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A Call For My Corporate Friends – Support Kerala Flood Relief


Let Us Together Stand With Kerala Flood Relief

There is nothing new that I need to share to make you all rethink about what is happening in Kerala. Our very close neighbour state and it’s people are suffering and are yet to get back to their normal lives due to the heavy rains and floods. Though the state is known for more rains comparatively to other states down south this time has been different. It is time that we Support Kerala and it’s people in whatever way we could.

Kerala Flood

Image Credit: Kerala Flood Relief

With the casualty toll reached to 200 already, and with more than 300,000 people being replaced from their own localities our small contribution in terms of donating necessary things and Money would really matter them a lot.
Maybe some of you had already contributed towards the Kerala flood through your companies. Thanks to you. For some friends who did not get an opportunity to do their part as of now. Please consider contributing. I had shared some more details below regarding the same.

Still Thinking About It?

My Friend, it is already time to act on Kerala flood relief.

We are ready to spend money on a lot of things that leads to no meaningful outcomes most of the times.

For example, towards watching movies, towards subscription of lot other things, smoking, consuming alcohol etc. The above-mentioned is not all. Even the moment we and our friends hit a restaurant we know that we are going to spend a minimum of 500 rupees. We are ready to spend extra money for the food delivery startup so that we can stay at home and order food.

It’s time that we think. If we think that we don’t have money to contribute then please think again one more time.

1. Can’t we hit the restaurant directly so that we can contribute that delivery charge of 30 rupees which we would pay to the delivery startup?

2. Can’t we start a bit early and hit the theatres and book a ticket instead of booking online? We might be able to Save a minimum of 50 rupees which we can contribute to the betterment of our neighbouring state in their harrowing time.

3. One pack of cigars costs 100 rupees, friends. When we are ready to spend on something that would just spoil our health then why can’t we contribute that 100 rupees to help some poor people.

Similar to the above-mentioned there are a lot many things, every one of us knew how much we can contribute by sacrificing something which we do regularly and that creates no positive impact on us.

Please note that I am not saying one should not watch movies, smoke or drink liquor but my ask is to sacrifice few such things at least a day for a good cause.

Things That Will Help The Needy In Kerala

Our Prayers.

1. Drinking Water
2. Food Items
3. Infants and Kids related Items like Milk Formula Powders, Basic Medicines like fever and cough syrups, baby napkins and dresses.
4. Medical kit including Electrol powders.
5. Umbrellas
6. Sanitary Napkins for Adults.
7. Flash Lights / Emergency Lamps
8. Batteries
9. Candles and Match Boxes
10. Mosquito Repellent creams and any stuff you think that would help someone, please consider that item.

Note: As an educated person we know we cannot help by donating any used products especially the ones that are related to personal body care.

Kerala Flood

Image Credit: Kerala Flood Relief

How Can We Help Kerala via Funds?

Please contribute whatever you can contribute. Every 10 rupee will make a difference. You don’t even need to think you are contributing very less.

Below shown are the Account Details of Kerala state government.

Kerala Flood

Why Am I Doing It Now?

Yes, a bit off the topic but still there might be people who get a question about me on this in their mind. There is absolutely nothing wrong in getting such a question hence a clarification.

I myself had got this question. Honestly, yes, though being a Tamilian, I am somewhat close to the Kerala state. But, beyond that, there are a lot more things that triggered me to write about it in my blog.

My dear Tamilian friends, hope you remember the Kerala Chief Minister’s Mr Pinarayi Vijayan’s gesture when a Tamilian had met with an accident a few months back. Most of you would have come across the news in the social media.

It is time that we Thank them back and that time is now.

I don’t know whether the budget allotted by the central government would really help Kerala to get back to normal. I don’t know what happened and happens between the state government officials of Tamil Nadu and Kerala regarding MullaiPeriyar Dam. But, beyond all these, it’s human lives that are struggling there and had been lost because of this natural calamity. The people in Kerala are also just like us except the difference in our languages.

Where Was I During Andhra Pradesh Rains and Floods?

It is a good second question that I asked myself and I was here but did nothing that can help people who were suffering there in Andhra Pradesh. Maybe the Kerala floods had become an eye opener and I will ensure that I contribute something to the people irrespective of their region and language in India moving forward. Like what I just did at least.

Let Us Stand Together With Kerala Flood Relief

Kerala Flood

Kerala Flood

We loved everything from them starting with Banana chips, Movies and Actors to Jimikki Kammal video and shared our linkings when least expected.

But, now they are in real need and expect our support. Hope we all know what to do.

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