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How To Make Your Partner Love Cooking?


Chef Movie – How To Make Your Partner Love Cooking?

chef movie

Ha Ha Ha…

Maybe the title had already made your eyes wide open and given you a feeling that you want to read further. Thank You for your interest.

Let me break the silence right in the next few paragraphs itself before you read the full blog down here.

The 3 Things/Tricks:

There are just three things that you would need to do to turn your partner a great chef. Who knows they might become like the ones who are in the Chef movie.
  • Gift your partner a very good quality kitchen knife.
– I am referring to the knife which is meant to chop vegetables. If you are non-vegetarian buy another one too that is meant for meat and fish. Remember, there are many types of knives each meant for specific food items.
– I am not sure whether every man feels it. But, I do feel it hence sharing it here. I love chopping vegetables and meat with the knife I have got at home. For your kind information, I do not cook a lot but sometimes. A sharper or a good knife motivates and trigger interest in chopping vegetables and meat. Maybe you are thinking how could a good knife can turn your husband a great cook. Please do not forget chopping vegetables is the first step.
– The first few dishes prepared by your partner might be horrible. Stay beside and help them correct that too much salt from the prepared dish. They do not just learn to cook but they also learn the trick. Maybe it is as simple as chopping a potato and placing inside the curry to reduce the salty taste. Teach them and motivate them, they will love to wear that apron again.
  • Give Them Time
– Most men are not super fast like women “the kitchen killadigals”/ “wonder chefs”. Most of us are really lazy. Maybe they are listening to the recipe from “Ware-Wah” chef movie on YouTube and trying to replicate. In scenarios like these, any kind of pressure on time might back fire and collapse your aim.

If you have got any other similar tricks please do use the comments section at the bottom and share it with us.

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Chef Movie (2014) Vs Chef Movie (2017)

chef movie

One amongst the few food-based movies which had triggered an interest in me towards cooking. The great movie which I had found while browsing through the channels using the DTH remote. I am referring to the Chef Movie here which had got released in the year 2014.

chef movie

Often we come across good movies but fail to recollect their names when we really want to watch them again. But, good that this movie does not get into my list of forgotten movies. This is the second time I am jotting down something about the movies on my blog. So, the content is not hundred percent going to be a review kind but will also hold some essence/information about business too.

Are You A Food Lover?

If the answer is yes. Here are some of the movies which I had watched so far in the line of food. These movies are not just a virtual treat to our taste buds but for sure for our eyes too. The color and textures, the expressions of the chef and the person consuming the food in these movies will ensure that we get tempted to eat as well. Below are some of my favorites and my rankings.

Food-Based Movies & My Rankings To Them:

  1. The first spot goes to the Malayalam movie Ustad Hotel.
  2. Followed by the Chef movie (2014) holding the second spot.
  3. The third spot is for the movie Burnt.
  4. The fourth spot is owned by the movie Kung Fu Chefs (2009).
  5. The Chef movie (2017) holds the fifth spot.

What Do These Movies Teach Us:

Though all these movies are of Food Genre, if we watch them closely they teach a lot more than food to us. On top of reiterating the fact that cooking tasty food is an art, they also carry loads of other flavors too. Some of them to point out are as follows.

  • Self-Discipline
  • Doing what you love
  • Leadership skills
  • Patience & Confidence
  • Pride about what they are and what they do
  • Constant Evaluation of their skills
  • Accepting the feedbacks
  • Not afraid of failure
  • Motivate others and become better
Not just the above but some of the above-mentioned movies have also tried to reach the taste buds of our brain with a pinch of business ideas in it. For example, the Hollywood version chef movie has a chef who had lost temper and later reached his goal by starting a food truck business. As you guessed it right, the Bollywood version of the chef movie is an outcome of the inspiration from the chef movie which came in the year 2014. So, the latter has got the similar truck business related part of it. Both these movies will for sure give us the glimpses of how to start a food truck business, at least the basics.
If you have got a tinge of the mobile truck food business in your mind. I will strongly suggest you watch the program Eat Street on the television channels like Food, Fox, and similar. You can find them on YouTube too.
It is not just about the food and taste. It is also about how interesting you present your dish which starts with how your mobile food truck looks. You can find glimpses of such mobile food trucks in the movie too.
Ah.. the way the food trucks are painted or the graphics on them, especially in the countries like the USA, are just mind-blowing. I swear that I had never seen such an eye-catching colors on a mobile food truck anywhere in India until now. But, I am sure they do exist and I will get a glimpse of such vehicles curtly.

Thinking about a food truck business?

It’s gonna need a lot of work though. What doesn’t? – from the movie chef

The Review:

chef movie
Though the crew of the Chef Movie 2017 had tried to bring the essence of the original version Chef movie 2014. There is something which is still missing in the movie starring Saif and Padmapriya. I do not think it is something to do with the actors but maybe because of the way how the story has been taken throughout the movie. It would have been good if the director had not tried to just replicate everything in the original version into an Indian version.
I did not find much difference except in few parts of the chef movie (2014). For instance, it was a food truck there in the Hollywood chef movie whereas it is a Double Decker bus in the Bollywood chef movie. Similarly, there is a track related to Saif Ali Khan’s childhood (non-real) in the movie which we do not have in the Hollywood version.

In my opinion, the director could have used the plot of the original version and come up with something fresh and more inspiring for the Indian crowd.

So, to me, the Hollywood version had something which inspired me which is missing in the Bollywood version.

Maybe this is my last post for the year 2017. Thank You so much for the great support.

Wish You All A Happy New Year 2018.

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