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Actions Prove Who Someone Is, So Is Our Stool – Spying


Spying Seems To Be Possible Even When Flushed Twice

This time, for a change the post is not about Motivation, Side Hustles, Kids, Parenting, Earn/Save money etc. Instead, it is about Espionage or Spying, one of the grey-area for most of us. I am sure that the maximum exposure that some of us had got about Spying is purely from the James Bond movie, right?


Image Credit: Pixabay

It is true, that we are at least aware about mobile hacking and computer hackings, one way of virtual spying which is on a roll ever since we got hold of a smartphone and easy connectivity to the internet.

But, it is not about them that I had penned down here in this post. Instead, it is about the poop. Ha Ha… I can understand what is running in your mind. Let me make it clear, it is not wholly the same Dust Mites poop story again. Yet partially yes, a bit related but with a twist.

The Story Begins


Image Credit: Pixabay

Ever thought about the lavish way of spending by highly politically influenced people around the world? My understanding until sometime before was that most of the critical personalities waste more money and live a luxurious life. I am purely not referring to Indian politicians or any other specific personalities here but few influential foreign personalities.

Most of you might have come across the historical handshake incident between North Korean and South Korean Leaders. You might have also learned about Kim Jong-un, the North Korean leader’s visit to China a few months back.

But, do you know anything more about the visit? The way how Kim travels and travelled to China gave me a real justification of why many political personalities spend more money on their travel and what they carry with them while visiting other countries.

A Commute via Tracks

Kim, a well-known leader for his guts, strict punishment’s, very hot arguments and for challenging other high profile leaders around the world for so and so reasons had chosen a rail as his mode of travel. It’s not very uncommon for a high profile political leader to travel with a highly secured convoy setup. We know people who travel via an aeroplane, chopper etc. We also know that some people own Jet planes, Cruises through which they travel as they find it to be secure.

But, ever heard of a travel via an Armoured Rail?


Image Credit: Pixabay

Yes, Kim had travelled to China on a highly armoured bulletproof train which his father had used to conduct parties. Not just that he had also carried a bathroom inside the train with him. It is not just for use at the time of travel but always when needed.

Why A Toilet?

Some carry their pets and some carry valuable and precious items whenever they travel. But, why it is a toilet chosen by Kim?


Image Credit: Pixabay

We all know the usage of a toilet. But, the reason for Kim carrying that is beyond what we most of us might imagine. He had carried his own closet as he does not want to give any clues about his health, character, behaviour, personality etc. to anyone else, especially to the other countries intelligence department.

Human blood, urine and motion samples help the doctors in identifying and diagnosing diseases and infections. But, that’s not all when it comes to our faeces, specifically. The Human waste or the excrete is also used to analyze a person’s lifetime based on his health status, behaviour and more as I had mentioned above.

Scatological Spying

Human waste is used as a vital tool in one way of spying called as Scatological Spying. The method that was carried out by many intelligence departments belonging to countries like Russia, China, USA etc. in olden days when there was no modern spying equipment like we have got now.

Scatological spying was highly used by intelligence agencies to learn about someone nature. So, instead of letting the rubbish to bury in the ground they are collected into a specimen jar or container. The collected samples are sent to the labs for studying about the person. The lab professionals analyze the stools to arrive at the details through which they can handle and forecast the status of the visitor better.

For example,

– When the amino acid level in faeces is found high they concluded that the person they are dealing with is an easily approachable and calm person.

– Lack of potassium referred to the person with insomnia and nerve dislocations.

Scatologically Spied

It is not just the cracking the Morse codes, radio signals, phone tapping, hacking for which some leaders fall. Here are few leaders who had been successfully / unsuccessfully  Scatologically Spied. As per the online resources, I had come across are,

  1. Visited Leader: Mao Zedong – The founding father of the People’s Republic of China.Hosted Leader: Joseph Stalin of the Soviet Union.
  2. Visited Leader: Mikhail Gorbachev of the Soviet UnionHost Teams: Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), USA and Secret Intelligence Service (SIS), UK.
  3. Leader: Leonid Brezhnev of the Soviet UnionSpied By: Scatologically spied by Intelligence Department of France.
  4. Leader: Hafez al-Assad of SyriaTeams who were involved in Spying: Mossad ( National Intelligence Agency of Israel) and Intelligence department of Jordan.

Hafez al-Assad’s samples indicated that his life is going to be very short. Hence, Israel had adjusted their Syria policy accordingly.

The above-mentioned facts had not only justified the reason why Kim was accompanied by a Bathroom/Toilet but also made me understand that even things that we consider waste can be a very crucial stuff when rightly utilized.

Do You Know?


Vladimir Putin – President of Russia was a former Russian Intelligence agency officer who was stationed at Germany under the identity of a translator.


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