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Are ECE/DOT Helmets Superior Compared To ISI Certified Helmets?


DOT Helmets For Motorcycles – ISI vs DOT vs ECE & Other Certifications/Ratings

Hope you found the previous blog post “A $14 Helmet For A $14 HeadDOT Helmets For Motorcycles” informative. If you did not get a chance yet to read, please do spend some time on it before moving further.

DOT Helmets

Is ECE/DOT Helmets Superior To ISI Certified Helmets?

In India, it’s mandatory to use the ISI certified (India Standards Institution) helmets for motorcycles. Likewise, every country has its standards and ratings to certify goods based on its quality.

  • BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards)
  • DOT (Department of Transportation) in the USA
  • ECE (Economic Commission for Europe)
  • CMVSS (Canada Motor Vehicle Safety Standards)
  • GOST (Russia)
  • SHARP rating in the UK (Safety Helmet Assessment and Rating Programme) etc. and many more which are used worldwide.

To answer the question, Yes ECE/DOT certified helmets for motorcycles go through several tests in the Europe and USA respectively. They are found to be more sturdy and safe compared to the helmets for motorcycles that are ISI certified.

The Anatomy

When we buy helmets for motorcycles, it is a must to go with the ones that are well-known for their safety. Safety should be the primary preference over the other factors like Brand, Colour, Model/Type, etc. at the time you upgrade the helmet or buy DOT helmets for motorcycles.

A picture is worth a thousand words “ is an old proverb. Hope the below-mentioned picture helps you to understand well about the safety structure very well.

DOT Helmets

Image Credit: Motorcycle Legal foundation

Keeping the primary factor in mind, what I would prefer and suggest is to go with ECE/DOT certified helmets for motorcycles. Yes, ECE/DOT helmets are a bit on the higher side when it comes to their cost but remember they fall under the category of items that are worth buying. Maybe it would cost us 1K extra.

By saying this, I am not against ISI certified. ISI certified helmets for motorcycles are good too and they are made for the Indian road condition. However, in my opinion, ISI certified helmets that too the top-line models for motorcycles are the best fit only for, the riders who do not ride a high-speed motorcycle elderly people who ride the motorcycle in reasonable speed limits

Why Not For The Teens

Simple, how many teens prefer to buy and ride a 100 CC motorcycles nowadays? From what we see on road, it is very obvious that nearly 75 percent of the teens in the major cities prefer powerful motorcycles over the scooters and mid-range motorcycles. Powerful motorcycles with greater BHP comes with great potential concerning speed. When this being the case, ISI certified helmets for motorcycles might not be the best option to opt for considering their built quality when compared to the DOT helmets.

Is It Okay To Use ECE/DOT Helmets In India?

There were instances of traffic regulators issuing bills to the riders who had used DOT helmets and not ISI certified helmets for motorcycles in India. However, this issue has been already raised to the concerned authorities by several motorcycle users. I am not sure whether the related petition has been passed yet but I am sure that the traffic regulators are relaxed on the usage of ECE certified or DOT helmets for motorcycles in India.

DOT Helmets

Image Credit: Thotslingo

As far as the rider is wearing proper helmets at the time of riding the vehicle following traffic rules and regulations, the traffic police are not going to stop the rider.

Good To Know:

Snell Memorial Foundation provides the Snell certification for the high-quality standard helmets. It is a nonprofit organization founded in 1957. This foundation named after William Snell a sports car racer who lost his life in 1956 due to head injury because helmet he wore failed to protect his head. Snell certified helmet is very popular due to its stringent testing process and standard requirements.

Gifting Helmets

To all the parents, sisters, and brothers who are reading this blog post. You may buy or gift a powerful motorcycle for your loved ones but at the same time, do consider buying/gifting a good protection ECE certified or DOT helmet to your Sons, Daughters, Brothers, and Sisters. Trust me, you won’t regret instead would be happy about getting a good quality helmet for your loved ones.

How to choose the Helmet?

Here you find basic details on the same.

Helmets For Motorcycles Types

DOT Helmets

Image Credit: Thotslingo

Helmets for motorcycles are majorly categorized as below.

  1. Full Face
  2. Modular
  3. Open Face
  4. Half Helmet
  5. OFF Road
  6. Dual Sport

Full Face:

DOT Helmets

Image Credit:

Surely it is the safest type of helmet which is capable of protecting our Head, Neck, Face & Chin. The chin bar protects the chin which is the main advantage of this full-face helmet. Most of the motorcycle accidents contribute to 50% of the jaw damage. Hence, a full-face helmet type is the best amongst its siblings.

Safety Level – 4 out of 5

Modular Helmet:

DOT Helmets

Image Credit:

Also known as a Flip-Flop helmet. Yes, you guessed it correctly. In this variant, a rider can open the chin compartment along with the Visor. Even though it has a chin bar it is not as good as full-face helmets as the chin bars in this variant are prone to move un-guarding the chin at the time of a crash. Riders who cannot avoid using spectacles or coolers while riding will find this variant beneficial.

Safety Level – 3.5 out of 5

Open Face:

DOT Helmets

Image Credit:

This type of helmet is weightless because of the lack of a chin bar. Yes, it covers only the top of the head and sides. The rider can find the helmet comfortable as it would allow more air, in turn, reduce the sweat but the absence of the chin bar paves way for the debris and dust to enter into the helmet. This type of helmet comes with two visor panels and the rider can choose whether they want the helmet to have a full visor or a half visor.

Safety Level – 2.5 out of 5

Half Helmet:

DOT Helmets

Image Credit:

As the name says, we cannot expect more protection from this type of helmet. These types provide the least protection because it covers only from eyebrows to forehead. Some model in this type covers till neck and ears but the face is exposed completely. Since visor is absent user have to buy goggles or riding glass. But of course, you will have good air circulation.

Safety Level – 1 out of 5

OFF Road:

DOT Helmets

Image Credit:

Recommended for riders who involve in regular adventure rides away from traffic and debris. This type of helmet has less weight, large view visor, and enlarged chin space you will get the greatest comfort while driving. Safety and ventilation is also a good aspect of this type of helmet.

Safety Level – 3.5 out of 5

Dual Sport:

DOT Helmets

Image Credit:

Need a helmet with a good large view, spaced chin bar for both off-road and on-road use? Go for the Dual sport type helmets for motorcycles. It is a mix of Full face and off-road helmet. Do not worry, the interior padding in this variant helps to keep the debris away from the eyes and keeps them controlled in the chin bar. Known for good comfort and safety.

Safety Level – 4 out of 5

If you own and motorcycle already or eyeing for a new rid, please buying helmets that are DOT/ECE certified like the one here.

Continue Reading Here.

Disclaimer: All the points mentioned above including the safety ratings are based on my personal experience and based on my research.


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    • Hi, Thank You for your comments. ISI certified helmets are more relevant to country India. In most of the helmets brands, we can find ISI certification for example Wrangler, Gliders, etc.

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