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Part 2 – A Must Carry Travel Items For Traveling Parents/Elders


The Travel Items – Part 2

This is a continuation of my previous blog post “A Must Carry travel Items For Traveling Parents/Elders“. In this blog post, I had covered some more travel items to be carried by the senior travelers in the family. The travel items list that is more inclined to an air travel.

travel items


Before moving on further, I welcome you all to use the comments section to share your thoughts about the items mentioned in my earlier as well as this post. I would be happy to include any travel items in case if I had missed anything that is a great companion for seniors who travel.

The Travel Items List

Comfortable Shoes/Sandals

travel items

It is a must wear travel items for all the seniors who travel. It is very much recommended to choose the shoes or similar footwear by hitting the store instead of buying online. This way, the user can choose the right footwear based on their foot arch type. A footwear purchased online might bring more trouble and it is not a mighty thing to do most of the times.

Safety Whistle

travel items

This simple toy can be a great companion for the parents and the elders in our family. When it comes to a long distance travel that too to a country or a place which is of different origin, to speak or to understand a different language is not easy for everyone.

When situations arise that are out of hands, the seniors can blow the whistle with no effort and ask for help. In fact, with this travel items, they can get more helping hands than the traditional way on time. A tiny whistle with a rope placed around the neck can do wonders at the critical moments.

Foot Rest Sling

travel items

An adjustable footrest sling is another travel items that are worth carrying. Irrespective of whether our seniors travel by bus or by flight, a footrest sling can be of a great help. Especially for elders who have got a history of leg and knee problems. A travel needs shop or Amazon can provide you with great options. Any sling that can do the job is good than a flash expensive sling. Remember, this can be a great gift not only for our parents but also for anyone who spends hours in a sitting posture.

Hand Sanitizer

Aging parents are more prone to infections just like smaller kids. At the time of travel, elders in our family had to use the handrails while walking. That could be at a bus stop, railway station, airport or in similar public places. This travel items can help the elders from getting sick due to the germs that spread.

Travel Wallet & A Pen

travel items

A travel wallet or a money belt also fall under the must carry travel items. Do you think our aging parents can run behind some pickpocket? Anything can happen at the least expected time. A slim money belt can also be worn under the clothing to make it not so visible.

A pen is something that needs to be kept inside the hand luggage at all times. The crew members might issue a slip to be filled before landing. Help our parents so that they do not wait for someone to handover them a pen.

Hard Candies

travel items

Suckling/Chewing hard candies at the time of air travel. Especially, when the flight descends some travelers experience an ear pain due to the pressure difference. Chewing or suckling a hard candy can help clear the ear canal.

Not to forget, a ginger candy can help to handle motion sickness. With these benefits, candies become a part of a must carry travel items list for elders.

Caution: Candies are not meant for elders with Diabetes. Hence, an alternative medicine is highly recommended for the parents with sugar complaints.

Saline Nasal Spray

travel items

Do you remember that Nasoclear spray?

Yes, the one which you had bought for your kids to help them from nose blocks during sleep.

That is the same thing we need to buy for our parents and elders who are preparing themselves for an flight travel.

Due to the chillness and lesser humidity inside an airplane, the mucous membrane inside our nose gets dried out. This leads to nose blocks leading to difficulties in breathing. This travel items kept on the hand baggage will work like a charm.

Travel Blanket & Eye Mask

A small lighter blanket and an eye mask can help our parents to have a comfortable sleep during travel. Though, they provide blankets in a long distance flight some elderly travelers would prefer to use their own blankets. Google as smart blankets for more options.

Ergonomic Luggage Handle / Travel Tow & A Luggage Spotter

Must-Have travel items for the elders who are looking forward to an air travel. An ergonomic luggage handle can be of great help when they need to pull their luggage at the airport. Based on the price, the type of these handles vary. There are luggage handles that rotate 360 degrees as well which some people prefer. This travel items will help a senior traveler get rid of a strain on wrist, elbows, and shoulders. This is the reason why this travel items fall under the must carry items list.

I leave it open for you to google search as that would throw great options on different price ranges.

A Luggage Spotter

travel items


If you do not feel like buying a luggage spotter like the one above, then a simple bright colored ribbon tied on all the trolleys should save time for the elders at the destination airport. These smaller things can be of great help to the elders after a tiresome journey, hence do not forget to do it for your parents.


Always ask for a wheelchair help while booking an air ticket. Your senior will say a Thank You for sure.

This is a must if the traveler cannot stand/walk for a longer duration and if they are traveling without any family member beside and not a very frequent air traveler.

travel itemsDo Not Forget To Covey These…

Please ensure that you convey the below things to your elderly family member before they travel.

travel items

– Ask for help when needed. If required, blow the whistle.

– Do not worry about the language. The crew members in the flight are known to speak and understand multiple regional languages most of the times.

– Take help from the airplane crew. Especially, when the parents wanted to place the luggage in the overhead cabin. Lifting the bags all by themselves is not the best thing to do.

– Stand up and stretch often during the flight.

– Take help from the porters at the destination airport.

Happy reading, Take Care.

Image Credit: Pixabay, Amazon

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  1. This is really helpful! We want them to be with us when we travel, and at the same time I want their travel to be as comfortable as possible for them. I’m eyeing that foot rest sling, it could really be of help for them. Thank you for sharing this list of travel items for the elderly. Cheers!

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