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The Life hacks I Love – Part 1


Life hacks

A strategy that helps a person to manage time and be efficient and productive. I am gonna share here some of the life hacks which I had liked and experienced. Maybe you would also like them once you try. There is nothing wrong in trying hence, give it a shot. Let’s hope it works well for you too.

Life Hacks

Image Credit: Pixabay

A Sorry Replaced With A Thank You Creates +ve Effect:

For example, let us assume that you are running late due to traffic and could not reach on time to the place where you and your friend had planned to meet. Traffic is not something that you can control. It is not your fault. In these kinds of scenarios, Say Thank You for your patience instead of a Sorry. The term Sorry creates a negative emotional state in the mind of the other person.

Life Hacks

Image Credit: Pixabay

Always remember that the words Please, Sorry and Thank You are Magical words.

Wearing Your Shoes Will Help You Hit The Gym:

To hit the gym daily is not a very easy task. It needs motivation and determination. But, most of the times these two powerful words are overridden by our Laziness. In my personal experience, the feeling of laziness win over Motivation and Determination.

Life Hacks

I have come across this two-minute hack known to help most of the gym goers achieve their goal of hitting the gym daily. Override the laziness by wearing your gym shoes. That is the first and the difficult step. Once the shoes are on then there is no stopping 80 percent of the times.

Never Walk Empty Handed At Home:

Most people who give a seminar or speech used to have something in their hands while speaking. Most of the times, it would be a marker or a pointing light. This is because of the two reasons.

1. Leaving the hands sideways will give an awkward look to anyone especially when they are on stage.

2. To leave the hands inside the pocket shows lack of courage.

Life Hacks

Image Credit: Pixabay

But, what if we are at home?

I need not say about how one’s home will look like especially when there are smaller kids at home. If you are in the similar situation, never walk empty-handed between rooms in your home. Always grab those toys and bits of paper lying on the floor and leave them at their place. This way you can ensure that the home is still neat. This technique also helps us save a lot of time and keeps us productive.

What We Read Tonight Determines Our Tomorrow:

Life Hacks
Image Credit: Pixabay
This is one reason why most people read books before bedtime. The positive thoughts from the book give a great feeling and create peace in the mind and body. That is not all, the positive effect stay until we wake up and help us plan our day better with a smile. This is applicable very much for the books or online content that provoke our thoughts and inspire us. A person who reads every day before bedtime is most likely to stay dull or less motivated the day they missed reading.

The 30 Days Challenge:

I am yet to try this life hack but still sharing here as it looks promising and it is not a 5o day’s Blue Whale Challenge, Phew!
Life Hacks
Image Credit: Pixabay
They say it takes 21 days to make or break a habit. I do not know whether it is a Fact or a Myth.
But, when we want to make something good a habit or to get rid of a bad habit, it is better to stick to a 30 days challenge. By doing the same activity for 30 days in a row we are most likely to stick to that habit down the road for a longer time. But, there may be personalities who fall under exceptions category and look at this life hacks differently too.

A Softened LPG Hose Works Great:

I came across a situation at my home where I had to insert the LPG hose to the gas stove. Tried with my bare hands for almost an hour which had just resulted in boils on my fingers, palm and terrible pain for two days. No luck as I was unable to insert the hose fully and the gas leak was continuous. Later, came to know about this hack from the gas stove servicing professional which had not only helped me but worked great. Here is the trick. This technique cannot be counted as one among the life hacks for people who reside outside India but still can be suggested to their friends and relatives.

The Steps:

  1. Take hot water.
  2. Immerse one end of the hose into the hot water. Ensure that the portion required to be inserted to the gas stove is in contact with water.
  3. Leave it for 30-45 seconds.
  4. Try to insert the LPG hose now towards the stove. It will be butter smooth.
  5. Do not turn ON the gas stove for at least 10 minutes.
  6. The inserted hose will be intact to the stove nozzle without any gaps once it cools down.
Note: The above-mentioned method is applicable only for the Orange colored LPG hose supplied by the gas agency or the branded ones bought from an external shop.
Do not try this technique with the green colored LPG hose which was in use a few years back. I mean the soft ones with no hard wiring inside the hose rubber. The green ones are no longer supplied by the gas agencies but still.Will see you all soon with some more life hacks too if possible.
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