Not Like To Have A Mentor?

There are few big names in the exception category too. If you would like to skip having a Mentor for your career then ensure that you fall in the below category.

Stand in front of the mirror – Do you resemble Elon Musk not by appearance but by traits?

The Space X, Tesla.. founder do not like to have a mentor but shows interest towards negative comments from friends. For example, he values the comments from his friend Larry Page.

If you really think that you had trained yourself to never give up and think extremely logical then I would suggest you stick to the path which Elon Musk had followed.

The Benefits Of Having A Mentor:

  • To have a mentor is the Key To Efficiency when it comes to career.
  • You learn more and get to hear more real time experiences.
  • An exchange of ideas and knowledge happens.
  • Your network grows.
  • The way you look at a problem change.
  • You make better decisions and stay productive.
  • Get rid of issues much faster in the career as well as in life.
  • You learn leadership qualities.
  • What is next will never be a question in your mind as you already got a streamlined career path.
  • You will be a critical resource in the workplace with a great visibility.
  • Become a go-to person at work with your gained in depth knowledge.
  • You stay motivated and inspired and also be a reason for others inspiration.
  • Your actions welcome promotions and recognitions.
  • Self-satisfaction.
  • Improved work/life balance, communication skills, confidence level and managerial qualities which are a must for a successful career.

Who Can Be A Mentor?

  • A Mentor should always be a person with more experience than you.
  • He/She can be in the same field in which you work or from a different field. It is recommended to have a mentor from the same line as your work nature when it comes to a successful career.
  • A Mentor need not always be your immediate Manager at work.

What To Do When You Have A Mentor?

  • Act on that thing once after getting an input.
  • Have something new and show progress on the task every time you meet or discuss.
  • Make them feel that you value them and their time.
  • Do not hesitate to let them know about what you do not know.
  • Be grateful to them.
  • Prepare a note on the lessons learned and share with them.

What Not To Do When You Have A Mentor?

  • Do not waste their time. They could have very well utilized that time for their own career improvement.
  • Stop asking simple things and doubts which a google search can clarify.
  • Do not try to act smart. If you think you know better, you should not have requested that person to mentor you for your career growth.
  • Stick to the timelines you had committed.

Disadvantages Of Having A Mentor:

  • You need to sacrifice some of your leisure time.
  • It might be difficult to work on parallel things. For example, if you have got a side hustle.

Do I have a Mentor?

Yes, I will have soon. I am already in the process of identifying a person and have requested one.

I do not resemble Elon Musk when I stand in front of the mirror. So, I am planning to follow the path which most other successful people had embraced.

Trust me, to get a good mentor is a not easy. If you had found a right person already but have not yet requested them, do fix up an appointment with them and discuss right away.

Early bird gets the worm.

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