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Blue Whale Challenge – Is It A Rumor?


Blue Whale Challenge or Game is one of the most hyped or spoken name in recent times at least in India. But, how many of us know whether the existence of this challenge is true or it’s a hoax?

Blue Whale Challenge

Image Credit: Pixabay

Yes, there are no proofs until now that confirms an existence of this Blue Whale Challenge. Some people say that it is a fake and there is no such a game or challenge.

But, without a fire there cannot be a smoke right?

An apple a day keeps the doctor away is a well known old slogan. A task a day drives your life away is the new slogan that well suits this Blue Whale Challenge.

The Blue Whale Challenge or the game became visible in the year 2013. Originated from Russia, it had already traveled to the countries like the United Kingdom, the United States of America and now got some traction in India too.

What Does This Game Do?

The Blue Whale Challenge feeds on curiosity. A whale that had reached the shore and unable to return back to the sea is the scenario based on which this stupid game has been developed. Now you know how this game has got the name Blue Whale Challenge right?

With 50 tasks lined up with an ascending difficulty level, it concentrates on the kids who are on their adolescent stage and teenagers. To be very specific, they focus on the kids who are going through depression and harrowing times.

By driving them to a spot from where they cannot return easily back to a normal life, the challenge provider assigns them some idiotic 50 ridiculous tasks. These tasks ensure that it pushes the person who takes up the challenge to death at the end of the tasks that is at the 50th.

If a person realizes that the challenges are becoming insane and want to quit, there comes the threat from the admin. They threaten the people as they have all the information about the subscriber acquired from the handsets or computers.

In general, I hope you know that we share most of the information stored in our phones to an unknown person every time we install an App. For example, I can quote the Uber App here.

Are you getting curious about the challenges? You can google it to get to know more.

The Creator Alias The Psychopath:

Blue Whale Challenge

Image Credit: Inverse

Philipp Budeikin is the person who had invented this Blue Whale Challenge. A psychology student aged 22 who expelled out of the college is now in a prison sentenced for three years. The reason for him in the prison is the death of few Russian teens who played the Blue Whale Challenge. He is inactive but not the others related to the development of the game. They all now play the role of a Mentor or an Administrator for those who are willing to take part in the Blue Whale Challenge.

An Untraceable:

This is not an application that we can download from Google store or an App store. It is possible to install the application on an android phone or a personal computer only via an invite.

Who sends an invite to play the challenge is still unknown. But, it is understandable that they focus on specific people based on their activity over the internet and their willingness to play.

Is it possible to know about someone’s interest indirectly?

Yes, it is. The Social Networking platforms and Analytics play a major role besides like minded contacts.

As I said they concentrate on the people who are depressed and lonely. The posts we share and the comments we maintain on our profiles can reveal information about our situation and mindset. The analytics on your internet activities summed up can generate a pattern. This pattern can tell people on what is that running in your mind. There are a lot of software’s in the market which can do this analyzing job.

I had found some news online saying that the Indian IT ministry had requested social networking sites to remove the paths which lead people to try out this sickening challenge. But, I am not sure about how genuine the information is. The government can only help blocking the links but not the people who share the Blue Whale Challenge invite as they are Untraceable.

For The Parents:

With the smart phones in most of the kid’s hands nowadays, how are we gonna ensure that our kids don’t fall into this trap?

It is high time that we adapt to new methods or ways to bring up a kid in a society with full of new unhealthy things.

Here are some of the top points to remember.

  • Never leave the kids to stay alone at home if possible, especially with the smart phones and personal computers for more duration.
  • Ensure that we create a space and time for them to share what they think and going through. How friendly we are to our kid’s matters a lot here.
  • Get to know your kid’s friends. Keep some time to meet their teachers at least once in a month.
  • Spend time with them. At least one if not both the parents.
  • Ensure that you block unwanted links and enable parental control when you give your handset to them.
  • Educate them about the spying apps and similar applications like this Blue Whale Challenge.
  • Your kid owns a smartphone or a personal computer?

Spend few hundred rupees to get some good internet security/antivirus software like Kaspersky, McAfee etc. They control the spam/untrusted websites out of the sight.

  • If we find the search terms like F57, F40, wake up at 4:20 am game download etc in the search bar of the web browser then it is time for the parents to react quick.
  • Get them involved in physical activities like weekend cycling, swimming etc instead of cell phones.
  • Ensure that you are in your kid’s friends list on their social networking accounts.
  • Spend time to review what they share, comment, post etc online.

For The Teens & Kids:

Do you think spending time and feeding your curiosity via games like Blue Whale Challenge worthy?

No, my dear brothers and sisters. Your small curiosity on unwanted applications like Blue Whale Challenge might take you to a grave.

Remember These Please!

  • Think not just twice or thrice, instead think few more times too before taking the worst step in your life. Nothing is more important than your life, parents and your dependents.
  • If you are unable to decide and still got an urge to get involved in the Blue Whale Challenge, speak to your parents. They are the best counselors at home.
  • If you feel depressed and confused about some thing, open up about it to your teachers if you would like to.
  • Prevent your friends who are very much excited and speak a lot about the Blue Whale Challenge from falling into the trap.
  • Say to yourself again and again that some thing which drives people to commit suicide is not a game or a challenge.
  • Do not share disturbing videos and photos related to Blue Whale Challenge or anything similar in social media. By doing this we unknowingly advertise about it a lot and increase curiosity in others too.
  • Be mindful of what you post, comment, share especially when it is about you. Remember that our comments, profile pictures etc can provide great clues about what we are up to.
  • If you want to kill time, get yourself involved in physical activities like hitting the gym, sports etc.
  • Watch more motivational movies, instead of movies that fall under category horror. Listen to good and energetic music instead of sad tunes.
  • Do not install unwanted apps and software. Restrict yourself from watching disturbing videos.
  • Always remember how much your parents suffer or go through to bring you up.

Never forget that,

You are their everything, their dream, and their life.


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