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Tempered Glass To Arrest Blue Light ?


The Harmful Light:

Blue Light

Yes, you heard it correct.

A vast number of Tempered glasses are available in the market and e-commerce websites for our mobile handsets and iPads etc.

These glasses are specifically designed to filter the harmful blue light emitted from the mobile devices.

Yes, it is agreeable that they help us protect our eyes but they do have the blind side. These products do not look like it is meant for everyone because of their cost. A genuine tempered glass to arrest blue light would cost us more than 1000 rupees. This is something that I do not think everyone can afford.

But, it is for our eyes only – on which we cannot take chances.

The Alternatives:

Recently, I came across a website from where I had realized about the alternatives available. These options can help us to protect our eyes from the blue light rays of our cell phones. They might not arrest the harmful rays 100% but can help us at least to some extent. Something is better than nothing right.

There are applications developed and are available for downloads in Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store. By searching with the key words like “f.lux for Android” and “f.lux” for iPhone we can get these installed on our devices. These apps have been developed to reduce the impact on our eyes from the harmful rays.

Most of them are available for free and can be downloaded and used based on the user ratings and reviews. It is just one day since I had downloaded the application Twilight and I found it to be better and soothing for my eyes. I am not vouching for anything for this Twilight app and would go for something else if I find it better. These apps adapt the brightness of the screen based on the time of a day.

Blue Light

Before I close, kindly note that I am no way related to any of these below-mentioned developers or their applications. I am sharing this information as I thought it would be beneficial to everyone. So to consider it or leave is your own decision.

Just to add these kind of apps are available not only for the palm devices but also for laptops and personal computers. Below shown is the proof to confirm.

Blue Light

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