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Chrome Extension – The Eleven That Rocks


It is been a week, between this post and my previous post. Could not spend time in writing, Friends. I am back again with some interesting information down in this post. This time it is in-line with Google Chrome Extension.

Before we move further.

Browser Extension:

chrome extension

Image Credit: Pixabay

It is nothing but a piece of software that extends the functionalities of a web browser. Also known as a plug-in / Add-in / Add-on / Extension.

Chrome Extension:

This post would give glimpses of some of the useful google chrome extension that can help us increase our productivity, save time and money. The extensions mentioned below are handpicked by me and I use most of them even now.

1. Grammarly

I love this. I had got introduced to its application at first and later to the chrome extension.

chrome extension

This plug-in helps me with corrections and suggestions whenever I write, be it an email at work or a blog. A chrome extension that I recommend to a lot of the people who uses a computer at work.

Will there be anyone who would be happy to see a typographical error or a grammatical error once an email is sent?

The recall email option does not work always in Microsoft Outlook. Similarly, the undo option does not stay for long in case of google email. Prevention is better than cure.

chrome extension

Trust me, this extension rocks… A free version, as well as pro version, are available but the former meets my requirement very well.

2. Figure it Out (FIO)

A chrome extension that gives us glimpses of the current time of many locations when a new browser tab is opened.

chrome extension

A very useful addon for a person who interacts every day with many people who are in different time zones. A handy app for the people in software profession as most of them interact with the clients from different locations.

Oh, yeah I do see your point. Some of u might think that adding an extra clock to the particular time zone at the taskbar should do the job.

I do agree but we can have only two clocks besides the home country clock on our personal computer. If you are a person working with people from not more than two countries then the extra clock approach will work. But, still this google extension FIO is much more effective as it also allows you to create an event or meeting via google, outlook etc. on the same page.

3. Forest

One of the natural thing which is struggling to exist in the modern world. Hoardings and giant banners with the slogan plant a tree is what we see nowadays in and around us. Would have been good if we all had realized that a much earlier than now.

Huh, it is a different story anyway if we compare with what we are gonna see below.

Forest is a google chrome extension that allows us to grow trees on our laptops or PCs.

chrome extension

While at work, we tend to distract due to a lot of external things and also sometimes due to our laziness. There is no doubt that the brain chemical Dopamine in our brain can motivate us to be more productive. But, what is that thing that can motivate us to boost our brain chemical?

We all do have a long-term goal as well as a short-term goal. Similarly, we do have got something called micro goals? A goal that lasts only for few minutes to few hours. For such micro goals, the forest extension helps a lot.

What To Do?
chrome extension
  • Plant a tree and set a time before you start a task.
  • Do not distract yourself with things other than what you are doing as a part of the task.
  • As you do your work, the plant which you had planted grows.
  • Once you complete the task and the set time has reached, you can find that the plant has become a tree.
  • Just harvest your output by keeping this extension as your companion.

You can create a forest by planting more trees. The best part is it also allows us to Blacklist and White-list the websites that might distract us from work.

We can also sync the app with our Android and iPhone to analyze the statistics and more.
Remember, it is proven that breaking bigger tasks into smaller parts helps us complete it much faster.

4. Strict Workflow:

An extension of Pomodoro Technique. Hope you know about this technique. For those who are hearing about it for the first time.

Pomodoro Technique – It is a time management technique where a timer breaks down our work into 25-minute intervals. Work for 25, break for 5, repeat the same.

chrome extension

Strict Workflow – helps us to block websites which consume most of our valuable time. The best thing is that it blocks only the websites that we specify and not all the websites.

Just like Forest, this chrome extension can help a lot of professionals who do not have any browsing restrictions at their workplace during work hours.

5. Google Dictionary (by Google)

A powerful dictionary extension which can provide the meaning of a selected word in a web page. A double-click on a word helps us save a lot of time. Opening a new tab in the browser or a dictionary software to find out a meaning of a word is no longer required. Try it, you will love it.

chrome extension

6. SpeakIt

I use this voice reading chrome extension when I wanted to listen to the content in an article or a news online instead of reading.

I also use this extension when I wanted to listen to someone else reading my content. This helps me change or do minor changes to the content I write on my blog for better readability.

I would say that it is almost like a Google Assistant, Siri, Alexa or Cortana that most of us are yet to utilize on our cell phones. SpeakIt does have its limitations like the total number of words that can read. But, truly saves time.

7. Save to Pocket (aka) Pocket

Helps us in a scenario like this.

Found something good online, wanted to read but had to forgo for time being?

That is where Pocket plays a great role especially when we do not want to bookmark the page just to read a particular post.

chrome extension

Pocket, not just helps us save an article but also can allow us to save videos etc for later visits. The best part about this chrome extension is that it can be viewed from multiple devices via syncing. Can be used even offline.

Comes to a rescue of people who loves to read while on travel to work/home by train and bus. One-Click is what is needed to save the content you see online.

8. Awesome screenshot

Awesome add-in for those who need to capture screens while at work.

Let us assume that you are working on creating a step by step technical document which will have screenshots captured from the software. This is an extension that you need to give it a shot.

chrome extension

Screen Capture is not the only task that is possible in this plug-in instead it comes with a lot more necessary features like Blurring of the sensitive portion and screen recording too.

Available in chrome as well as Firefox. Being a great fan of the software Snagit, I still like this one too.

9. Hola

Do you travel frequently to other countries? Do you access websites that are restricted to your country?

chrome extension

Hola can help. It is an unlimited VPN google extension which works on Peer to Peer approach.

10. Honey

A must use add-in if you are a person who purchases things online.

chrome extension

Honey, provides us with all the coupons available in a particular website separated based on categories. Applies the coupon automatically instead of an explicit action from the user. Works great with Amazon India and Flipkart.

11. The Camelizer

This is again an extension related to online buying. This chrome extension provides us with information about the price history of a product. Helps us analyze the trend and save money while buying the product. This extension is not working with the eCommerce sites of India at this point.

Note On Chrome Extensions:

It is recommended to install and use the google chrome extensions or similar by considering the number of users and the reviews. Just like a malicious software a malicious extension can cause damage to the computer and also play a role on privacy issues.

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